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  1. there was an update in pokemmo that removed gift porygon from sinnoh.
  2. after around 50 win streak in battle frontier you have a random chance to fight a trainer who has legendaries in his team. Kanto birds , johto dogs , hoenn titans.Also latios latias. Thats all you can see in frontier.I dont know if they added some more since sinnoh was added but i dont think so.
  3. he is a 1 time battle and last time i did a review of my hoenn walkthrought he gave 4680. also 2 trainers lots of people forget is the richboy and lady in route 9 unova mart.3rd and 4th richest regular trainers in unova beauty trainer west of lilycove city is a high paying trainer in hoenn.lots of ace trainers in unova if u are adding them.
  4. MightyBoxer


    would be nice. would also be nice if they fixed the pheno bug where you wont see or hear it sometimes but its there. i reported that bug with video proof over a year ago and it was never even acknowledged as a bug in my report.
  5. There was also a bug in hoenn at some point where the masterball in story was bugged and you would pick it and not actualy get it. I dont remember if it was called unknown item or what. but i do remember that after they fixed the bug i never got the masterball on those characters in the end. Also the dragon skull key item was bugged and named unknown item item in unova.That item was story and only needed for a few seconds and did not change anything tho. Another bug was story elite 4 giving you 3500 bp but not giving you the money as well.The money reward bug was fixed after some time but im sure i never got the money on characters after it was fixed. Just a few bugs in the past i remember from my experience.Similiar to the doll bug.All those bugs were on more than 1 characters for me.Probly was bugged for all at the time but i cant be sure. Since i never got the masterball on my other character i guess the only way to get doll would be for admins to manually fix it i guess.Gl with that.
  6. well i did more than 1 hoenn story myself and sometimes i got the coins on 1 character and another time i dont get the coins on another character.Always got the doll tho. Seems if i did kanto first and got some free coins there then went to hoenn to get those free coins it did not work sometimes. I had the same problem with the free coins in sinnoh.Some character i got the coins and other characters i dont get some coins.
  7. sometimes i also dont get the free coins from some npc that are suppose to give it.Might be the same bug problem. Like the guy north east is suppose to give free coins once.But sometimes its bugged and he does not.
  8. The battles are only held from 9 a.m. to 11 p.m Was not in game time last time i checked.So its based on pokemmo server real time.Some europe time zone.Try to enter the restaurant another time to fight the trainers.
  9. yes but its much more rare in pokemmo and they appear in a specific tile in pokemmo.Check my guide if u want to know known locations
  10. Right now if you consume amuletcoin it wont let you consume riches charm. You can stack donator status and shiny charm.So i dont see why amulet cant stack with riches charm. Riches charm was alredy more expensive than amuletcoin and since they cant stack its being useless since amulet is cheaper and better money if you can only use 1. When riches was first added it was a nice little extra money because back then amulet was still held item. Was sad to see it cant stack when lots of them was added again in the market in the lunar 2020 and their price was still low.
  11. The optional double battles in hoenn emerald feature was removed in pokemmo. Twins in emerald was counted as 1 trainer.Which is a double battle style.That works fine. In original pokemon emerald game if 2 different trainers saw you at the same time you entered a double battle with them. Those optional double battles was removed in pokemmo.Like for example the 2 aqua trainers in your picture. In sinnoh platinum optional double battles works fine in pokemmo.
  12. not long.was just loading stall , then u were able to login but it said server offline , now its online only for staff. So not long from now
  13. glad my guide helped u.Oh and i meant tentacruel horde in frontier and horde in island7 in my example.
  14. thief steals held item from wild pokemon.if it has one. pickup has a chance to pick a random item when u faint a wild poke. pickup seems based on area.As i dont remember ever getting any item from tentacruel horde pickup in frontier hoenn but i got items from tentacruel horde island7 kanto
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