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  1. Good suggestion, as long as we have the option to toggle these options on and off however we like And i'm fairly certain this has already been suggested a couple of times before
  2. you need to wait 2 days before deleting a new character
  3. That's not how it works. It's always going to remain as an independent 1/30k chance, You won't be guaranteed to find a shiny upon meeting 30k pokémon. It's just like rolling a dice, you'd need to keep rolling it until you get the right side, it doesn't stack up. You could find a shiny at the encounter nº30.000 or the encounter nº750.000. So, There's nothing counting at all, your odds always remain the same. You can freely leave your hunting area and your chances won't change
  4. Your shiny chance doesn't ever change, it's always going to be 1/30k. There is no such thing as chain hunting so don't worry
  5. 27th OT, 80k+ Encounters there's a shiny in that image i swear
  6. we already have that you need to hold shift
  7. Honestly you already have a lot of factors that warn you on shiny encounters - You have a shiny Particle animation - A shiny particle sound - It has "Shiny" before it's name - It's another color I get your point, but adding a button for confirmation when you try to run from a shiny encounter would only make it easier for people running bots to execute their program better, I'm afraid.
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