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  1. If the only reason to add a region was to add new pokemon they could have just added the rest of gen4 poke and not bother adding sinnoh. After all they added alot of gen4 poke in bw1 and those pokemon were not there in the original game. In any case it always took around 2-3 years to add a new region.So theres no point in waiting for johto right now when sinnoh is not out yet.
  2. i dont see why seeds that u pick from pickup should be untradable.
  3. it was not nerfed.I get around 13000 13500 per gym with amulet.
  4. unova bridge was posted in february and unova came in november sinnoh mountain was posted in march. One admin said it should be faster to add sinnoh this time.So we might be getting it around halloween. If it does come around that time i just hope halloween event wont be canceled like it was when unova was added.
  5. updated the guide.All items and hidden items verified. optional trainers listed in guide went by 800$ per poke rule.It was with amulet coin that gave +25% bonus in money. Amulet coin is no longer permanent.When i can i will update the optional trainers with 800 per poke without the amuletcoin.
  6. Its not like the regions(games//roms) in pokemmo are connected.You cant fly to vermilion city firered from slateport city emerald. You need to go on a boat to play another rom.You take boat to play kanto firered and you would take boat to play johto heartgold(+kanto future post e4). I dont understand why people think that it makes it so complicated to have 2 kanto from 2 different games(roms) in pokemmo. You simply take a boat to play different games.The only weird thing is to say im in pewter present firered or im in pewter future heartgold. The same thing can be said with BW1 and BW2.
  7. almost all trainers in kanto and unova can be rematched.Except trainers inside gyms and like cynthia cheren bianca. In hoenn only trainers that are in your pokenav can be rematched.Idk why they still did not change this system.
  8. I buy my amuletcoin on gtl and i make more money from gym runs than before.The -30k cost of amulet coin i spent included of course. Amuletcoin used to give 25% and now it gives 50%.And the lead pokemon does not need to have a useless for battle item anymore(amuletcoin). It helps kill faster in some situations with the opportunity to use a good item now. The only thing that i dont like is that i cant be as relaxed about gyms runs now than before.Like before i could just half pay attention and read on the internet or something while waiting for opponent pokes to faint.
  9. You can also use a cleansetag as held item to help get less encounters.I have tested it and it collects the ashes with it. There was an update in pokemmo in the past that said cleansetag now works.In the original games it reduced encounters by 33.33%.Dunno how much in pokemmo.
  10. For 16 hours berries.You plant(dont water) , water after 5 hours and collect berries 11 hours later. When u plant the berry it will go red in 5hours.And after 11 hours berries will be ready before going red. You dont lose berries yield when they go red right away.They can be in the red for a little bit before you lose yield. Dont know how long you can keep in the red before you lose yield.
  11. yes ingame time goes 4x faster than real time. 1minute real time is 4 minutes in game time.
  12. this is a quote from rache.Hopefully wally can have a 80+ team with a much better payout.Also hope more daily trainers like cheren can be added like morimoto.
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