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  1. When are we gonna be getting some new content? The game has become quite lackluster lately. Gameplay too repetitive, competitive too predictable, shiny hunting not worth it, etc. When will we be getting dungeons, sinnoh, or at least something new to do? (And for the love of Arceus, nobody say “SoonTM” because that joke is dead)
  2. I will remain neutral on this matter until we get new content. Neither loving nor hating on the staff
  3. they won't do that to us a second time, especially since there's gonna be dungeons. Not only that, but the griseous orb you get from unova is a key item as opposed to a normal item like the adamant orb and lustrous orb are. So it could possibly mean that giratina will be the first true legendary we get
  4. I'm sure dungeons will come in this update also. I mean, part of the story involves catching giratina. Meaning we finally get a legendary.
  5. "Donators" is another word for pay to play, since you get a whole bunch of benefits for paying money that you wouldn't get if you didn't(ex: more exp, faster eggs, better shinies, etc.)
  6. There is a possibility that platinum(sinnoh) and dungeons will be released at the same time. After all, in order to complete platinum story, you have to fight/catch Giratina, which would make sense as to why the Griseous orb is a Key Item, rather than a regular hold item.
  7. The same time it gets shut down will also be the same time we get dungeons
  8. They should remove that unneccesary mechanic where you cannot collect soot in route 113 if you're using a repel. Especially due to the fact that we're under gen 5 game mechanics, flutes are obsolete and useless.
  9. I think these would be beneficial for people hunting specific species in an area, especially for things like shiny hunting and catching contests. There should be flutes that raise the spawn rate of a certain type and lower spawn rate of mons that are not the same type, for every type: Ex: A Rock Flute used in Wellspring Cave would raise roggenrolla spawn rate while lowering woobat. And there could also be limitations to it, like the effect being in affect for 1 hour and ending if you either leave the area you're hunting or the hour runs out. Then it could have a 24 hour recharge time. This cooldown could affect all the type flutes so you can't just use one and then move on to another
  10. Until we get dungeons(in 2050), there’s no need to worry about moxie. Besides, like I said, it locks you into outrage when used, so it gives you the opportunity to switch to a steel type or better physical wall. a power of 90, like people said before, makes it power equivalent to dragon claw, which not only has no lock-in, but also no confusion effect. Making outrage not worth using. and as I already said, team preview lets us see any potential outragers, thus we can organize our team to prepare for such.
  11. I do agree that they should bring Outrage back to how its power was before(120) Even though it's a very powerful move: a) like they said, we have team previews now so we can see what the other person has, including any and every possible pokemon that could have outrage b) Outrage is a double-edged sword move, while it has high power, it not only locks you into the move allowing the opponent to switch to a physical tank or steel type, but it also confuses you, giving you the change to hit yourself(which really does make a difference if you have high Attack and/or you can't switch out). We don't even NEED fairy types to counter outrage. Plenty of teams in vgc back in the d/p/pt games were able to work around outrage and come out victorious and people now can work around it. Those who can't just suck at the game.
  12. no, that's when dungeons are getting implemented. We won't get sinnoh till 2050. that is, if they're generous
  13. correction acknowledged. Thank you
  14. Another tip: regarding the pokemon who you have to fight(blocking the path), you can have someone solo(or duo it) while the other members go past and get closer to shrine to change mons if needed.
  15. correction acknowledged. Thank you
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