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  1. Oh oof i'm sorry, i just found the shiny really pretty and had no idea you were there x.x gl on your hunt
  2. 19th - 1.5k Leppas ~ This is never gonna leave my party lmao
  3. 16th, def over 60k encounters 5 days, almost 16 hours per day never have i been so happy for a shiny b4
  4. This thread is not for trading, you can do that in the Trading section of the forum, it's called "Trade Corner" iirc
  5. after failing miserably with 50k encounters on chinchou/lanturn 12th OT, Idk encounters
  6. Hello. I've noticed the recent change to the team system regarding the limit on ranks, and don't get me wrong, it was a good change, but i just feel like there haven't been nearly any changes on the team system for a long time now, well, not any significant changes anyways. It feels like the team system has been basically untouched with a few exceptions here and there, and i've also noticed a lot of topics here on the suggestion box regarding changes to the Teams. Well today i wanted to suggest a compilation of things i would like to see changing within the team system, and yes, i've already made some of the suggestions presented here before, but i've also added a lot more stuff for the staff to look at. If what i've included here is somnething you could have already suggested in the past, please understand that i didn't read this anywhere and they were things i came up with while writing them down, i'm sorry if it's similar or equal to something you could've suggested. also, i'm not sure if this is considered spamming, i'm sorry if it is, i'm sure the staff did take a look at these suggestions in the past and considered them, but they had other projects already going with PokeMMO and didn't have time to code/add them. my objective here is simply to list changes i'd like the staff to see, because i just felt like Teams felt too "Unchanged". 1 - Custom colors for the in-game team chat depending on which rank you have inside of a team, so our texts could be custom-colored to call for more attention in case of, for example, a team event. 2 - The ability for the boss/executives to completely mute the chat in order to organize events better, and muting specific members so that a more organized moderation could happen, instead of just always relying on kicking that member regardless of how bad their infraction was. 3 - The ability to rename the ranks to whatever names the Boss wishes, so we can have something a little different than what we're used to. 4 - A new rank called Second-In-Command (Or something related to that) and grant people that have this rank the ability to change other people's ranks, while keeping the ability of disbanding the team exclusive to the boss. 5 - A new chat with the sole purpose of posting recruitment messages, in order to get rid of spam regarding that matter in normal chats such as Global or Channel. 6 - Make it so that the Boss can both rename the Team and it's Tag for a fee. 7 - Make disbanding teams instantaneous if there is no one else on the team apart from the boss. 8 - A "miscellaneous" tab that lets the Boss view some extra informating regarding specific topics such as, How many people have been invited by X player, How many people have been kicked by X player, Who's been kicked recently, and so on. If you Agree/Disagree with any of the items listed above, and would like to feedback this suggestion, please let me know by answering to this thread. I'd also appreciate it that if you upvoted this post if you happen to agree with any of the things listed here. By the way, if this is by any means considered spamming, I have no problem with this post being deleted/closed. Thank you if you read all of it, i know it's a lot lol
  7. It opens up for 5 seconds and then crashes everytime i try to open it
  8. 10th OT 250~ Leppas was all it took Found both Litwick and Heracross within the same day, too
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