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  1. Hello everyone and welcome to PokeMMO acctual tierlist for OU Befor we start as a side note i want to say that i will add pokemons who are not in the OU tier but i think they might do well here S+ Rank : Jolteon Garchomp Rotom - Wash Pelipper (rain team) S Rank : Skarmory Chansy Excadrill (sand team) Scizor Conkeldurr Ferrothorn A+ Rank : Magnezone Salamence Gengar Tyranitar Starmie Gyarados Hydreigon Volcarona Metagross Cloyster Mandibuzz Durant A Rank : Kingdra Hippowdon Gliscor Togekiss Tentacruel Breloom Rotom - Heat Haxorus Mamoswine Azumarill B+ Rank : Mienshao Reuniclus Chandelure B Rank : Lucario Cofagrigus Milotic Krookodile Scrafty Infernape Darmanitan C+ Rank : Ludicolo C Rank : Dugtrio Blissey Porygon - Z Swampert Dragonite
  2. Salut ,ma numesc Aris O sa trec la subiect ,ma joc PokeMMO din 2013 si pana in ziua de azi am intalnit 3 romani, 2 dintre ei au ''abandonat'' jocul si cu al treilea vorbeam mai mult in engleza (nu intrebati el avrut asta) si respectivul intra foarte rar aproape de loc. Scopul acestui topic este pur si simplu sa vad daca mai sunt romani care se joaca acest joc sau pokemon in general, eu spun ca putem creea o comunitate frumoasa unde ne pute ajuta uni pe altii si distra(scuzati greseli gramaticale ,asa e cand esti prost) Daca va intereseaza lasati un mesaj aici cu RNG ul vostru,al meu este XxArrissxX
  3. i am 100% sure that this change will help both sides and shoul happen
  4. YourAngst

    My own Gym

    Ok first thing first the hole thing with the gyms both in games and in anime is that the gym leader is someone very experienced that uses "weak" pokemons (i mean by lvl) to fight you on the same foot and reward you with the gym badge.With all those being said here are some things that you should take in a count: 1-The reward should n be some random item as a tiny mushroom, the fact that you chose items as rewards over money only shows that you know you may lose a lot 2-Like i said the gym leader is someone experienced so if this will ever by a thing that players can be gym leaders , only players that are top 50 or smt on leader board should be allowed as gym leaders and ofc lets say you are top 10 in NU lb then you may only use NU pokes and the challenger will only be able to use NU pokes 3-If you fell like "Oh how you can say that to me ?! I am waay better then you" and stuff like that and every one should be a gym leader then a rule should apply ,that the gym leader can t switch the pokemon only when they faint (this rule applys in the anime i did not made it up). And if you disagree with any of those then what is the point of having a gym? If the gym leader can be anyone and the reward is some cheap stupid item, i might as well go play ranked ,not only that but lets say you have skarmory vs a fire type and you switch to avoid losing that skar ,then what is the difference from any normal or ranked match?I say if any one can be a gym leader the rule should apply that you can t switch
  5. i want 3,13,23,33,43,53,63,73,83,93,7,17,27,37,47,57,67,77,87,97
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