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  1. the mounds in twist mountain do have some hidden items in them.You can find a hidden stardust. You can check my guide for all hidden items in game.You can ctrl+f and type fossil. You will find all story fossil locations in the guide its the same as original games.There was none as hidden ever up to gen5.Based on bulbapedia.net In pokemmo you can get fossils from dust phenomenon in unova.And rock smash rocks in the other regions to catch or thief geodudes that can have fossils of that region. If you dont remember where you found a hidden item fossil or what it was then i dont know what to say.Theres no source in pokemmo or original games for that.Thats the first time i heard someone say there is an item that can be found that way.
  2. yes hoenn too.all poke u get in story that you dont catch are gift as well as revived pokes from story fossils.Fossil is untradable too. there was no hidden item with a fossil in the games up to gen5.Exactly were did you find a hidden item fossil in pokemmo or original games? Also i checked the fossils were indeed in the underground by digging but it was removed in pokemmo.the npc that gives you the explorer kit is not implemented.What do you mean not in the underground?
  3. story fossils cant be traded while in fossil or when revived. 2. they always untradable from story. 3. dont remember about that but it sounds like sinnoh underground stuff.if so its not implemented here.
  4. Good guide.Best team for gym rematches means you can clear a gym in 3 turns since the goal is to win as fast as possible for better money. Its the most important factor even tho other stuff like having to heal as little as possible and pick the best specific route on your team to heal as little as possible is important too. But having the goal to try to win in 3 turns is most important and since this guide says its best team for gyms you should post how many turns it takes for each gym. Can also post specifics like 100% 3 turns guarantee or non-100% guarantee 3 turns since a strategy might require a 95% or 90% accuracy move and it can miss. Can also be 3 turns 4 out of 5 gym specific set and 1 annoying hard set is 4 turns.For example sabrina furret protect is almost impossible to win in 3 turns unless u have a poke with feint or something.
  5. Trick scarf is a smart tactic to allow to power up. How long does he take to clear e4 and how many items on average does he use?
  6. the first question should be when is kalos xy gonna work on emulator for most people.
  7. would be nice if someone that does e4 runs can post results on the grind. Money / Time ratio and how many items needed. Dont have to post your team if you dont want to share info but money results would be nice to know.
  8. thanks for such event.I think its the first pve event in 2020 that is not the same catch a poke highest iv total is the winner. Hope for more different kinds of pve events.
  9. after u complete your sinnoh seen pokedex go talk to prof Rowan.If you completed seen pokedex and talk to rowan then oak will show up and then the dude in victory road will vanish.
  10. was long time ago.i guess i started naming those breeders that way after watching baron x tutorial about breeding.He did not name them that way but he did use a chart with that naming system.Thats probably how i started naming pokes like that. You used to do some tutorial videos before mayor channel.where are they?
  11. kanto celadon mart was only place i remember having those stones. You can also use gtl to buy items. Check my story guide if u want to find one in the story.Just updated it with correct items since last update. Just open guide and do ctrl+f then type thunderstone.
  12. since new big update the gyms are mostly the same but i saw some small changes.misty golduck now has muddywater.
  13. since big updates most gyms and stuff is mostly the same but some little things changed.morimoto now has snorlax in 1 team. 3rd team i think. i will let u know. edit. morimoto #3 has snorlax.it replaced liepard.snorlax 1 move is heat crash 1 move body slam
  14. updated guide.Lots of TMs were changed.Npc who gave tm-dig in unova was killed.i dont understand why this had to be done. gotta test 1 last item.will edit post when tested. leftovers (undella town trading cinccino for a munchlax in summer)
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