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  1. I like the idea, the lure could be dropable in some areas or could be built by the players in a system like the one there is with the berry powder and such, pumping up another wanted recipe that is different and unique. This would give also a new use for the typing items, since some are a bit unnused. The lures could also be a new money sink.
  2. ~~ Unova ~~ Horde Pokemons: Template: Route Route 1 Grass Herdier (x5) Route 4 Grass Sandile/Scraggy (x3) Darumaka (x3) Route 16 Grass Liepard (x3) Trubbish (x3) Route 18 Grass Scraggy (x5) P2 Laboratory Grass Watchdog/Herdier (x5) Dreamyard Grass Liepard (x5) Inside Kricketune (x5) Pinwheel Forest Grass Swadloon (x3) Cottonee/Sewaddle/Petilil (x3) Outside Timburr (x3) Pidove (x3) Desert Resort Grass Darumaka (x3) Sigilyph (x3) Sandile (x3) Relic Castle Grass Cofagrigus (x5) Bottom Krokorok (x5)
  3. ~~ Hoenn ~~ Horde Pokemons: Template: Route 104 ---None--- Route 103 Water Tentacool/Tentacruel (x5) Route 105/106/107/108/109 Water Wingull (x3) Tentacool (x3) Route 110 Grass Wingull (x3) Electrike/voltorb (x3) Route 111 Sand Baltoy (x3) Sandshrew (x3) Cacnea (x3) Route 112 Grass Numel (x3) (Day) ---None--- (night) Route 113 Grass Slugma (x3) Sandshrew (x3) Route 114 Water Azurill/Marill (x3) Grass Swablu/lotad (x3) Seedot (x3) Route 115 Water Tentacool (x3) Wingull (x3) Grass Wingull/taillow (x3) Swablu (x3) Route 116 ---None--- Route 117 Grass Oddish (x3) Roselia (x3) Zigzagoon (x3) Route 119 Water Marill (x5) Grass Oddish (x3) Linoone (x3) Route 120 Water Tentacool (x3) Grass Gloom (x5) Cave Zubat (x5) Rusturf Tunnel Whismur (x3) Granite Cave Entry Zubat (x3) Mt. Pyre Entry Duskull/Shuppet (x5) Outside Vulpix (x5) Sky Pillar ARIADOS
  4. ~~ Kanto ~~ Horde Pokemons: Template: Route 1/2/3/4 ---None--- Route 5 Grass Bellsprout (x3) (Day) Pidgey (x3) (Day) Meowth (x3) Hoothoot (x3) (Night) Route 6 Grass Meowth (x3) Bellsprout (x3) (Day) Magnemite (x3) Pidgey (x3) (Day) Drowzee (x3) (Night) Oddish (x3) (Night) Route 7 Grass Vulpix/growlithe (x3) Bellsprout (x3) (Day) Pidgey (x3) (Day) Meowth (x3) Hoothoot (x3) (Night) Route 8 Grass Bellsprout (x3) (Day) Pidgey (x3) (Day) Meowth (x3) Growlithe/Vulpix (x3) Hoothoot (x3) (night) Route 9 Grass Mankey (x3) Ekans (x3) Rattata (x3) Sandshrew (x3) Route 10 Grass Magnemite/Voltorb (x3) Sandshrew/Spearow (x3) Sandshrew/Ekans (x3) (Night) Water Tentacool (x5) Route 11 Grass Drowzee (x3) Spearow (x3) Magnemite (x3) Sandshrew (x3) Hoothoot (x3) (Night) Ekans (x3) (Night) Route 12 Grass Pidgeotto (x5) Bellsprout/Weepinbell (x5) Venonat (x5) (night) ?? Oddish (x5) (night) ?? Water Tentacool (x5) Route 13 Grass Pidgeotto (x5) Bellsprout/Weepinbell (x5) Ditto (x5) Venonath (x5) (night) Oddish (x5) (night) Route 14 Grass Pidgeotto (x5) Bellsprout/Weepinbell (x5) Ditto (x5) Venonat (x5) (night) Oddish (x5) (night) Route 15 Grass Ditto (x5) Bellsprout/Weepinbell (x5) Pidgeotto (x5) Venonat(x5) (night) ?? Oddish (x5) (night) ?? Route 16 Grass Doduo (x5) Spearow/Fearow (x5) Grimer (x5) Rattata/Raticate (x5) (night) Route 17 Grass Doduo (x5) Spearow/Fearow (x5) Grimer (x5) (Check night) Route 18 Grass Spearow/Fearow (x5) Grimer (x5) Doduo (x5) Rattata (x5) Route 19 Water Tentacool (x5) Route 20 Water Tentacool (x5) Route 21 Grass Tangela (x5) Water Tentacool (x5) Route 22 None Route 23 Grass Mankey/Primeape (x5) Arbok (x5) Route 24 Water Tentacool (x5) Route 25 None --Island One-- Water Tentacool (x5) Treasure Beach Grass Lunatone (x5) (night) Solrock (x5) (Day) Tangela (x5) Meowth (x5) Spearow/Fearow (x5) Kindle Road Grass Rapidash/ponyta (x5) Meowth/Persian (x5) Mt. Ember Grass Spearow (x5) Rapidash/ponyta (x5) Cave 1st-3rd Floor Geodude (x5) Machop/Machoke (x5) Cave 4th