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  1. I’m not gonna say much about what I don’t like about the game/want in the game, solely because I’ve done so via prior General Discussion/Suggestion Box Threads. If the devs are planning to put Sinnoh and Dungeons in MMO, they need to add a little more haste into the equation. That’s all I have to say. Edit: Also, why in the name of all things holy are the devs always so enigmatic about events such as Halloween and Christmas. If they gave us a 1-2 week notice instead of being hush-hush, chances are more people would be gearing up for the event(Training Pokemon, crafting items, etc.) instead of posting their doubts that the event in particular is actually going to happen
  2. Welp, the Halloween event in Pokemon Go looks pretty promising. So unless MMO gives us one heck of a Halloween event...well...
  3. The Halloween event looks pretty promising.
  4. Seconded. It’d keep people from spamming garbage Pokemon for 800mill on GTL
  5. So you’re implying that after we get a true OU metagame, then we might get an Uber tier to play in? (and potentially the legendaries and reworks for such)
  6. To be fair, it’s not really balanced here either. And we don’t have legendaries here. But I think I might be getting where you’re going at. Waiting till we get sinnoh and dungeons along with the non-Uber legendaries first, THEN worrying about adding Ubers might not be such a bad idea.
  7. I looked at the tierings from BW on Smogon(since its the one they’re basing MMO off of). And I can confirm that even with Hydreigon getting Draco or Outrage getting to 120 BP still makes them OU (In fact, the only 2 Non-Legendary Dragons that ever made Ubers were Salamence and Garchomp. And that was in Gen 4. They both got knocked down to OU come Gen 5) Long story short, even if Outrage/Draco got reverted, nothing would really change.
  8. I've made some suggestions and seen other people make suggestions regarding PvP, such as buffing Outrage, adding Fairy types, etc. All of which have been turned down by a common notion, "We don't want anything in Ubers," as if Ubers are essentially taboo. So my question is, why are we segregating Ubers so much to where a heck ton of things have to be adjusted to prevent it? Like keeping Outrage at 90 BP, making it rather useless, not allowing Hydreigon to learn Draco Meteor, albeit the fact it can learn it in EVERY other game. Besides, the meta is rather stale and boring as it is. And all gen 4 is gonna do is throw Garchomp and maybe Gastrodon into the fray, that's about it. Having an Ubers tier would give people the ability to use ANY Pokemon, and thus make for more interesting matches with less predictable outcomes. I mean, I"m pretty sure it wouldn't be that much work to make an Uber section in the matchmaking) and revert the changes that made Ubers taboo; giving Hydreigon Draco again, buffing Outrage to 120 as it is in current games, giving Dugtrio its current stats, etc. Ubers are just as important of a part of the game as literally any other Pokemon. Segregating them by either nerfing a heck ton of moves or not allowing full access to a couple of them(*looks at Uber legends*) is a terrible idea. (And to be honest, it's really bad game design)
  9. Many of them most likely left when all the updates dropped, devaluing about everything. Can't say I"d blame them.
  10. I could literally use EQ on a Tentacruel horde, go make a Subway-style sandwich, come back, and the Tentacruels would still be dying. We should at least have speed ups for SOME features. Hordes especially, if any. I mean, having slow features is NOT always a good thing *flashbacks of Blissey health bar depleting animation in Gen 4*
  11. But doesn’t his status of ETERNAL Mayor give him immunity
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