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  1. picture 1 = not implemented it seems.original game u had to say yes to that npc to enter building picture 3 = pick the hidden key and give it to her. https://gyazo.com/38098e3191b7f6771d3d7be842f3bed2 picture 4 = not implemented as well it seems.after u got national pokedex in the original game you were able to access that place.
  2. Starmie = psychic surf icebeam thunderbolt best story pokemon to clear story fast. Krookodile = earthquake crunch (moxie ability) very good pokemon for elite 4 story and good story pokemon in general. I use those 2 pokes to beat story quick.Can use choice specs and choice band for difficult battles. any 6 pokes in the overused tier in your pokedex at the level cap will make it more than easy to beat story.
  3. Ya its funny how people say johto adds no new content but they never said anything about sinnoh when it was first announced its in the works. 2 years to add next region when you can just add remaining pokes in unova like they did with hippopotas and others. If it takes 2 years to add but adds a few pokemon its new content.Then i guess those people will be happy if they make a rare item you can find by catching or thief in heartgold areas only that will be used to give hidden ability when breeding or consumed.
  4. Thanks! There was never leftovers hidden in firered kanto ss.anne. Do you mean the hidden leftovers in emerald hoenn ss tidal?
  5. If you want you can also check my guide.It has pictures of all hidden items in pokemmo.
  6. Sinnoh walkthrough has been updated.Items removed in pokemmo for sinnoh during story has been listed in the missing items section. Hidden items for sinnoh has been updated with images from pokemmo.3 hidden items are removed in pokemmo for sinnoh. When i can I will review the kanto hoenn unova guides to see if any updates is needed.
  7. In original games any tile in some area could become a phenomenon.In pokemmo only specific tiles around unova can have a phenomenon. Its much more rare to find.Its also bugged sometimes.You wont see or hear it but its there if you go on exact tile or relog in area. You can check my guide for known locations.
  8. Timer does stop when your offline. But if your in battle and logoff.As long as the option to resume session is there the timer will go on. I once logged off in battle to go to the bathroom and when i resumed session the time kept going.
  9. Getting banned because of a game bug?And even asking if its ok and still banned. Nice fairness.
  10. i agree.i dont understand why so much work is needed in sinnoh for its post e4 content.There is nothing special there.
  11. Not very profitable since they made the money reward when selling them to npc low. If alot of people grow alot of berries everytime its hard to sell alot of the stuff to actual players to get the money. Leppa is very popular you can sell alot of them all the time.But its so popular which means reward will not be high. I would do gym runs for good money.And do story runs so you can do more than 1 gym run a day. Story run money wont be the best but it will give you some decent reward.And having the ability to do more than 1 gym run a day is awesome reward.
  12. well u needed to have seen 210 sinnoh pokedex in the original platinum game.Was not that hard.Having to own all sinnox dex is alot of work. Kanto firered you needed 60 owned pokes to explore post e4.That requirement was removed in pokemmo. Very odd they made sinnoh requirement so much harder.I was sure they would have made it same as they did with kanto. Hope admins rethink this and do it like pokemmo kanto where u just need to beat e4.
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