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  1. DarkxAkira

    Shiny Corner ~SimplyLëmonadë

    On Going Hunts: Pokemon Location Encounters Slugma Mt. Ember (Kanto) 5865 (Complete) Roselia Route 12 (Unova) 1140 Duskull/Shuppet Mt. Pyre (Hoenn) Golett Dragonspiral Tower 600 Oddish Zubat Hoppip Roggenrola Twist Mountain Vulpix Noctowl Abundant Shrine (Night) Surskit Route 120 110
  2. DarkxAkira

    Shiny Corner ~SimplyLëmonadë

    Post Reserved to future events
  3. This is a topic dedicated to all the shinies and Shiny Hunters of Team SimplyLëmonadë. With their chance of 1/30k of showing up it's more then deserved for these pokémon to have their special place in the Team. This Topic will have a certain index: This First post will serve as an introduction and Shiny Showcase for the lucky findings of our team members. The Second post will serve the purpose of announcing future hunting events that might happen in our Team. Follow up posts - After this 2 first posts the Team Members that are shiny hunting can create a dedicated post to register their hunting objectives and encounter numbers/starting date of the hunt. Dark_Akira - Linfanz - Zuladra - Akoyoo - Asholawoye - mattiedude - TWOTAM - TwoTam - Other OT Linfanz -
  4. DarkxAkira

    NPC - Quest Bounty

    I think the introduction of some sort of questing system would be pretty cool in Pokemmo. It would give us another thing to do in game and it could be the starting point for some end game content (pos-elite 4).

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