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  1. 7th OT 220~ Encounters (Had wasted 1.7k Leppas on Litwicks before i decided to go after this)
  2. 6th OT 20~ Encounters Literally activated donator status and it showed up not long after
  3. Your odds aren't stacked up or something and lost after you find a shiny, It's always 1/30k,that means you could find a shiny literally 1 Encounter after your last one,or take up to 100k plus encounters. So finding a shiny Rayquaza/Mewtwo won't reset anything
  4. Title pretty much says it all. Basically, Having the Time Played that shows up on the Trainer Card update Real-Time rather than just updating when we log out then back in. (Pic showing what "Time Played" is.)
  5. So, for pokémons that need trading in order to evolve, i thought of a cool new option for a safer way of doing that with strangers: -A checkbox during trade that reads "Evo-Trade" that can only be checked when the pokemon being traded is able to evolve through trading. When that checkbox is marked by Both players, Those players will both get to watch the pokémon evolving,and when the trade is done,the pokémon is automatically given back to it's owner,without the other player needing to trade it back. Just something i thought that could end up reducing some scams.
  6. sinnoh lol they're looking into it as mike already stated in the disc
  7. I don't understand a lot about berries so i can't help you with that,sorry. Piloswine hordes are in Abundant Shrine,past the cave,on the light grass.
  8. Yes,Farming methods like Berry Farming and Gym Rematches are far better options than what you're doing right now,you can look them up here in the forum. As for XP,you could try out the Tentacruel Hordes by the water in Hoenn's Battle Frontier(6k exp each horde) In unova,The piloswine Hordes(about 5-6k for each horde) And the water hirdes in cerulean cave for kanto(6k exp).
  9. It will only ever really matter on Speed,because by fully training Speed EVS with an IV of 30 you'll be missing a point,and that point could cost you the battle.
  10. Whenever you use an ocarina,say,Fly Ocarina,It will summon a random pokémon to let you fly somewhere,but it alsos add an extra message before doing so,which only consumes time in my opnion. Here's the extra piece of text: It also happens with all other ocarinas. It would be way better if this message was just removed,because all it does is take more time everytime you use it.
  11. For example: Officer gets a Blue nickname and text Commander gets a Green nickname and text Executive gets a Yellow nickname and text Boss gets a Red nickname and Text Of course the colors could change as the Admins wish,but it would help identify one member from another when they talk in the chat. (Extra) Also,we could have the option to mute all Normal members and Grunts,only making higher Ranked players able to talk at that time. It would help organize events like tournaments and such. HerickJS
  12. What i mean is, Being able to move(Drag) Time,Location/Channel,Money and Ability Info to the Right, Or any other place of the screen,just like we can drag the party icon and the Shortcut List. It IS quite pointless,but i just think it would be cool if we could do that.
  13. Anyone knows how long do those updates take?
  14. They're currently going under maintenance There is no estimated time for it to come back
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