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  1. CremaDoble

    When does winter end?

    The truth was very curious about this issue, although I understand, in the original games, the stations change every month, but I wanted to know if here the duration of the stations would be in real time, 3 months each more or less, I wanted to know when the winter ends. Because the truth with this winter so long this already seems Game of Thrones...
  2. CremaDoble

    Suggestion about ingame currency.

    Excuse me, but the kid is right, putting together money making the gyms is totally boring and repetitive,I would dare to say that their ideas offend you in some way, for the way you respond with such aggressiveness. On the other hand, if there are more ways to get money, but with the update, what the NPC pay for example, it became totally decadent. The idea here is to give suggestions to improve the game, not to throw away the ideas of others, just because you did not like them, just that. If these ideas displease you for some reason, just keep going, good morning.
  3. CremaDoble

    Suggestion about ingame currency.

    Your ideas are just great, the missions, could be something very exploited, I hope the developers take this publication very much in mind for the future of the game.
  4. CremaDoble

    Shiny discussion rate

    Since we are, is there any tool that counts the encounters I've had?
  5. CremaDoble

    [Sig] Custom images

    Your image is already ready, I accidentally deleted it from my page and that's why I would not let you see it. I hope you like it
  6. CremaDoble

    [Sig] Custom images

    ¿Queres que le cambie el tamaño?
  7. CremaDoble

    [Sig] Custom images

    No se bien si este era el entrenador que querías, pero bueno, espero te guste. (El tamaño lo podes cambiar desde pain, para que al comentarla no se vea tan grande)
  8. Any idea of when a new update or new version might come out?
  9. CremaDoble

    [Sig] Custom images

    I knew that between these two there was something...
  10. CremaDoble

    [Sig] Custom images

  11. CremaDoble

    [Sig] Custom images

    Espero te guste Alex
  12. CremaDoble

    [Sig] Custom images

  13. CremaDoble

    [Sig] Custom images

    I hope you like it ^^
  14. CremaDoble

    [Sig] Custom images

    If you want a personalized image send me a private message. With the following data. Name: Clan Tag: Trainer type or character in a series: Accompanying pokemon or accompanying character: Type of fund: Extra detail: Si queres una imagen personalizada mandame un mensage privado. Con los siguientes datos. Nombre: Tag del clan: Tipo de entrenador o personaje de alguna serie: Pokemon acompañante o personajes acompañantes: Tipo de fondo: Detalle extra:
  15. CremaDoble

    [GUI] Extra Dark Theme

    Is it possible that they get an update on this very good theme? With the update of the game it stopped being compatible ...

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