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  1. pokemmo uses pokemon white in game.With a few modifications made by pokemmo.For some reason there is black city on the map instead of white forest.
  2. are you asking for a list of phenomena with pictures to be made with only OT from pheno poke?
  3. I like this a lot I can only hope they update the forums with your idea.
  4. There is 2 pages in the event folder.Anything that would organize them would be awesome. And I hate how pve events made by players have to be in competitive forums section under unofficial tournaments. Does not make much sense.Would prefer it to have a folder for unofficial tournaments and unofficial events in the pokemmo official events section.
  5. well he started first region and u need 4 badges to take ship to enter a new region.So talking to mom to get back to a region when you only started first probly wont work.
  6. if u catch chansey it can have lucky egg. There is 2 static snorlax that you can fight and catch if you wake them with the poke flute.If you catch them or faint them they will be gone forever. There is wild snorlax that can be found in island3 berry forest kanto.
  7. the title of topic is different than what he is saying in post.It seems the suggestion is to have a saved screen in the game.And then be able to fly there. For example to save the screen of p2 laboratory and be able to just fly there. At least that's what I think the suggestion is.
  8. There was 12 spots with hidden coins in kanto casino.All removed.You can check my guide to see the hidden items section for images on all items.It has both all items in pokemmo and the items from the original game that were removed in pokemmo. You can also check the missing items section.It also has all items removed in pokemmo. Ya they also remove items or replace them with something else with updates. There was a ppup and they put a poisonbarb like ryspicz said.They removed that poisonbarb and put a ppup there again.But its untradeable now I think. With updates they do some changes sometimes. Also pokemmo is pokemon firered for kanto.Cant compare what is in pokemon yellow with pokemmo.
  9. 5 natures are missing,Berries not work on those 5 natures or?
  10. Plz report it in the bug forums section.Type ur password wrong once and 1hour timeban.That sucks.
  11. ya for a while channel chat has died in English.it used to be active.I wonder what happened.
  12. Pretty depressing when you see different people report different results and they all have less cooper than gold.And you need 3cooper 1 gold for reward. easyl gj on getting actually x2 more cooper than gold.But even that was not 3:1 ratio 8( Gj on high scores all.
  13. it does not appear as a pokemon u see on the field.Many rounds have random poke that can appear in the battle as allies but u don't see them in the field. For example tepig and bouffalant. so I guess there would be 2 category the main ones on the field and some that can appear randomly in the battle as an ally. And those random pokemon even if you beat them you can not pick them to use. I learned the patterns but I did not know it was based on Chinese zodiac.Nice info bolt.thanks!
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