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  1. Unova Cooldown Legue

    there is no cooldown in the unova pokemon league story. Probly the reason why there is no cooldown for story is because you cant rematch trainers in unova right now and the cap is at lvl56. Kanto and Hoenn has lvl 62 and 60 caps but you can rematch trainers there.So they have a cooldown for the story.
  2. How do I go about finding a shiny stone?

    unova route 6 in the house talk to the little girl to get a shinystone. unova dragonspiral tower there is also a shinystone.
  3. Boosting Elite4 payouts

    well redspawn felt the reward was fine at the time when we had no idea they will also add a BP as bonus reward. Realy need some skilled players to tell us how fast and how little items they use to beat elite 4.Takes a lot of skill do do elite 4 fast and with limited items. Gym rematch you can heal between them and you don't need to be that good to do them. But they made the money a little better and the BP reward is worth about half the money reward.So I doubt they will add more reward. I mean they said they will raise the money by 20%.By adding the BP they alredy raised it far more than that.
  4. New players looking for info.

    yes that guide is up to date since last update.Alot of items were changed.For example there was a hidden maxeither in vermilion city and it was changed to a superpotion. There is also pictures if u click on the hidden item in the walkthough.
  5. New players looking for info.

    surge gym 3 never gave thunderbolt in firered gen 3.That item was given in fire gen 1 gym 3 surge. You can get thunderbolt at 32500 in (mistralton city pokecenter) or 35000 in celadon casino. You can also get thunderbolt in story in hoenn after 5 badges and helping 3rd gym leader in mauville city. And can get thunderbolt in unova story at p2 laboratory also. You can check my kanto and unova full walkthrough with all the items and hidden items available for story. https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/profile/99700-mightyboxer/&do=content&type=core_statuses_status&change_section=1
  6. Teambuild to beat lvl 90+ Kanto E4??

    i used blissey steelix salamence chandelure manetric cloyster blissey steelix cloyster all protect trick to scout and then switch in for sweeper when a fight normal fire ground electric attack on a poke that is immune. until then just abuse toxic on blissey spikes poison spikes on cloyster and stealth rock on steelix while using them to wall a poke until i can get some opening.They all have leftovers. scarfs or life orb on sweepers is nice to have.Most annoying is when opponent has a speed scarf. Other problems i found is when poke has both special and attack moves.Painfull especially when it has special moves and has a pursuit move against chansey. Most annoying is gym leaders using full restores when ur fighting it slow with spikes and such.
  7. Teambuild to beat lvl 90+ Kanto E4??

    rapid spin is useless for elite 4 rematches.They never use any moves like spikes.They also never use any moves to remove spikes. one tactic i use for elite 4 is after i switched in blissey because of some pure special attacker.I go with toxic or something.Then when he switches poke i use protect on blissey.Then i scout the attack and if they try a fighting move i switch in a ghost poke like chandelure and attack. I dont have much problem with elite 4 rematches when they level 100.The hard part is to have a strategy to beat them as fast as possible with as little healing items used.Takes me like 1hour to beat them when i play it safe and use almost no items.But i have to use a few items when i try to rush it. Anyone good at elite 4 rematches with advice would be nice to hear.
  8. Truck in POKEMMO

    Its true u need to have hm01 in your bag to use cut outside of battle.I tested it. No way to get that lavacookie.
  9. Truck in POKEMMO

    You cant get that lavacookie if your doing the story normally.When you get the hm01 from captain and exit the boat the ship leaves.And on pokemmo u cant get back to the area were u would need to surf to get that cookie if you got hm01 from captain.If you also get hm01 and then lose in battle in the ship then come back the ship will also leave. You would need to have a pokemon with cut alredy ready whitout getting the hm01 on the ship.Then come back there when u get fuchsia gym badge and use surf. That seems the only way to get that lavacookie.Of course i dont even know if the lavacookie is there in the first place as i never tested it that way.
  10. Intimidate text

    i think he means to remove the text from intimidate ability. 5th gym hoenn rematch there was 1 time 4 pokemons with intimidate ability.Annoying having to wait for the ability text to reduce both my pokemons.And he also sends back and sends back in pokemon to intimidate again.
  11. Unova is shit.

    johto will probly be added one day but for now other regions have more priority because they will add more content.
  12. Why is there a cool down on the elite 4?

    well unova has no story cooldown for elite 4. Kanto and Hoenn has a cooldown for story elite 4. However kanto and hoenn you can rematch trainers that have 40+ level poke for exp.While unova you cant rematch trainers as of now. So i think it is kinda reasonable that unova has no cooldown while other regions has one.
  13. Question about Heart Scales

    daily events in unova seem to be a one time deal. For example the heartscale u said.Fighting cheren at victory road is another example.
  14. The reasons why this game failed are as follows.

    the game is not communist because people who do different stuff for money dont all get the exact same money. This game is not capitalist either and it cant be.If you want it to be capitalist that means people with alot of money would just get free interest based money when not even playing...
  15. Pokemon Release Failsafe

    Maybe add ''are you sure?'' when clicking on release. Right click from the box it does ask it but it does not ask if u click on release the other way.

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