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  1. MightyBoxer

    Hoenn Elite 4

    After you beat e4 hoenn you get the ticket from dad.You gotta go to lilycove city and take the ship there the first time. Take ship from lilycove to destination slateport to explore the ship.After that take ship from slateport girl to the left to explore battlefrontier. You can explore Artisancave in battlefrontier. Final boss steven can be found in meteor falls. Fallarbor town u can explore desert underpass. Can check my guide to see what content there is after e4.
  2. MightyBoxer

    MMO LC Teambuilding Compendium

    thx for LC guide
  3. MightyBoxer

    MMO NU Teambuilding Compendium

    thx for this NU guide
  4. MightyBoxer

    Gen 5 Best Players

    For me enchanteur is the best player.I don't pvp that much so I only watch and know about OU. I like his aggressive style. Don't watch pvp that much so I don't remember many players to think of a dream match.I know madarasixsix is good player with a defensive style.So I guess enchanteur vs madarasixsix.
  5. MightyBoxer

    MMO UU Teambuilding Compendium

    Another great guide and for UU this time.Thank you suigin and MknsZblex
  6. Updated the guide for the latest pokemmo update of 25/12/2018 All items hidden items and trainers verified. Some items are winter only or summer only.Usually its ideal to start a review before winter season is over so that all items except 1 summer item can be verified right away. Was busy early December and was enjoying Christmas event late December so I did not do review in December when it was winter. Updated the missing items section a lot.Added a lot of pictures to help me review the guide much faster in the future. Heres a list of items I did not verify during this review. TWIST MOUNTAIN superrepel (winter) iron (winter) tm90 (winter) acetrainer (winter) stardust (hidden)(winter) rarecandy (hidden)(winter) ICIRRUS CITY ragecandybar (winter) tinymushroom (winter) tinymushroom (winter) rarecandy (winter) maxpotion (hidden)(winter) bigmushroom (hidden)(winter) DRAGONSPIRAL TOWER nugget (winter) UNDELLA TOWN leftovers (trading a cinccino)(summer only) You cant get those items until its winter or summer so it does not matter for now if some changes happened or not for those items. Will review summer item when its time but winter items I will most likely just do a new full review next winter. There was no change in any data for all items I verified except the biker trainer.He is not in tubeline bridge anymore on Friday nights. Most likely might be because ghetsis is bugged right now in tubeline bridge. Since no other changes in data its likely those items not verified yet also have no changes.
  7. MightyBoxer

    PokeMMO OU Teambuilding Compendium

    Nice guide.Always nice to have some more PvP guides.Especialy newer ones since pvp tactics always change when updates add more pokemons moves items and such. If salamence is a physical wall.Would gyarados also be a physical wall?It has same ability to help physical defense and same hp stats.And almost same defense stats. Gyarados has better spe def but less speed.Or could it be because of moves?Or its type has more threats?
  8. MightyBoxer

    Crit rate and happiness

    I would say daisy 30% daily and berries after that would be fastest way. kill a high level horde once to level your level1 more than 10 levels in 1 battle would also be fast to get happy.
  9. MightyBoxer

    Pokemon Massager in Unova

    Its not a bug.Its just most daily events in unova were not added yet.Most of them you can only do them once. For example the massage in castelia.The rematch with cheren in victory road.Npc battle at the ferris in nimbasa. Some event like Bianca rematch does not even work once.And morimoto used to be once as well but one of the updates made it work to rematch daily. If I remember the first and only time u can get the massage in castelia u only get 3%.
  10. MightyBoxer

    Catch Rate Revert

    duskull has a catch rate of 190 repeatball fails on 255catch rate poke like lotad since update as well. The change in system was explained as a bug fix.Very confusing since it says for low-tier balls but repeatball is not low and it was affected as well. No admin said a word about this change so its realy hard to realy know whats going on as only they realy know the facts. also 1hp tentacool fails to catch with pokeball.Its a 190catchrate poke.Radical change in system.
  11. MightyBoxer

    Nice Capture Rate&Pokemons

    well to be fair torchic has a catchrate of 45 so its a hard pokemon to catch. They also made the catch rate in general harder since last update.
  12. MightyBoxer

    Wide Lens?

    Boosts the holder's accuracy by 10%. That's in the original games cant confirm if its the same here.
  13. MightyBoxer

    Ditto Catching

    were do u get that data?And how do you know the catch rate of fast lure love balls when they are not in the game. Ya it says low-tier balls bug was fixed.But the catching rate is different for repeatball quickball as well.Realy confusing.
  14. MightyBoxer

    PokeMMO「Item Dex」2018

    can u update the catch rate of some balls.Pokemmo catch rate with repeatball is 2.5x here.
  15. MightyBoxer

    Ditto Catching

    thx for that link munya.If any1 can find a link with other balls catch rate would be nice.

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