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  1. well kanto gym3 surge is the needed badge to use fly outside of battle.Everytime i did a storyrun to review my story guide i started unova and kanto was last region to finish.Each time when i came to vermilion before going to ssanne i could never cut tree even tho gym2 kanto is the badge needed and my random poke alredy knew cut.I always do a storyrun review of my guide before the end of autumn for unova to check non-winter items and to then go check winter items as new month comes in right after.Its autumn now so timing is close for my run i will let you know how it goes with kanto tree in vermilion before i visit captain in ssanne for latest pokemmo update.I dont know of other situations with correct HM picked and correct badge in each region.I wont waste time to test each but i will test the easy on the way hm01 vermilion kanto and report.
  2. u need to find the HM02-fly in the region and get the correct badge in that region to use it. For example if you found hm02 in firered kanto and you are playing in emerald hoenn you wont be able to use fly in that region until you beat rival before 6th gym city to get hm02 as well as beating gym6 to use that hm02 outside of battle.Even if you alredy teached your pokemon fly move from firered kanto. That might be reason why you cant fly.Where are you how many badges and did you find HM02-fly in that region.
  3. You actually only need 4 badges in your starting region.After that any badge is fine when you get to boat. Unova first when i played did not let me travel until i had 4 badges. After that hoenn i was able with 2 badges and i even tried kanto with 1 badge and it was fine.
  4. rache did say they would like to add some legendaries to keep but only for weak ones like regirock. kyogre would be too strong for pve to just add. It would be nice to add all legendaries the same way we alredy have mewtwo and the others. Or they could add all strong legendaries to keep but they would disable their usage in pve battles. Anyway thats what i understood the reason is for not adding them.
  5. they can remove all post e4 if they want. But when you play heartgold game and visit kanto area in that game your still playing heartgold. You dont suddenly by magic start playing the game firered just because you entered some area that is called ''kanto'' So there does not need some rom hack. If you play heartgold on your gameboy and enter the areas called kanto.Your still playing heartgold.You did not by magic started playing firered. Pokemmo is the same principle.Pokemmo is like the gameboy.The boat in game is were you change the game you are playing. You cant play 2 games at the same time.I think alot of people on pokemmo got too used to thinking they are playing games called kanto hoenn sinnoh unova. But there is no such game.Your playing firered emerald platinum white.Firered and heartgold just happens to have the same name of an area. But its still 2 different games.If they wanted they could add firered kanto1 on boat and greenleaf kanto2 in boat. And it would still be 2 different games which u can only play 1 at a time and it would have no connexion to each other.
  6. when i needed arceus i played over 1hour in sinnoh waiting for message if its back in the wild or not. Some guy caught it and went to hide.He just vent afk or something and was moving his character once every 4 minutes. Some people can get it and hide for a long time. And if you can get inside the puzzle in sinnoh gym3 then no1 can challenge you because that area has no channel. Its hard to believe some people would do that but that time when i needed arceus it was not been in the wild for over 72hours based on its catch time info. I dont see why a command or something to check if its in the wild is a problem.Should not be hard to implement. Right now the only way i recommend hunting for those legendaries in the wild is only after you seen the message its back in the wild.
  7. also e4 rematch is like 45min cooldown and gyms 18 hours cooldown. also takes alot of work for gyms by having to do story on alt if you want to do more gyms daily.
  8. king will vanish so u cant use special candy.After event 1 day is usually given to trade your spookies for bags.
  9. I replaced the unknownitem given by jupiter in chargestonecave with fullrestore. was fullrestore last time before that bug so its likely its same thing as those kind of items in story did not change since last update. Will test that item after halloween event.
  10. last 2 halloween was unova.But anything can happen.Sinnoh is cool and popular.I think this halloween might be there this time. No1 knows but in any case i suggest you complete 100% story in all regions.
  11. 2 pheno always spawn somewere.Each are active for 10 minutes.They seem to have a cooldown of 5-15 minutes before they spawn again. So at any time there can be 2 pheno active or 1 pheno active or 0 pheno active.The phenomenon are also bugged sometimes. You wont see or hear it but it will be there if you go on exact tile.If its bugged you have to relog in the area to fix. Even if you relog in a specific area to fix bug it can take several hours for a specific tile to become a pheno. They are much more rare than from the original game.
  12. Thanks. Ya this npc is a treasure hunter and gives 1 random item.Original game had 27 different items that you could get. It was also a daily event but in pokemmo it is a 1 time deal.
  13. i think you mean the house in route 18 that has the ace trainer who can heal your pokemon.
  14. you should edit your topic with a title more specific with your suggestion. Your title is a question instead of a suggestion which u explained in content.
  15. Players have the advantage of ppmax which npc dont have in frontier. Helps alot when you trying to stall and win with time.
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