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  1. Merry Chrismas for everyone.
  2. El problema no es el juego, es tu GPU (Tarjeta Grafica) En este caso o no tienes una Tarjeta grafica que soporte el juego o no tienes instalado los controladores de tu tarjeta grafica para jugar. Si estas en Windows fijate en dxdiag para saber que GPU tienes y descargarlo. Si usas Linux... Bueno, ya no me acuerdo xD, pero fijate en la configuracion de pantalla e instala las paqueterias que sean compatibles con tu GPU o acelerador grafico. ----- The game is not the problem here, is your GPU (Graphiic Card) In this case your GPU doesn´t support the game or you don´t have your GPU Drivers installed. If you´re in Windows, you can open dxdiag to check out your hardware and check your GPU series and download it. if you´re in Linux... i can´t remember where you can check your hardware, but you can search in the screen configuration.
  3. Well, its not really a hobby, this fangameis aservice, and all services needs assistance and mainteinance. I´m sure of this because the users helps the devs and donate to maintain the game updated and up. The game client is writted in Java using LWGL3, this isn´t an emulator, the roms only gets some graphic resources and strings, but all events and other things are writted manually. This is the main reason that we don´t have sinnoh and other regions like jhoto yet. In this case, the devs cant play with the help of the donation of all of their users, and this can´t be considerated a hobby. A Programming proyect needs a constantly support and a lot of dedication. and the time is the most valuable resource in this case. And you´re right, they haves works outside of this game project, everybody needs to survive in this jungle called life.
  4. Two things: 1. The devs probably isn´t working constantly in the game because of the current dates. 2. Some people takes their time to complete the region, and if the event NPCs are in Unova, doesn´t gonna to participate in the chrismas event.
  5. Digifanatic

    Quick Wishlist

    1. Surrender Button for PVP Battles (in some cases you cant wint and we need to log out and cancel te re-login to go back to the pokemon center) 2. Account Bank to don´t send multiple mails to the same account characters. with this we can store money, items and pokemons. 3. Invisible status to don´t receive messages from anyone and don´t be detected in the world map.
  6. You can try these things: - get riboons for your pokemons.(Battle Fronier and other minigames) - Farm gyms to get RP Items or another things - Breed pokemon 5x31 with nature for all tiers (OU UU NU and LC) - Shiny hunting (its really hard) - Wait for sinnoh implementation The best content of PokeMMO is the PVP. unfortunately the game doesn´t have interesting PVE mini games or events (only in special cases, fr example, the lunar year event is a great mini game, but you cant play these modes in normal circunstances, these minigames can only be played in the event date)
  7. I don´t understand your bug but... you have the section bug report in the forum: https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/forum/11-bug-report/
  8. doesn´t happen nothing, if he lost and you win doesn´t happen nothing, the same thing if you lose. In worldmap duel´s there aren´t rewards. If you´re looking for BP you need to play PVP (Unranked or Ranked) or play events of Battle Frontier, like dojo or Battle Tower
  9. Hummm, i disagree with you in one point, the ticket only reducts your ratio to 1/27k. And yes... i have a donator status xD. if you see the ticket doesn´t make a great difference. The problem is, the luck or if exist any parameter that you cant see wild shiny pokes. Recently im triying to find a shiny deino, using the most popular method of PP Berries and sweet scent. and i repeat, probably this is only my speculation thanks yo my bad luck. but to be sure i want to understand everything and discard all bad posibilities to contnue searching shinys without fear and spend my time in that target
  10. hmmm ok, you got 21 shiny´s? let me ask you something to be sure. you only have 1 account? i ask this because this other comment: @Rhyse can you confirm yoir exact played hours? and, is that character in other account or in the same account? with this, i want to ask the next question: exist any shiny ban if you have created another account and you play with that account? probably this is only an speculation maded by me thanks to my bad luck finding shiny pokemon. But i dont lost nothing if i ask. In my case, im playing in other account (not character, account)
  11. well, in my old char i got 3 shinies too when i got 400 hrs of play (is an aprox, i cant remember it) this is the reason that i created this thread, but now i´m using another char and with this one i don´t get any shiny pokemon. I´m triying right now with donator status to see if i have luck and reduces de the ratio to 1/27k. And... i´m a breeder xD, i have more than 20 competitive pokemons lvl 100 (5x31 with nature), i uses the hordes a lot to lvl up and to train their evs. For me this is really strange and i don´t understand by why reason i don´t see any shiny pokemon in this last 1000+ hrs of play. The people says there aren´t any penalization that prevent you tosee shiny´s, but i created the thread to be sure and continue searching my deino and my axew shiny. (i can buy it too but... i love the Pokemon with my OT) Thanks everyone for the replies :)
  12. Hi, well i have a question about shiny pokemon, and my question is. Exist any penalization in the game that you can´t see any wild shiny pokemon? I have played 1000+ hours with my new character and i can´t find any shiny pokemon, and because of this i want to know if the game have a parameter that penalize you with no shiny encounters. Thanks :)
  13. Well, the christmas event can be replaced by the implementation of sinnoh. the same thing happened 3 ayers ago when unova was implemented and halloween event was cancelled.
  14. To be honest i don´t want a christmas event, i prefer to see the new region (sinnoh) implemented and se if the hidden abilities are ready on that update. The game needs more content and events, but the new region for me its a priorty.
  15. Recently one of my current methods to obtain game money is using a meowth and pay day move, this is okay but... sometimes when im farming the capcha disapears so faster for me and in other cases some chars are really close than the others. I want to suggest two things to become more better the captcha system: 1. An option or button to re-enter the capcha. When you miss the capcha system a lot or you dont enter in a determined time, the captcha disapears and takes you a penalization. This penalization don´t allow you to win money from NPCs or wild pokemon with meowth, and you don´t have any other choice to take off that penalization. 2. An audio capcha option Some people like me have vision problems, and some chars are really hard to identify because somethimes these chars are so close than others. So a solution for this problem is to implement and audio system (or a symbol system) to prevent problems with this cases. Thank you for your attention :)
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