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  1. Team Name: HUNTERSPROEXTREMETeam Tag: [HPX]Registered Players: Sicklonerr, Enmaster, SrHades, AzulSick, ZayneH, HallifaxGrey, RommegaGamer, ByronMetal, Locksmithmon, TeamHPXTeam Captain: Sicklonerr
  2. ING: Sicklonerr Swampert Pelipper Togekiss Dragonite Haxorus Ferrothorn
  3. Team Name: DiosHelix Registered Players: Sicklonerr, DonnaDDIe, HallifaxGrey, awaLLz, RaiderOP Captain: Sicklonerr
  4. Team Name: HuntersProXtreme Team Tag: HPX Registered Players: Sicklonerr, RHENOR, AbiStar, NoobJoestar, locksmithmon, ByronMetal, javieromar, KaomePame, AndyStv, fugolx, Barlet, losas, zTiPiterXD Team Captain: RHENOR
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