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  1. They have time to take out cosmetics but not to finish the game.
  2. Si compiten perderán su tiempo porque yo ganare :3
  3. I can not enter my account because it asks for the access code and they say they send it to me in the mail and they do not.
  4. some say that the tutor of Draco Meteor is implemented, others say that no
  5. ok, that was the movement that I wanted to learn también falta el tutor of Draco Meteor
  6. next to the airport in the building there is a clown, that is one of the tutors
  7. So we still can not learn the movements that measure gems?
  8. have not yet implemented the tutor who teaches Draco Meteor
  9. As you can see in the title, I spent hours searching for the gems requested by the tutors, this theme is for all of us to contribute the information we have on the subject of gems.
  10. They even said they would be updating every 2 and 3 days until everything is as it should be and they have not done anything at all and the game is very fucked up with the misery of money given by the gym and npc that we currently earn the same as what they earn come before, get more content but reduce the rate of general money :D well pokemmo
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