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  1. PvP is super stale and predictable as it is. So sinnoh should freshen it up a bit.
  2. Is there really a point to keeping the Adamant/Lustrous Orb? Especially since we don't have access to their intended users, Dialga and Palkia(and probably never will)
  3. It most likely refers to the fact that lucky eggs can now be found on pelipper. Not that the lucky egg rate on Chansey has increased. Unless we get confirmation from @Kyu or another dev that the lucky egg hold rate was increased on chansey, then the only conclusion that can be drawn from the “increased availability” is that smaller ones can be found on pelipper.
  4. Of course, that’s granted they prioritize dungeons after sinnoh and not useless features like the recently released “Characteristics”
  5. Lucky eggs got a huge nerf which lowered their GTL value. So I’d say they aren’t worth it
  6. Though from my experience, I found that gothitelle’s attack is so low, not even a crit would ko. And shuppet’s attack is actually higher than gothitelle’s. Because you also have to account the possibility of crits. Go ahead. I didn’t know where to put this thread on. It was 50/50 imo.
  7. I've felt this question falls within the grey area between Comp and General Discussion. But since we're talking about levels/Nature/IVs/EVs, I figured it'd be more suitable here. So here's the deal: For Amulet Coin hunting, I use a Gothitelle: - lvl 43 - Timid Nature - 31 IVs in Speed and HP - 252 EVs in Speed and HP However, the problem is, even with that set, I am not guaranteed to be able to run from every Persian horde, notably the ones w/o Amulet Coin Meowths(even if it were lvl 35 Persians with 31 IV in Speed and Speed-benefiting nature) To put it simple, even with level and speed advantage, I'm not guaranteed a successful escape. So my question is this, what level must my Gothitelle be in order for the escapes to be 100% guaranteed? Because at the same time, I don't want its already minuscule Attack stat to barely be high enough to start OHKO'ing Meowths, because we all know how Thief works.
  8. Check your mail, I have it sent to you. **UPDATE** A few prices needed to be adjusted due to the availability of the resources required to perform such services.
  9. “Most important feature” Pfft, as if
  10. How many F’s would you like for that one?
  11. I couldn’t bring myself to like that channel. My favorite was channel 13. Personal preference you see
  12. and now i check the gtl, they are still around 45k, the exact same as how they were before the update. so much for that value increase.
  13. - Value hasn't increased or maintained, it has gotten less - Now there's no longer an effective way to hunt leftovers, so people give up
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