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  1. We won’t be getting sinnoh for another 2-3 years
  2. This would be better for LC. As you’d be able to delevel Pokémon to lvl 5 if you accidentally level over during EV training
  3. I do enjoy the PvP on Sword and Shield, it's quite exciting and quite unpredictable, unlike the PvP on MMO....
  4. I see, well in that case, Dragon Rush is the better move
  5. Replace Outrage with Dragon Claw. My reasoning being is that Outrage is only 90 BP(and not 120 BP) on MMO for bullshit...I mean “balancing” reasons. Dragon Claw, while it’s 80 BP, doesn’t lock you in and if the opponent switches into a steel type or something that can take it, you can switch out. Fact being, there’s no reason to run Outrage over Dragon Claw.... EVER. As its only a mere 10 BP difference and won’t make any significant difference at all.
  6. bold of you to assume it isn't p2w as it is.
  7. You actually spent money on this game?
  8. Though quagsire or clefable with unaware counters that quite easily, more so the former
  9. Some competitive formats ban the use of Dynamax, if that eases your concerns. Besides, Dynamax, just like Mega Evolution/Primal Reversion & Z-Moves make the meta much more exciting and very much unpredictable.
  10. Or just make a special teleporter in each gym you can only use once you beat it the first time, that takes you straight to the Gym leader.
  11. Sinnoh comes out when the devs stop being lazy for once
  12. Would create continuity errors to a degree if we did the whole staff. Ex: We see LeZenor oversee many catching contest. Imagine an NPC of him and having him online both at once. That’s why I say just the devs, since they’re never on the game itself.
  13. Simply put, in conclusion, there’s no need to have incentives for the legendaries. Aside from economy bs, they’re nothing but dex entries here, to where the only point to catch it/nab it is for its Dex entry. After that, you’re basically wasting your time. And as such, the legendaries have lost any and all worth.
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