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  1. Yesterday i tried to drop Amulet Coin from meowths with my smeargle (Route 5 and Route 8 from kanto) but the meowths doesnt dropped me nothing (obvviosly using the move thief). So anyone can tell me where is the best place to farm this item? (to be honest i dont like the new mechanic of the amulet coin, but well, we don´t have other choice D; )
  2. Actually there are a problem with some items in GTL, Like PP. Max and another high pirce items. To make an example of a common problem you can see this screenshot of PP.Max: If you see and you search this item on the GTL you can assume only one user is controlling the sales of this item, selling the PP.Max 1$ less than the last PP.Max So my suggestion to these thype of "unleal" sales, is to put a Cooldown of 2-3 minutes to send a sale in GTL. with this, another users can make better prices. The cooldown can be per item or in general, but for me, the most efficient method are per item, in case you want to sell 2 different items at the same time without the cooldown limitation.
  3. Isnt important, is only an explanation of how can get leftovers and by why reason these items can be selled more cheapest. i don´t want to lose the focus of the main topic. And... C´mon we have a lot of translators, dont limit the users only to use one language if their can use more than one. Obviously, the english is the standart language on the internet to speak with anyone in the world, but that isnt a reason to only write in this language if you dont want.
  4. Let me answer you in spanish... (Your nickname means you speak the language) Los Restos no son objetos que se fabrican, solo se pueden dropear, asi que no pueden bajar de precio... y para ser honesto no estan tan caros, puedes ir a buscarlos al bosque baya en la islas de kanto. Por otro lado, como ya dije, si los objetos en el comercio se abaratan de mas, en el caso de los objetos que si se fabrican, los que vendemos y fabricamos dichos objetos veremos infactible el hecho mismo de venderlos y buscariamos otros objetos que den mayor ganancia en tiempo/venta. Lo que la gente no entiende,, por poner el mismo ejemplo de los Max.PP es que no importa si lo pones en 43k o 45k (que para mi es el precio estandar 45k) ya que de todos modos se va a vender, y tampoco es un objeto que si lo vendes supper barato, una sola persona vaya a comprar todo un stack. con lo cual si lo vendes 2k mas barato que otro vendedor, no te asegura una venta inmediata del producto. (De hecho lo explica alguien aqui arriba en ingles y tiene razon.) Pero bueno, como digo, es curioso ver que una persona intente bajar el precio (si es que esa es su intencion) de un objeto poniendo de uno en uno 1 zenny mas barato que el otro, vamos a ver cuanto tiempo dura haciendolo y cuanta paciencia tiene. En cuanto a la economia del juego... la verdad es que no es nada dificil hacerse "rico" (por que 10 millones te los gastas super rapido criando) al principio cuesta arrancar, pero ya agarrandole el gatillo al juego, podria decirse que es un paseo por el parque y algo secundario el hecho de juntar dinero. ---- Sorry for answering that post in spansh, but if i can avoid to write in this language (nothing personal) ill going to do it if the oter people speaks the same language like me.
  5. Well, this isnt an illegal action and i can´t report this. But i´m curious why this person is triying to do this. Probably this is an experiment to see if the sellers only seen the best price and puit the same or a more cheapest price like the other people without seeing the total quantity of items of the other seller. To be honest... i dont like this type of "practices" because the game already haves a stardart of item prices in the global shop, and if the price of an item goes down, probably some item makers goes to see other more factible items to sell. In any case... if people needs an item, they will buy it, and if only one person try to manipulate the price, probably that person never get that goal. Page: 1 Page 2:
  6. Happy new year, and... hummm im not sure, but when the game client doesnt nothing after clicking the login button, this can be a lag problem, can you check your ping ms with google please? In other cases, and if you have Windows 7 or below, the game client have some problems, some friends needs to open it with compatibility mode. Remembrer, de game client is coded in Java (LWGJL Library) so i reccomend to check your current java version.
  7. Thank you very much, and happy new year :) and thanks for everyone and happy new year.
  8. But this doesnt have any logic, because this is an unranked battle. @Kyu im sorry for tagging you, but can you explain how works the Unranked BP Gaining? i already asked this issue via Discord, but no one knows if this is a bug or what parameters defines the ammount of BP you gain after winning a battle.