Floor Slugma (x5) Cave 5-6th Floor Slugma (x5) Geodude (x5) --Island Two-- Grass Oddish/Gloom (x5) Bellsprout/Weepinbell (x5) Slowpoke/Slowbro (x5) Psyduck/Golduck (x5) Water Psyduck/Golduck (x5) Slowpoke/Slowbro (x5) --Island Three-- Three island Port Grass Dunsparce (x5) Three island Grass Pidgey/Pidgeoto (x5) Bellsprout/Weepinbell (x5) Oddish/Gloom (x5) Water Tentacool/Tentacruel (x5) Berry Forest Grass Pidgey/Pidgeoto (x5) Bellsprout/Weepinbell (x5) Oddish/Gloom (x5) Venonat/Venomoth (x5) --Island Four-- Ice Fall Cave Ground Golbat (x5) Seel/Dewgong (x5) Water Seel/Dewgong (x5) Water Loreli Tentacool/Tentacruel (x5) --Island Five-- Water Tentacool/Tentacruel (x5) Five Island Meadow Grass Pidgey/Pidgeoto (x5) Meowth/Persian (x5) Memorial Pillar Grass Hoppip (x5) Lost Cave Ground Golbat (x5) Treasure Room Haunter/Ghastly (x5) --Island Six-- Water Tentacool/Tentacruel (x5) Water Path Grass Bellsprout/Weepinbell (x5) Spearow/Fearow (x5) Oddish/Gloom (x5) Ruin Valley Grass Persian (x5) Spearow/Fearow (x5) Water Marill (x5) Pattern Bush Grass Heracross (x5) --Island Seven-- Canyon Entrance Grass Spearow/Fearow (x5) Persian (x5) Oddish/Gloom (x5) Sevault Canyon Grass Persian (x5) Maroak/Onix (x5) Spearow/Fearow (x5) -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Diglett's Cave Ground Diglett/dugtrio (x3) Mt. Moon Ground Zubat (x3) Ground -1 Paras(x3) Rock Tunnel Ground Zubat (x3) Geodude/Onix (x3) Machop/mankey (x3) Power Plant Floor Voltorb (x3) magneton/Magnemite (x3) Pikachu (x3) Pokemon Tower Floor Cubone (x3) Ghastly/Haunter (x3) Pokemon Mansion Ground Koffing/Weezing (x5) Grimer/Muk (x5) Lower Ground Growlithe (x5) Rattata/Raticate (x5) Vulpix (x5) Seafoam Islands Ground Zubat/Golbat (x5) Slowpoke (x5) Psyduck (x5) Water Seel (x5) Slowpoke (x5) Cerulean Cave 1st floor Magneton (x5) Primeap/Machoke (x5) Kadabra (x5) Water Golduck (x5) 2st floor Kadabra (x5)
  5. I like a lot an app called poketch for android. It's pretty good and customizable ^^ check it out https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.poketch.app&hl=en
  6. Team Simply Lemonade - Annual Shiny Hunt Topic A new year begins and the hopes for our team are kept high! In the previous year We have founded our shiny showcase and so far it has been growing pretty quick with everyone finding shinies regularly! That is why we are now sending the challenge of this year, to be the team that first reports a shiny Sudowoodoo. Up until now no reports of finding this pokemon in his shiny version have been made, therefore it would be extremely great for the team's recognition that one of us would be the first one to get one of these. Lets make this happen! This hunt will be open all year long because this shiny is a single encounter one and is a rare appearance. We will be hunting him in Jagged Pass in Hoenn, near Lavaridge city (the forth gym one). An acro bike is adviced for easy access to the grass patches and the repel trick works well to garantee 100% sudowoodoo encounter with a lvl 22 lead pokémon. Lets accomplish this millestone together! The prize for the first one to find it is still on the table and will be updated here as soon as it's decided! Feel free to comment and discuss your findings and tricks in the topic and have a Good Hunt!
  7. I think ths could be a pretty cool feature here. And since this came forth it would be pretty cool if when we put the mouse in the pokemon's hp bar it showed the buffs and debuffs it has active, like +1 Atk and such.
  8. I think the introduction of some sort of questing system would be pretty cool in Pokemmo. It would give us another thing to do in game and it could be the starting point for some end game content (pos-elite 4).
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