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  1. Ahh interesting, thanks for that! But I have to ask, is that newly implemented? As their 'mons didn't seem to change at all while I farmed them daily last week.
  2. Now I'm really confused, as the Gym Leaders pokemon seem to have slightly changed today... So they changed Sunday and Monday? I'm so confused lol.
  3. With Christmas being here, havent had much time to update. BUT, I logged in to check out the new update, and I decided to battle Brock. Welp, his team is different. I didnt do anything (that I know of) to change this. Makes me wonder, if every sunday the gym leader teams change..?
  4. Right click the image, and select view image or drag the image to a new tab. You can zoom in from there. :)
  5. Thanks YettoDie! I'll edit these in asap. Looks like your Surge, Koga and Blaine are on par with what I currently have.
  6. Updated Sabrina's Gym to display an easy guide to her and back out. Thanks for the idea!
  7. Darn, hate that it's randomized. If the randomization combination is relatively small, I could do sheets for each lineup, but I fear I may never find out ALL the combinations of Pokemon.
  8. Interesting, I didn't know it could be different like that. I think my Elite 4 count is at 3 wins, I'll have to go again and see if it matches your gyms 'mons. This guide may have a lot more data to collect than I thought. :o
  9. Greetings all! I am creating a visual guide to the Gym Leader Rematches. Currently, we are working on the Kanto Region. If your Gym Leader variation differs from this guides, please share your results in this thread and I will update the guide with your Gym Leaders team variation. Any new data discovered in the future will be noted and updated within this post. Within this guide, you'll see the Gyms City Name, the Gym Leaders Name, their Pokemon Team Variation number, and the Pokemon they use (in order from 1-6, in sync with their Pokeball order). You will also see the Prize Money
  10. Dudders


    Howdy all! Not exactly new to PokeMMO, but havent made an introduction thread yet so figured; why not? I go by Dudders. I had another account ages ago, back when it was just Kanto, but lost my account info and thus made a new account back in 2016 (being this one). I don't think I did much on the forums at all back then, however. I've seemingly had off and on runs with PokeMMO. When I play, I seem to go strong for a month or so, then take a break for awhile. No idea if that will continue, but since I've returned as of lately, all the new content has kept me pretty busy and entertained, so
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