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  1. Critical Hits is an unpleasant RGN that takes all the strategic factor out of the game and has much more impact on the game than evasions (i still don't understand the logic of removing skills that favor evasion, but that's another matter).
  2. Gallade should be tier UU. None poke (except sableye) can stop it after use Sword Dance.
  3. Well, that's it: I like the Battle Frontier quests and would like to complete them all (and beat all records too).
  4. Melikos


    yes, but it is something improvised. Just like the wars made by trainers. They should create a system that allows official wars
  5. Melikos


    I didn't find any similar suggestions, so.... A hint to improve the guild experience there could be a war mode! Guilds could challenge others through menus at the cost of bps and officially betting money. -Even without betting, the system could reward the winning guild with bps for each member in war. -save guild war history: wins, losses and view replays (like happens in tournaments)
  6. We all know that Togekiss is in the wrong tier for some misunderstanding ( as we know, Togekiss should be to be tier UU). I bring some ideas that could make the Togekiss more balanced in the OU: 1- Allow OP ITENS (like King's rock) for togekiss. Yes! That would leave Togekiss fairly balanced. 2- allow teams with more than one Togekiss with with different builds (paraflinch; defensive nasty plot; offensive; cleric...). I would like to create a new char called "TOGESIXSIX" and use 6 togewalls. 3- Put Togepi as starter in all regions. Everyone deserve to have a Togekiss. 4- Where are the Togekiss outfit? Add this vanity, please. 5- No one cares for Black City, add TOGE CITY, like the "Togepi Paradise" ( episode 45, Advanced Generation series) 6- change POKEMMO to "TOGEMMO". Its more cool.
  7. I have some ideas that would make the experience of having a more fun secret base! 1- Add a pc to secret base! if I had a pc on the secret base, I would not even have to leave it. Pc could be sold at battle frontier. I would not mind paying 100k of bps or more. 2- Any way to rest/cure my pokemons! My secret base would also be my hunting area, it would be interesting to be able to heal my pokemons. 3- Add more ornaments for my secret base, just like you do with vanity items! 4- Would it be possible to remove the decoration limit? Or if it could increase, maybe paying? :D 5- I would like to have more than one secret base! Even though I need to pay for it. ;)
  8. Melikos's secret base: Probly the best secret base of pokemmo!
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