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  1. The new amulet coin was a buff.The problem is that regular trainers were nerfed alot which only a few are even worth to fight.Even if we had old amulet coin.
  2. I suggest you work on finishing all regions first.Save money as much as you can.You can breed a meowth with pickup to kill wild pokes with payday. Can also breed a persian with payday to farm valuable regular trainers.Then you can breed some pokes to do gym rematches which is realy good money. You can also take a look at my story guide.It has all items + hidden items + valuable story trainers to fight. It will help you get more money if you pick alot of valuable items.Especially hidden items which are harder to find.
  3. Buying the amuletcoin is very worth it.its only 25000.You can get that money back from the extra money u get after beating 6 gym leaders. In 1 hour you can beat many more than 6 gyms.The faster you are at sweeping gyms the better the reward for 1 hour grind. Check those guides for the reward data. Route 13 unova old trainers 5400reward and 8100 with amuletcoin Route 9 unova mart rich trainers around 4000 reward and around 6000 with amuletcoin. They are top4 regular trainers for money.
  4. No you need to show him a pokemon that has gained 25 to 49 levels and he will give you exp.share
  5. Maybe not.it takes me under 14hours to collect all items and beat all trainers who give 800$ per poke in all 3 regions. The reward is about 215k/hour.I do 300k/hour with gyms. If all items were tradable again maybe the money/hour would be better than gyms. i dont agree.in 2016 most items i sold on gtl from story runs were almost always around same price.amuletcoin at 40k.expshare at 70k. Money/hour is most important factor in making money.I dont see how u can think doing 1 story run in 24hours or 4 story runs in 24hours is the same end result. Even if you sold all items at half price just the fact u did x4 more in the same time is alredy very different.
  6. they also said until nov5 last halloween.and u could fight pumpking until nov6 started in europe time zone.
  7. Events always ended when time limited items ended.I also have some special candies.Was planning to enjoy the event for 1 last day.This sucks 8(
  8. The same way as how we can have emerald white and firered. just gotta look at it as a specific game instead of just thinking about a region. If your playing pokemon platinum on your nintendo ds and you want to play white you have to remove platinum and put white in.You cant play both at same time. Just like pokemmo you cant play emerald white and firered at the same time.You have to take a boat to change the game. If it was possible to fly from slateport to vermilion then yes it would be a problem of time travel if johto or bw2 were implemented. As long as u gotta take a boat to change a game there is no such thing as time travel or having 1 present kanto and and 1 future kanto at the same time. You just have different games.
  9. From what i read from admins.They added gen3 kanto fire red when pokemmo started.Then adding hoenn gen3 emerald next was easier since it was fundamentally the same game(gen3 game). They said they wanted to get gen5 unova working first and then add gen 4 games. i might be wrong but i think i saw them say dungeons was a priority before sinnoh but it obviously was changed. They will probly add gen4 johto in the future but its not a priority from what they said recently. My opinion i would much more like to see the 3 seasonal events we have right now continue in autumn winter and spring. And add a summer seasonal event as a priority even tho i saw an admin say 3 seasonal events are alredy more than they would like to have 8( Those events are the most fun content i enjoyed in this great game.
  10. luck incense had the same effect as amulet coin.Since amulet coin was made consumable the luck incense extra money effect was removed.
  11. You have to follow my guide walkthrough in order. You need to beat elite 4 and then talk to celio in pokemon center island1.Then you can fight the 2 rockets and obtain the ruby inside the cave. After gym7 i did not write to explore mt.ember because i did not want to waste time going there 2 times. Thats why i wrote to explore mt.ember after beating elite 4.
  12. 2. Is the bug I have heard mentioned about phenomena visuals not appearing unless you relog known to have been fixed? no i have reported this bug for almost a year now with a video proof of that bug.no admin has even begin to acknowledge that bug in my bug report topic. Its possible u had a pheno be active but it did not show while u were checking.You need to relog in the area of a possible pheno to fix bug. If you are in route 3 and relog you will fix all bugs in route 3.If you go to route 2 next and dont relog in route 2 then u wont fix bug. Also if you go on exact tile of pheno you will get it even if its bugged. 3. Do phenomena have sounds in the overworld like they do on cartridge? If so, I can alt-tab while on my laptop and do other thing yes they do.If its bugged you wont see or hear it. 4. If a phenomenon spawns while you are on top of the cell, do you automatically enter a battle, or do you have to move away and then back on? Again, I could use this to take advantage of not having to constantly look at the game. no you will stand on the pheno tile and need to go on the tile again. 5. Do you have any other tips or advice for making this a less Sisyphean task? use alts to camp some pheno spots.especially far areas like route 15.Since you login on specific area with alt you alredy auto fix bug in that area. A pheno lasts exactly 10 minutes so u could go check every 10 minutes.and make sure to go on exact tiles of pheno if you dont fix bug by relog.
  13. If the only reason to add a region was to add new pokemon they could have just added the rest of gen4 poke and not bother adding sinnoh. After all they added alot of gen4 poke in bw1 and those pokemon were not there in the original game. In any case it always took around 2-3 years to add a new region.So theres no point in waiting for johto right now when sinnoh is not out yet.
  14. i dont see why seeds that u pick from pickup should be untradable.
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