  9. Hi guys, one of my friends, xxblascoxx have a problem with the BP Gaining after winning a battle. i suppose the standard reward after winning a battle is 500 BP (Unranked, not ranked), i´m right? if this is the standard, by why reason my friend is only winning 450BP? And if this isnt the standart reward, what values determines the total BP gained? I dont know if this is a bug or not, because of this i posted this thread here, thank you :) Some screenshots: My Screenshot: My friend screenshot:
  10. Sometimes when you´re breeding pokemon you can have a mistake selecting the wrong egg gender, and thanks to that mistake you need to rebreead the pokemon. So, my idea is if you selected the gender for the pokemon egg, make a way to see what gender you selected, and a way to change it in time if you selected the wrong gender of the egg. Its a really simply idea, but with this function the users have an opportunity to save his pokemon and avoid a rebreeding because of a mistake.
  11. To be honest, the current meta-game are borken. Everyone here knows one thing "if you dont use walls, you probably lose" because you need an answer to counter sweeper pokemon. But the problem here is, some people uses more than 2 walls, and with these teams you cant do nothing to win the battle because there are no answer to counter some pokes. Let me make an example, a team maded with a Skarmory, Blissey, Cofragigus, Mandibuzz and others like Milotic. One of the most used combinations is: Skarmory - Stealth Rock - Spikes (Optional), Roost and Roar Cofragigus - Toxic Spikes x2 , Haze and pain Split to recover HP Mandibuzz - Foul Play and Roost to recover HP These Pokemon have a lot of HP and defense, you have 2 options, search the way to put away the spkes and tocks, or kill faster the wall pokemon. if you try to put away the spkes (with a starmie for example) before attacking the pokes, probably your opponent goes to kill you faster switching pokemon and reusing the spkies and tocks strategy to win. If you try to kill faster all pokemon, probably you will die because posion , spikes and rocks. If you see, the only way to "Win" a battle in these conditions is using more than 2 walls like your opponent, and all sweeper pokemon cant be used in the current meta-game. Another problem is the longest duration of these battles, and sometimes, i won more Battle Points in Battle Frontier, making PVP an unatractive feature to win points. For me, a solution to solve these problems is limiting to 1 the wall pokes, with this "limitation" the PVP battles can go more faster and the players can experiment with other pokes to made more game strategies. This is only my personal opinion, probably a lot of current players are gong to reject this suggestion, but if the meta-game never changes, the game will be die and become boringe
  12. Determination.... hummm.... i want to see the pacifist route of PokeMMO xD
  13. 100% Fake, Legendary Pokemon doesnt have any use in PokeMMO because you cant use it on PVP Or Battle Frontier. and to be honest... is a completely unnecesary function in the game. Hidden Abilities isnt implemented yet, but probably the devs goes to implement this on the future (i want my Berry Snorlax T_T)
  14. Im not sure if you have problems with your Graphic Card... but try this: 1. Update your Java 2. In your game folder you have a .jar file called pokemmo_updater.jar, open it and wait for game updates. If this doesnt fix the problem probably you need to check the drivers of your GPU, i dont have the mnimal spects to run PokeMMO but if your Computer is really old or doesnt have a Graphic proccesor you cant play it. edir: in your case you have a Graphic accekerator, (Intel(R) Graphics Media Accelerator 3600 Series) i dont know if this is enought to run Pokemmo but probably your problem is some drivers r file missing,, in any case if you cant fix the problem wait a dev opinion.
  15. you cant code a program as if it were a book, you need a lot of experience in a lot of IT fields like Networking, Databases, Java EE or other programming languages, OpenGL, OpenAL etc. PokeMMO is coded in lwjgl (Light Weight Java Graphic Library) and other tools. if you want to know how works you can scratch in that content. To be honest, no one gonna help you if you dont have a main structure for a project and if you dont know how works this world of game making... this is not a simple RPG Maker game made, if you want to made a game with a good quality like PokeMMO you need to start at the beggining , learning the basics.
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