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  1. @Raederz scott gives 10bp from story when you talk to him in that house. Also the very first time the boat is located in lilycove city.After that the boat is either in lilycove or slateport depending on were u used it last time while exploring the sstidal.
  2. While its a 1time event. Looks like if you get far enouth in the story you wont be able to fight the trainers anymore it will always be empty. Just did a story run and cant fight them anymore im too far in story.I see people inside fighting and on my main character i can enter the restaurant. But the other character it just says its closed.
  3. your welcome! I dont know about the thirsty or very thirsty text.All i know is i did personal tests to see how long i can wait for different berries before losing yield. Of course its hard to test to know the EXACT time by the minutes but my data its more than enouth for accuracy . Like you should be fine if you water after 15hours 2minutes but you probly will lose yield after 15hours 10minutes for 42hour berries. Dont know the exact maximum time by the minutes.Those few minutes wont make any berries have to water less times so it dosent matter. If anyone wants to test to the minute the maximum times before yield loss i would be happy to know the data. Also its important to remember that the guide your talking about was last edited in 2016.Its a great massive guide with lots of info. Pokemmo keeps changing with each updates all the times.Can be tricky to know whats up to date or not after such long time.
  4. all berries listed in guide will raise happiness if its neutral nature. Seems you cant reduce happiness with berries if its neutral nature.You need bitter items to reduce happiness like revival herb.
  5. from what i remember them saying is gen3 firered was first game.adding gen3 emerald was easier at that time.adding gen5 to work next was said to be better to do first and then work with adding gen4 games platinum and heartgold.They just had better priorities as to why heartgold is not added yet. firered game has kanto as main story so that game will stay as it is.heartgold has johto as main story and a futuristic kanto as post e4. So either they will keep future kanto as part of the heartgold game or just disable that post e4 content in that game. In any case firered kanto and heartgold kanto have no connection to each other its 2 different games that happen to have the same name of an area. When you play heartgold on a gameboy and enter the area called kanto you dont by magic enter the area called kanto in firered. The same magic wont happen when you play on a mostly emulator like game pokemmo.You always play 1 rom 1 game at a time. Not sure why so many people think 2 games will be fused somehow when clearly pokemmo works as each game seperated.With only your progress like items pokemon and stuff saved as u change games.There is a reason you cant fly from slateport to vermilion.You need to change the rom to change the game(taking boat).
  6. that item in story was remove in pokemmo platinum. you can check my guide in the missing items section to show all story items that were removed.
  7. this guide is about pokemmo.Items found in pokemmo platinum are not the same as items found in original platinum. The tm40-aerialace has been replaced by tm-skullbash.
  8. that is not correct. You need to have seen 278 pokemon in your sinnoh pokedex to obtain the national pokedex to access post elite 4 areas. You need to seen not owned.Then talk to rowan and if oak shows up then it means you got the national pokedex in sinnoh.
  9. Kanto is not a game we have firered.Thats up to admins if they want to disable post e4 in heartgold or not which is an area called future kanto in that game. Just as unova is not a game and its up to admins if they want to add bw2 game in the future in addition to bw1.
  10. last 2 lunar event was like 2 days after actual lunar day for event in pokemmo.Was not excited today.Hopefully event tommorow.
  11. was much more fun than 2018 xmas.I think making 2v2 battles always same type the first 2 made it too easy. I think they should have kept the 2v2 battles 2nd ally turn1 random elf based on possible elfs in current round. the only thing i did not like at start of event was how little rounds there were between easy mode and impossible mode. easy = 2v1 all turns normal = 2v1 turn1 and 2v2 turn2 hard = 2v2 all turns super hard = 2v2 turn1 3rd ally waiting to enter if u dont ko both same time impossible = 2v2 turn1 3rd and 4th ally waiting to enter if u dont ko both at same time. idk if there was more difficulty cause i was just 2v2 wins kill same time. when event started it was impossible mode alredy in 8th round. Since last update impossible mode started in round 33. So that was a good thing to do to give more rounds between difficulties. But making 2nd elf turn1 be same type was bad.Ruined the fun and challenge. Was still a very fun event.Was so much more fun than xmas 2018.Good job admins! @Dontea i agree it would be nice if they did not have to spam discharge after we did wide move once. Im sure admins would like to make npc better but it seems hard to have a smarter IA. They seem to only pick the best possible move in current turn.They dont plan for the future.Maybe some code to make them auto try 2nd best possible move in current turn if there is a miss last turn?I dont know.Can only hope they keep trying make the IA better.
  12. 2fire 2water is what i would want my team.
  13. around 8 hours i think.i dont remember.was 2players from like round 20 was taking pauses all over the run.
  14. got to 74th round.Started as 4 players and was pretty much 2 players from around round 20 after deaths.Pretty boring to clear that many rounds when its no longer 4 players. Could have continued but it has gotten way too boring especially since it was 2 player only.Was pretty tired too.
  15. hah was a long run.was about 6hours not more.We were too tired i think u forgot heh.We managed to get to route33 with 4 lives.Only lost 1 by caught in 2v2 rounds. That round started the impossible round which is 2v2+2(2random allies waiting to get in when allies die) Was realy fun and hard first time getting there.Barely cleared half the round and lost all 4 lives.Had to lose 2 just to get pp restore cause was all out of items 8( But even with pp i still had 2 lifes at full pp and died x2.Very hard 2 random elfs and fun.Just glad i managed to get a first taste of that new difficulty late game. Too bad we lost a player who had to go in the 2v2 rounds before we even go to 2v3 rounds.gg guys was real fun! Was half way to finish round for another boss.Rip was so close.
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