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  1. last 2 lunar event was like 2 days after actual lunar day for event in pokemmo.Was not excited today.Hopefully event tommorow.
  2. was much more fun than 2018 xmas.I think making 2v2 battles always same type the first 2 made it too easy. I think they should have kept the 2v2 battles 2nd ally turn1 random elf based on possible elfs in current round. the only thing i did not like at start of event was how little rounds there were between easy mode and impossible mode. easy = 2v1 all turns normal = 2v1 turn1 and 2v2 turn2 hard = 2v2 all turns super hard = 2v2 turn1 3rd ally waiting to enter if u dont ko both same time impossible = 2v2 turn1 3rd and 4th ally waiting to enter if
  3. 2fire 2water is what i would want my team.
  4. around 8 hours i think.i dont remember.was 2players from like round 20 was taking pauses all over the run.
  5. got to 74th round.Started as 4 players and was pretty much 2 players from around round 20 after deaths.Pretty boring to clear that many rounds when its no longer 4 players. Could have continued but it has gotten way too boring especially since it was 2 player only.Was pretty tired too.
  6. hah was a long run.was about 6hours not more.We were too tired i think u forgot heh.We managed to get to route33 with 4 lives.Only lost 1 by caught in 2v2 rounds. That round started the impossible round which is 2v2+2(2random allies waiting to get in when allies die) Was realy fun and hard first time getting there.Barely cleared half the round and lost all 4 lives.Had to lose 2 just to get pp restore cause was all out of items 8( But even with pp i still had 2 lifes at full pp and died x2.Very hard 2 random elfs and fun.Just glad i managed to get a first taste of that new diffic
  7. was epic run.somehow i managed to 2player win 2 rounds in the 2v3 mode and 1 more boss.
  8. i did a 63 score.was first time i got to round were it was 2v2+1(random type ally waiting to get in) got my first taste of the super hard mode.Very fun round.
  9. At some point does it get 2v2+1(ally waiting to get in when 1 dies) ?
  10. Actually it was hard at start and made a little easier but it was still tough. Was 2v1+3(allys that come in when 1 dies) after boss1 was intense.Then they made 2v1+1 after boss1. Going after boss2 was a real challenge.But now its pretty easy. I rather they bring back how it was when event started.The only bad thing then was boss 2 only gave 1 part. Was much more fun.Now we get free move heals outside of battle which i would rather see removed. I was happy with event when it was super hard now i dont like it as much.Still fun event tho enjoying it tho i liked lun
  11. ok so after you beat 2 bosses if you go 2 player fight 1 elf on the map it will start turn1 2v2. If you kill 1 enemy then turn2 a 3rd elf will join battle so it will be 2v2 again. If you kill 1 more enemy then turn3 a 4th elf will join battle so it will be 2v2 again. If you beat them that means you have killed 4 elfs but the bar only gives 1 kill reward. Lunar 2020 if you killed 3 pokemon you got 3 kills.Is this normal? The challenge is nice and fun but if you need to fight with very strong strats to kill 4 elf which is hard to get 1 kill on bar then it hardly m
  12. From first look before first battle it seems to be same basics so i guess we can assume it would be 24dec-1jan like last time. Need confirmation in logs tho plz.
  13. nvm im tired i miss read sorry shoulda quoted player above your post.
  14. server online for staff only now.so should be very soon.
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