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  1. Hi Kyu,


    The pokemmo-installer available in the Debian Testing and Ubuntu 19.10 repositories is having problems with the java 11 version, could it fix it in GitLab?




    Then I will send it to Debian in version 1.4.8.



    Captura de tela de 2019-11-10 20-04-44.png

  2. I'll add in the package description and I create a game manpage. The user will see in the description of the program manager of the GNU / Linux distribution. The more experts that will use the terminal, will enter only: Installing in Debian / Ubuntu / LinuxMint, etc ... # apt install pokémmo Description of the game before installing: $ apt show pokémmo Game Manual: $ man pokémmo This will happen in all distributions based on Debian and Ubuntu.
  3. Wonderful! I will start this project in my Github account and, as soon as I finish, I will send it to this email. Thanks!
  4. Cool, in this case, I will make the official packaging of this "script + .jar bootstrapper", respecting the copyright and NOT making any kind of changes in these two files. As soon as I finish and publish it in Debian project , I will let you know.
  5. I had checked a portable "zip" version that I found very simple to put it in the official Debian repositories, which makes it difficult to file "PokeMMO.exe" by default. It would be interesting if this game went directly to the Debian repository and other GNU/Linux distributions where the user of your preferred distribution runs the program manager and see the "PokeMMO" in the list without needing an installer. I am willing to put it legally in the Debian repositories. :D Logically respecting the copyright of the game. ;)
  6. I understand, but could change the existing proprietary binary (.exe) to (.jar) which is most appropriate. It would be much easier to officially approve the game in the Debian project and other GNU/Linux distributions.
  7. I am one of the members of the "Debian Games Team" for packaging various games for the Debian project. I would like to do a bundle of this game, but I have verified that it is necessary that you have a proprietary file "PokeMMO.exe" for the game to work. Is it possible to replace this file or release the source code for correct compilation? Thanks!
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