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  1. As mentioned above by RysPicz, hidden abilities are not available yet. Since the question was answered, I'll be locking the thread now.
  2. The thread has been updated. I took the feedback from last time and made a small change in the rules: Sorry for the late update this time. The sheets have been updated.
  3. Oh yeah, cities usually have gyms in them so they can also have indoor gyms in them. It also answers for the huge gap of gyms there is in the starting area of the map. Most of them seem to be concentrated in the end portion later 2/3rds of the map.
  4. I guess you're right here. I think we'll be avoiding most of the cloudy part of the map in the route. About the route, I think the whole route will be inside the mountain range till we reach 3. Maybe we'll get access to the lake and the rest of the area later on. A gym could be inside there but I don't think it'll seem fit with the stadium theme... An indoor stadium somewhere maybe?
  5. For those who care about spoilers, don't open this.
  6. Calling out other players or communities is not allowed on the services provided by PokeMMO. If you think someone is breaking the rules, feel free to report them in Player Report section of this forum.
  7. It should be working fine now. No need to put those restrictions on image extensions.
  8. As Staggie mentioned above, kindly use this thread to share any screenshots- https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/topic/10313-screenshot-general-screenshot-megathread/
  9. Forgot to mention, all the tournaments from 'A friendly Ghost' till 15th march will be counted in the next scoring cycle.
  10. It's almost like that only but 1st-4th place instead of 1st and 2nd(mentioned in the mid left part of the score sheet).
  11. Congratulations to Zhiko on winning the February's Player Of The Month! And to getovaherez who made it till finals again this month and won the second place! Zhiko will be getting an invite to the Player of the Year tournament. Since getovaherez already has an invite, it will be passed to MadaraSixSix. Congratulation to you all! And thanks to all who participated and came to spectate. See you next month!
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