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  1. Legends SPeak of warriors who will rise from ashes and put theyr mark on the OU tier. Warriors who will dominate tournaments Warriors who will conquer every rigion Warriors who will make team ActualBots THE BEST TEAM THERE IS!!!!11!!! And for those unfortunate enoufg too cross paths with those warriors....may Arceus have mercy on them.
  2. man look this mmo is the best pokemmo on the market(buy it or leave it )the rest are either bad or mediocre and thats me being nice,if you like mons you will play it and like regardless of the difficulty even if you and your friends are hardstuck someware you can all play together come up with strat and have fun
  3. Yo so like why we don t think about makeing uu and nu more appealing by just buffing and/or nerfing some of the mons base stats?Again they did the same to dugtrio and also give us HA that will also make nu and uu more nice to play.
  4. Yo so i don t play neither uu or nu but trust me i can feel your pain not to be abel to play a specific tier or your favorite tier Most of you say is the community fault for just not wanting to play those tiers but is it tho? In my opinnion(yes i know is very dangerous to have one those days) we need more fun mons to play for nu and uu don t get me wrong i don t say the mons that are in uu or nu are bad (or at least 98% of them are not) I could see myself playing some uu has a lot of mons that i like and enjoy like mamoswine,kroko,rotom-heat,scrafty,hera,weavile and many more so mayb
  5. hi,hellow ,howdy i would like to sign up but i have a very important question can i be a manager,co- manager and player at the same time? If not how many ppl do i need for my team?
  6. Well yes now that i think about it and you mentiond it yeah i do look dumb rn ,i guess i could use coffa as a soft check to the kong fu cat but still this new regenarator idea gives best of both worlds for lc players and that was the kong fu cat i was aming for mianfu but then i rememberd to complain about the tier i play and lost track but still thank you @noomuch for telling me this in a nicer way UNLIKE the other ppl who think they are sooooo much better
  7. Ok so to clear things up im not a lc player nor did i play it here on pokemmo but there are 2 things to be said 1. First i understand in any tier there will be a point where the meta will get toxic,annoying,plain ..ect but just asking to ban what you don t like is also lame ,when you can understand to counter the meta and so by doing that the meta will change naturally 2. This is the main point we don t need to ban anymon in lc when we can hit 2 birds with one stone and nerf regenarator (and yes im a ou player go ahead say all those bad words i know you will ) but just think
  8. Order Pokemon:Larvitar IV's :2x31,3x30 Egg moves :pursuit and dragon dance Nature:Adamant Gender:any Pokeball:any
  9. Hello everyone and welcome to PokeMMO acctual tierlist for OU Befor we start as a side note i want to say that i will add pokemons who are not in the OU tier but i think they might do well here S+ Rank : Jolteon Garchomp Rotom - Wash Pelipper (rain team) S Rank : Skarmory Chansy Excadrill (sand team) Scizor Conkeldurr Ferrothorn A+ Rank : Magnezone Salamence Gengar Tyranitar Starmie Gyarados Hydreigon Volcarona Metagross
  10. i am 100% sure that this change will help both sides and shoul happen
  11. YourAngst

    My own Gym

    Ok first thing first the hole thing with the gyms both in games and in anime is that the gym leader is someone very experienced that uses "weak" pokemons (i mean by lvl) to fight you on the same foot and reward you with the gym badge.With all those being said here are some things that you should take in a count: 1-The reward should n be some random item as a tiny mushroom, the fact that you chose items as rewards over money only shows that you know you may lose a lot 2-Like i said the gym leader is someone experienced so if this will ever by a thing that players can be gym leaders , onl
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