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  1. What Current Move Set Generation is being used? Thanks
  2. Ya I googled sorry.. It's been a long time since I played probably year and some change lol... You can close if you like.. Thanks though
  3. Are the attack sounds gone I knew when I played last not all attacks had animations but ya...
  4. Daishomei


    Best thing I've read in weeks lmao thanks for this post it was hilarious.
  5. Is it for story reasons all I'm asking? All I just need is one of the 2 right? Either way it is cool that you guys got around to adding BW gen and region lol a reason I reinstalled plus I don't think I beat the OG Black/White, I know I havn't beat Black2/White2.. So cheers. I was asking also cause the black and white 2 story seems more rich from the first from what I remembered of it.
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