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  1. There's over 52 legendaries in existence, so the term "legendary" doesn't have nearly as much significance or importance as it did back when it was just the 3 birds, Mewtwo, and Mew. So the whole special concept regarding that has been nullifed. So having lots of people running around with legendaries isn't that bad.
  2. That's fair but given the current pvp is stale and boring as it is, another tier would widen the playing field and really make things more interesting. Sure, Ubers may turn out to be just as predictable as every other tier, but at least it'll be another tier for people to play with. Because I bet a 1/30k SRIF Shiny that there are other people who would be happy to have an Ubers tier, so that way they can use ANY Pokemon and thus potentially create sneaky strats that'll easily take down the "unbeatable" Uber legends. Other people would play the Ubers tier should one be made available, and that's what matters. (At least imo, it's really funny to watch some noob with a team of Uber legends get wrecked by very funny strats, if you watch The Garbodors on Youtube, you'll know exactly what I"m talking about)
  3. I’ve seen the point of Gym/E4 rematch difficulty appear on many people’s counter-argument(s) to my claims, and I will admit: I would normally agree on this. But regarding E4 and especially Gym rematches; While yes, Gyms/E4 rematches would take less time to beat and be much easier, the difficulty and time aren’t the factors that TRULY give it its value. The factor that does give it its value is the cooldown time. So difficulty isn’t that big of a deal. A game is meant to only be tedious the first time you play it and have it get progressively easier as you acquire new Pokemon and learn new ways to employ such Pokemon in battle. In short, it’s not supposed to be hard ALL the time, like the devs here are trying to make it. Even if you beat each gym in 3 turns with Drizzle + Water Spout Kyogre for the popular example(even then, there’s plenty of non-legendary strats that can do so just as fast if not faster), that in no way affects the cooldown time, aka the real time hours you have to wait for rematches. There’s NOTHING in PokeMMO that can speed up real time So normal Trainers will still take 6 hours for cooldowns, Gyms/Morimoto will still take 18 hours, and so on... Also, you could argue that the current PvE with the Gym/E4 rematches forces people to breed 5x31 or 6x31 Pokémon(natured, EV trained, lvl 100 etc) for compensation. (since there’s absolutely no way you can beat those rematches with the 6x15 gift pokemon you get from the 3 storyline(s)) That is more of an issue than having 1-2 legendaries on your team for such runs. Heck, even if there were to be rematches or battles updated with the NPCs having Uber-legends, that’s not something that’s out of the ordinary. My two points of evidence regarding that statement can be found in B2/W2 and Ultra Sun/Moon: 1) In B2/W2, there was an in-game activity called the “World Tournament”, which allowed you to battle Gym leaders/E4 members/Champions from games past and present. One of the modes gave some of the G-Leaders/E4-members/Champions Uber legendaries to use. - Falkner got Lugia, Sabrina got Mewtwo, Winona got Rayquaza, and Fantina got Origin Form Giratina, and so on. (In fact, Fantina had an illegal Pokémon in Origin Form Giratina because it was holding the Ghost Gem instead of the Griseous Orb that allows it to become Origin Form. 2) After you beat the Champion in Ultra Sun/Moon, you do a little post story quest involving Team Rainbow Rocket. Their Commanders being the Team Bosses from the previous games, each having their respective game’s legendary. -Maxie had Groudon, Archie had Kyogre, Cyrus had Dialga/Palkia, Ghetsis had Zekrom/Reshiram, Lysandre had Xerneas/Yveltal, and even Giovanni had a Mewtwo that he could Mega Evolve into Mega Mewtwo X/Y. So even if we got Uber legends and devs had to give certain NPCs Uber legends to compensate for difficulty purposes, it would make sense. Since even in the vanilla games, it has happened before(and could just as much happen again). If the future consisted of ways to speed up the cooldown clock or skip it entirely, then, yes, there’d be issues, but that’s besides the point. (also I heavily doubt there will be such methods) So my point being, not just that we should be allowed full access to ALL legendaries and not just a select few, but also, having an Uber legendary doesn’t necessarily mean you have a “press this button to win every battle” Pokemon. Because even with Uber legends, they have just as many weaknesses as strengths, and a good chunk of them come from Pokémon that aren’t legendaries.
  4. Sure, sure. Send me your Pokémon, along with your payment and any additional notes you want to add, and they’ll be done within 4-5 days
  5. PvP-wise, they’ll take over OU. Potentially creating an Ubers tier to play in. PvE-wise, nothing really important. Might make Gym/E4 rematches easier, but that’s no big deal
  6. agreed. The Mystery Dungeon franchise are some of the best Pokemon spinoffs
  7. your pokemon is back with you. fully trained ev and level-wise
  8. Yes. Though I kinda butchered naming what it counters well against. My bad ^^; I know that Entei gets Stone Edge, whereas Arcanine does not. But I named the wrong important counters. Regardless, Stone Edge is definitely a significant difference between Arcanine and Entei
  9. It's just gonna be another lame King of the Hill case like Mewtwo and Rayquaza, isn't it?
  10. I think he was referring to the main games and not the spinoffs. Because man Darkrai in PMD EOS was a pain in the ass.
  11. But Arcanine also doesn’t get Calm Mind. It can’t really run mixed like Entei can No u
  12. There's 52 legendaries in existence now. The term "legendary" doesn't have near as much impact and meaning as it did back when it was just the 3 birds, Mewtwo, and Mew(which made it more understandable that nobody had legendaries back when MMO was just Kanto). And trying to maintain that "value" is not only a bad idea, but terrible game design.
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