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  1. Hi very good, I have not connected to PokeMMO several months ago I was an Active player and now that I try to connect I get this message: [Image removed] unfortunately in my absence time my email was deleted and I tried to recover it with a lot of time and options and I could not not let me, so I tried to change my character to another E-mail to see if this problem was solved.
  2. Very good, I would like to know some solution to be able to start a session in my main [edited] account and others, opening the game on another computer and another connection, since my computer was broken, they cut my internet and when I started a session in a devv internet booth Public Internet, the game denies me the axeso and asks to verify my identity with a confirmation message to my email [edited] .... BUT THAT ACCOUNT BLOCKED ME LITTLE DOES AND I don't know where to send my confirmation message to to connect that I did not make any serious fault to not be able to return to the game.
  3. ufff menos mal fue error de coneccion del server , crei que algun ladrón habia robado nuevamente los cables por el cerro otra vuelta lul
  4. I feel the same way , an event recycling is better than no event , apart I'm sure the community [CN] will like quite
  5. I'm sorry for my English is very bad, I had to translate it with google x'D Today I wanted to share a collection of sounds that perhaps some of you are interested in to your collection of mods This brings : 1- First Generation TV sounds 2- Second Generation TV sounds 3- Third Generation TV sounds 4- Fourth Generation TV sounds 5- Fifth Generation TV sounds INSTRUCTIONS 1- download the content .ZIP of sounds http://www.mediafire.com/file/ln8jvothj6tdcr2/Soun
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