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  1. My mistake I did not know was implemented xDDDD thx so all
  2. but we have 7th things like peliper, torkoal, Leech Life
  3. Why do not we have access to gigalith with his other skill? I have doubts because we do not have access to some things that are in seventh gene and not others, as in this case gigalith
  4. I have a problem, I know there is a mod that allows you to make that when a wild shiny pokemon comes out it looks bigger than normal, but I can not find the link, some benevolent soul that wants to pass me the download link or thread, Thank you
  5. thank you very much, I also wanted to know are the skills of peliper torkoal and gigalith available? to be able to put climates without hidden abilities
  6. Hello very good, I wanted to ask if the changes of the seventh generation in stats are applied here. as for example the upload of stats of ddrrio drifblim among many others
  7. when will the server be back?
  8. I doubt that this fallen are fixing something
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