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  1. Unfortunately, staff are like your stereotypical parents. Whenever you actually bring up a valid point, they either try to defend themselves by uttering nonsense and facts pulled out of assumptions as opposed to actual facts and logistics. Or they play the “Disrespect” card, or in @Matoka‘s case, “Closing thread”. I wish there was a way we could boycott the game until they revert this unnecessary and completely bullshit change, but unfortunately I do not believe there is a way.
  2. The game will revive once we get dungeons and sinnoh. Until then...
  3. Though keep in mind, that post from @Kyu was posted back in March, and since then; silence. From what it’s looking like, we won’t get it until 2025.
  4. You should also keep in mind you can only get Scyther via the Safari Zone. Meaning those things have a common tendency to run. And you only have Safari Ball to catch it, which is same rate as pokeball. And pf course the only way to alter odds is rock or bait. No dusk ball, no repeat ball, no status conditions; only safari ball and rock/bait. The high price is understandable. And it’s been like that even without the nerf. Larvitar and Timburr can be found at rare/common rate. But the difference? Not only can you find them in more than one area, but you can use any ball with enhanced catch rate to catch them. No restrictions, unlike Scyther. Their low prices on gtl are understandable. The market will remain dead as it is because if effectiveness for balls is nerfed, less people will breeder hunt since catches aren’t guaranteed anymore. And the amount of people only spending their in-game money on shinies and vanities will stay the same and most likely increase and decrease on breeders. It was already perfect the way it was. Albeit your false opinion. And here’s a question: What if you’re wrong(which is definitely the case) and market doesn’t improve?
  5. Considering I’m the guy ranting about sinnoh and dungeons not coming soon enough, devs being lazy slackers, etc. That and dibz usually comments on MY threads. i can assure you, I’m no Dibz alt.
  6. There’s a possibility that they could be implemented after sinnoh and dungeons, so just hold off doing battle frontier streaks until then. Of course, unless you want battle points.
  7. We’ll just have to wait till 2025 and see
  8. First off, that’s the lamest excuse I’ve heard in my whole life. “Lower the value”? Lower the value my a$$. The value won’t change a bit if the rate is reverted back to how it SHOULD be. Especially since the rate for literally EVERYTHING else has been nerfed(Shiny rate, Lucky Egg exp yield, etc.). Even then, people will turn to shinies and vanities to sell on the gtl anyways. Especially with legendaries well on their way and most likely the ability to shiny hunt legendaries. The only difference is that with a nerfed catch rate, people will be more deterred from breeder catching since even Pokémon with a “100%” catch rate will still break out. Ex: I had a duskull break out of 3 repeat balls, DESPITE the fact that according to catch rate calculations, it’s supposed to be a guaranteed catch. Also, keep in mind that not EVERY catch is a guaranteed 1x31 So again, your whole “value” logic is nothing but excuses. Shiny rate being 1/30k as opposed to the vanilla 1/8k is one thing, but nerfing balls so literally everything is un-catchable, that’s where the line gets drawn.
  9. Just revert the catch rates back to their original rates. The whole “to better suit an MMO environment” is just a heaping load of crap.
  10. Legendaries currently(until dungeons come out) are nothing but Dex entries. As you cannot keep any of them. So after you get Mewtwo and Rayquaza’s dex entries, there’s no reason to go back and get them again, because it isn’t perma-keep
  11. Alright, now I’ll admit, I’ve been rather impatient over the last couple weeks die to lack of content; specifically the lack of Sinnoh and dungeons(even though it’s looking like Sinnoh is coming first). So, I’m gonna make a deal: If we can get Sinnoh by the end of the summer, I will hunt a random shiny and give it to one random person who comments on this thread free of charge. Or if the rare circumstance comes where nobody comments on this thread by then, I’ll throw the shiny on gtl at a price of 1K, ON PURPOSE. **And as an added measure: If we can get both Sinnoh and Dungeons by the end of 2019, I will raise it to 2 people getting a shiny free of charge, or I will, again, intentionally throw the 2 shinies on gtl for 1k a piece. So, I will leave this out here, comment if you’re interested in participating in this little contest I am having.
  12. No no no, I’m not gonna be that way. Even though I get rather stringent regarding people(in this case the devs) keeping the promises they’ve made, it doesn’t mean I’ll be all like “This was all because of me” when they do come out....in 2025. Not from me. Once we have sinnoh and I have my latios, I shall be satisfied.
  13. 1. You kinda contradicted yourself in that sentence saying, “It’ll come like always”, then going on to say “If it doesn’t...” 2. If the devs have been hinting platinum and of course told us it’s coming, then yes they have an obligation. 3. If it has in-game purchases that require payment of real money, then it really isn’t free. “Donations” in this context is just another term for in-app purchases. And again, my frustration isn’t focused at you or any of the other players here, it’s primarily at the devs since we have no idea what they’re working on and they refuse to give any other updates or hints regarding the next update. Heck, as far as we know, the next “big” update could easily be nothing but a couple bug fixes and performance adjustments. And while I get that things like those are vital to support a game, especially an MMO, it isn’t really worth getting hype about an update that won’t really give us much. And another thing I do understand is that they’re operating on a pretty small team(4 people, being Kyu, Desu, Squirtle, and whoever this Shu guy is). What I DON’T understand is why on this green Earth they don’t make more openings for staff because I’m sure there’s a few people who play MMO not on staff that are skilled in game development. They’ve just never been given an opportunity to join the staff and prove their worth. Bottom line, Sinnoh and Dungeons are not coming until 2025 at the rate they’re going at currently, so until we get a PTS or something soon, it’s much less to be hyped about. Unless we get something this summer. But again, at the current rate, highly unlikely.
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