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  1. MightyBoxer

    Need Dust Cloud Dex Entries 100k

    u need grass audino.water alomomola.shadow ducklett. I will try to remember to whisper u if I find something to help u complete OT dex.
  2. MightyBoxer

    Post your phenomenon spots here

    hunting and collecting fossils/gems + high chance 1x30+iv poke?
  3. MightyBoxer

    Post your phenomenon spots here

  4. MightyBoxer

    shaking grass

    this topic shows how they look.Phenomenon in pokemmo spawn in exact tiles around unova. There is 2 phenomena that can be seen at the same time sometimes.There is over 170 locations so far known. They last exactly 10minutes after they spawn and they seem to have a cooldown time when they vanish before they can spawn again. They spawn at random locations.So standing at the same spot might take u hours to find it. They are also bugged sometimes u wont be able to see or hear it but it will be there if you go on the exact tile.That is very rare tho. u can check my guide for known locations so far.
  5. MightyBoxer

    13/8/2018 update question

    GTL updates: Auction durations have been reduced to 3 weeks Maximum listings per type has been reduced from 300 -> 250 The minimum item fee has been increased $100 -> $150 Minimum price for monsters has been increased from $1,000 to $1,500 The maximum fee per-item remains $25,000 These changes are temporary due to high server load. Sorry for the inconvenience Taxes for items are now calculated per-item instead of per-stack. Notes: Previously, players who sold high count stacks of items would gain an advantage over players who sold smaller stacks of items. This changes makes fees fair for all stack sizes. What changes is temporary? Is it over ? If not when will it be over?
  6. MightyBoxer

    Unofficial events page

    a PvE unofficial section would be nice
  7. MightyBoxer


    Don't worry your pokemon will stop leveling at the level cap.It will continue to stack the exp but it will stay at level 62. what is your team?
  8. MightyBoxer

    I can't see my friend!

    you need to be in the same channel in the server to see your friend
  9. MightyBoxer

    Help sidequest kanto

    I think u need to beat rockets in the cave in island 4 first. You could use my guide if u want and follow the walkthrough.
  10. Updated the guide from the latest pokemmo update of 13/08/2018. 2 items are still in need of a verification. ROUTE 6 UNOVA moonstone from walkthrough section. Showing 4 deerling forms.I forgot to keep them for future testing.Missing a green deerling from summer.If anyone has one I can borrow let me know. UNDELLA TOWN UNOVA leftovers from the missing items section.Trading a cinccino.Can only be done in summer.
  11. MightyBoxer

    Masterball Sales

    they alredy replaced the one from the story with a greatball
  12. MightyBoxer

    What are ways to earn a lot exp fast?

    its an item that you can buy with reward points or on the gtl. it gives +25%exp +10% more chance finding shiny +10% faster egg hatch
  13. MightyBoxer

    What are ways to earn a lot exp fast?

    doing gym rematches Is also a good exp way.I always have a 6th poke that is using exp.share.I get about 3k per 2 poke killed on that 6th poke.I also get 3k per horde killed in giantchasm on that 6th poke.You can also get donatorstatus to get more exp.
  14. MightyBoxer

    [Money Guide] NPC Re-Match Guide

    Great guide very helpful to know decent paying trainers. You forgot to add trainer acetrainer Jordan twist mountain winter only.3570$ You should also add that trainers neil teppei rich in twist mountain are non-winter only trainers. Also Mariah in moor of icirrus is non-winter only trainer.
  15. This guide is realy about what to do to complete story.Also location of all items and hidden items. As for strategy to beat gyms rivals gangleaders and elite 4.This depends on different factors. I would say looking at your trainer card to see the level obedience at your current # of badges should tell u an idea of what level you might need. Of course it depends how your playing the game , how good you are , do you have a solid team? A level 13 squirtle can easy win against gym1 kanto because you do x4 type effective damage with a special water stab move against weak in special defense pokes. But even a charmeleon lvl16 with the physical steel move alone will not guarantee a win with that pokemon alone.Even tho its super effective x2 its not stab and its against high defense pokes. On a side note I will review this guide when I can to see if there is any updates needed because of a new pokemmo update.

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