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  1. very nice video for this event gilan =p
  2. 8( EDT time said 8am edt.but it was mistake it was actually 7am edt. played catching event when event was alredy over. Did not get enouth for 3rd anyway and catched some dittos.but mistake 8(. Please be careful next time when posting time.Il try to remember the bst utc times compared to edt as well.In case of mistake from 1 time zone.
  3. MightyBoxer

    more than two accounts

    You can have as many accounts as you want. In this topic you can see teddi as a staff member confirm that.
  4. MightyBoxer

    sunny day

    last update they added weather effect being visible in battle.Water ice and sandstorm all look nice.Sunnyday does not show tho.Would be nice to add it too. If that's what this suggestion is about.
  5. MightyBoxer

    First win of the day bonus reward for each tier?

    first win of the day sounds good. I think it was alredy said but I think it should show how many players are in queue.Should help with people willing to wait a bit.
  6. there is no difference.You just need a rom for each region to access it. Don't remember where u can see what roms u can use. If I remember you can only use firered leafgreen emerald white black. red and blue wont work those are gen1 games.this game only has gen3 kanto gen3 hoenn gen5 unova.
  7. MightyBoxer

    | Confirm sale |

    Do you mean like a confirmation before you put an item or pokemon on gtl? Its true some people make mistakes sometimes and mostly forget to add a 0.
  8. post or pm your price if your selling it.
  9. MightyBoxer

    When is UU and NU matchmaking going to work again

    how many players minimum needs to queue for it to work?
  10. MightyBoxer

    When is UU and NU matchmaking going to work again

    does it realy work? 2 of my team members tried to play uu by using matchmaking and it told them no match found.
  11. MightyBoxer

    Kanto Sevii Islands requirements?

    after u beat e4 u gotta go talk to celio in island1 pc.If you don't talk to celio the rockets and cave will not appear. Feel free to use my walkthrough guide for any help.
  12. MightyBoxer

    Kanto Sevii Islands requirements?

    that 60 pokemon owned to go to island4 was a requirement that was removed in pokemmo.You don't need any specific number of owned poke here.
  13. MightyBoxer

    What comes in each goodie bag?

    I agree.I got 2 untradeable super calcium from pumpking.Not only is it untradeable but it sells at the same price as a regular calcium when given to npc. Never used vitamins to boost ev or raise happiness so its pretty useless for me. Im surprised they did not make the money u get from npc when selling those untradeable items even lower.Npc usually buy your untradeable items 2x lower than the price from its selling worth. For example moonstone sells at 2500 in mart.My untradeable moonstone would sell at 1250.
  14. MightyBoxer

    Special Ghost Encounter Locations

    sounds like same problem as phenomenon bugs sometimes.cant hear or see it but its there if u go on tile.=p thx for letting us know.I was just releasing poke from pc after caught.
  15. MightyBoxer

    Special Ghost Encounter Locations

    pokemon info with the tab particles wont tell that?

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