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  1. Michaelclump

    Custom PP Indicator HUD

    Suggestion is for an optional overworld display of a move of your choice (or possibly moves) - would be useful while farming so they don't accidentally enter battles with their move of choice emptied. An example would be payday, another would be surf/earthquake/hyper voice while EVing/leveling, etc. Poorly edited example:
  2. Michaelclump

    Truck in POKEMMO

    it's true, i have it in original game and in mmo it is the same. but strength is not an hm. it is a state of mind.
  3. Michaelclump


    I no longer support this suggestion. I thought the suggestion was simply "Wobbuffet." Please disregard the 1 upvote.
  4. Michaelclump


    You get my vote. Wobbuffet IS used in normal play.
  5. Michaelclump

    Trying To Track Down My Long Lost Shiny

    I may have some information that could help you... what did this shiny ninetails look like?
  6. Michaelclump

    The reasons why this game failed are as follows.

    Definitely user error, not a game mechanic issue. Someone with as much money as you've seen should either learn responsible use of it, or lose it like the new player you're acting like.
  7. Michaelclump

    Pokemon Release Failsafe

    Definitely a pain of a mistake, to add on, possibly the ability to lock any box (additional confirm when moving pokes from it, and prevent release entirely). Trash bin would also be useful, probably with the limitation of leaving the PC, deleting on a timer, or clearing when you leave the pokecenter / building with the PC (battle frontier? can't think of others). Pour one out for the heracross.
  8. Michaelclump

    Scaled BP gain for Legendary Duels

    Yeah, the idea definitely needs development to prevent exploitation. I think that if levels weren't matched, or if total levels exceeded the player you fought by 3-5, there shouldn't be any gains. Preventing team abuse would be a whole separate issue, I'm not sure how to weigh the effort someone puts into a fight, especially since switches/moves could be coordinated through discord or the like. What if the gains were small if your whole party survived, and scaled up as your team was defeated? Just throwing numbers, but maybe 200BP-2500BP overall range, just so it's a bonus and not some crazy incentive. A cap would definitely help. That coupled with the inherent race to duel the owner would be a start towards preventing abuse.
  9. Michaelclump

    Scaled BP gain for Legendary Duels

    Had been thinking that with the king of the hill style of the Mewtwo event, it would be cool to receive BP as winnings for holding him did I just assume mewtwo's gender.To hinder possibility of abuse, it could weigh overall party level, perhaps overall IV/EV totals, and scale the gains accordingly so you can't just kill your friends for free points (maybe other determinants to weigh the party as well). Possibly no gains until 5 wins to make it harder to access. Thoughts?
  10. Michaelclump

    2v2 battles without knowing your partner

    b u m p this would be awesome for some variety. came here to suggest link partner 2v2s, matchmaking would be an awesome way to line it up too, so long as it wouldn't spread active matchmaking too thin.
  11. Michaelclump

    Historia pokemon uguu

    Seegriosk? Te enviaré algunas pokebolas en unos momentos.En el futuro, debe proporcionar una traducción al inglés en los foros. Te tengo en un segundo. Seegriosk? I'll mail you some pokeballs in a few moments. In the future, you're required to provide an english translation on the forums. Got you in a second.
  12. Michaelclump

    Allow spectators in instances (mainly E4)

    There are plenty of players who struggle at battles of that level, having something like this would circumvent a tutorial and incentivize teamwork, since I'm sure the beginning of the endgame is where a lot of less-dedicated players fall off. It's obviously not geared towards people who understand the full mechanics. It's for mentoring.
  13. Title - thought of this as a means to spectate a friend's elite 4 passes, would open up coaching opportunities. Thoughts?
  14. Michaelclump

    Personal Shop/Shop Stand

    This would definitely be cool, although I do think it'd need a specified zone to limit the spamminess of it, if it's physical. Maybe even have spots that players could rent for stalls, to prevent a stacking issue? Flat rent fee + taxed sales? Could definitely be an exciting way to highlight Pokemon "too good" for GTL.
  15. Michaelclump

    [Tutorial] Customizing UI using XML

    Good stuff, definitely gonna borrow the PC buttons. Here's a tweak I made for the off-times that I'm using the whisper windows to help minimize their screen takeover:

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