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  1. Remember that pheno can be bugged sometimes.If you login in the area of the pheno it will not be bugged.If you did not login in the area of pheno you must enter area with pheno and relog to fix bug.If the pheno is bugged you can still get it by going on the exact tile.I never seen a dust pheno bugged i dont think they are bugged.But the other 3 are bugged sometimes. I did a few hunting late april to collect some data.There is 2 pheno that spawn around unova.Each pheno will be active for 10minutes.They will have a cooldown of 5-15 minutes before they spawn again.So sometimes there will be no pheno active , sometimes 1 will be active and sometimes 2 pheno will be active at the same time. I hope the experience i have shared here will help people have a better chance of finding a pheno. Gl to all who will hunt for pheno to complete your OT pokedex.
  2. i have 560 ot and 604 seen. There was a topic where people have shown there was a bug in icirrus and it was possible to get a fossil with pickup to revive cranidos and get rampardos both as ot and seen. That bug was fixed and u cant do that anymore.I only have rampardos as seen. During lunar event it was also possible to see some sinnoh poke like chimchar etc. this guide might help u check some of the seen pokemon u can find. So i guess i have completed the seen pokedex on whats currently available.As some people would have more than 604seen and more than 560 ot.
  3. Singles 21 streak i used pure sweepers while they still had little cup for the most part to win fast.Around 10 minutes per 7 win i think here. After that i used more defensive team.So about 30minutes or longer per 7 win streak and this point.
  4. I completed my seen pokedex a few days ago. I have seen all johto dogs , all kanto birds , all hoenn titans and latios latias.So you can still see them there. It was in the battle tower and if i remember the earliest time i was able to see a legendary was around 50 wins. Titans were the most common , then kanto birds , latios/latias and johto dogs was the most rare.Maybe was just luck i dont know.Suicine was the last i found. By the way blaine has moltres and articuno but no zapdos and i think in the past misty had suicine but she no longer have it.morimoto does have mew sometimes. I skip unova gym 4 6 7 8 because the puzzles take some time to complete especially 8th.So i dont know about those 4 gyms if they might have a legendary.
  5. by the way in unova ur forced to catch zekrom to continue.In platinum you can just faint giratina to continue. griseous orb is a special key item.Its the only key item i can see in my bag in all 3 regions.Could that mean something? Adding sinnoh is a big project.IMO i just dont think there will be a dungeon added at the same time.
  6. you cant.you gotta check the exact spots where a pheno can be active.
  7. tm70 flash and tm94 rocksmash should be made unlimited.They are alredy HM in kanto and hoenn and unlimited used there.
  8. they did remove alot of berry spots in hoenn and added some berry spots that was not in the original game. route 104 near rustboro had a berry field that was removed. And they added a berry field a few steps north east from the house where u get wailmerpail that was not in the original game. No clue why they removed those fields and the story berries.Only admins could tell us but they dont share much data. They will probably remove the berry fields and story berries from sinnoh as well when its added.Based on what they did with hoenn.
  9. There is 2 pheno that spawn somewere in unova all the time.Pheno are active exactly 10min. There also seem to be a cooldown period before the pheno can spawn again.Not sure how that works.Seems to be 5-15min. Sometimes you will see 2 pheno active at the same time.But i doubt there is 2 active at the same time all the times. I think sometimes 1 pheno is active and another is in a cooldown waiting to appear somewere. Hope that answers your question.
  10. Updated the guide! All items , hidden items and trainers verified. 1 item still needs to be verified.Undella town trading a cincinno for a munchlax to get a leftovers held item.(summer only) Will update this post when i can verify in summer. I will begin slowly writing a pokemon sinnoh platinum walkthrough from the original game. So i can make a sinnoh platinum pokemmo guide much faster when sinnoh is available. As optional content i have added all gift poke , all ingame npc trades poke and all static poke like for example volcarona. Thank you for your post.I have decided to add them. Glad you liked my guide!
  11. RIP Andrea. 1997-2019 that would mean she was 21-22 old.That is so young.Such a tragedy 8(.What could have happened. Condolences to family and friends.And a wish to quick recovery during those difficult times.
  12. Guide was mostly made as a walkthrough to collect all items , hidden items and to fight valuable trainers and avoid low money trainers. Some gifted pokemon like lapras are in the way and quick to pick to help you get 50 owned pokemon for exp.share in kanto. Thats why i wrote about them.Hitmonlee u need to fight like 3 trainers who dont give decent money.Thats why i did not put it. I might write about all those gift pokemon like hitmonlee that i skipped as optional.
  13. pokemmo uses pokemon white in game.With a few modifications made by pokemmo.For some reason there is black city on the map instead of white forest.
  14. are you asking for a list of phenomena with pictures to be made with only OT from pheno poke?
  15. I like this a lot I can only hope they update the forums with your idea.
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