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  1. That’s what the premise of every kind of these games are. You’re supposed to start out with the resistance and eventually build up to where resistance is obsolete, whether it be obtaining legendaries to help you out or other strong Pokemon. Then have little to no resistance at all following the acquisition of such creatures. What’s supposed to happen is there is a difficulty threshold that’s supposed to be passed and once passed through obtaining proper matchups makes it much easier in subsequent rematches, not one that always increases to the point of impossiblity(E4). That’s just poor game design. While to a degree, I do agree that zero resistance can make it too easy and boring. But too much resistance, which is what E4 especially is(and the Gyms with the Unova update), causes players to get discouraged and quit.
  2. In this case, you don’t get to KEEP the special weapon(or no post game method to regain use of it again), like you do in the actual games. That’s where the problem lies.
  3. I think he might have been trying to imply that RP vouchers have made the game more P2W(pay to win) than it already is, which that too, I agree with
  4. Not exactly. There’s a factor that both E4 and Gyms possess(more so the Gyms) that maintain their value. Not the difficulty, but rather the cooldown time. Because no matter how long or short of a time it takes for someone to beat them, the cooldown time stays the same. Main example, Person A could sweep Gym rematches with, say, Kyogre, and Person B could stall/use 5+ Max Revives/Potions and take longer. Either ways, after they beat the Gym, they still both have to wait 18 hours to battle the Gym again. And there’s no item or Pokemon that can speed up this process. E4 is the exact same way. So the point I’m trying to make is that the E4 doesn’t have to be on impossible mode all the time to have value. It all lies on cooldown time. If people were suggesting a method to shorten cooldown times, I’d agree that there would be problems, but the fact of the matter is that they’re not.
  5. Fair point. But regarding E4, I think it’d be easier just to wait till dungeons, then we can get access to legendaries to even the playing field, like Kyogre or Latios.
  6. Inb4 mod or staff goes “hurr durr economy hurr durr” (but in all seriousness, I agree with you)
  7. Because unlike you and a lot of people on this game, I actually have a life so I can’t go all the way to #1 within a day. Also since I’m usually busy when the ranked matches start.
  8. It is. The real incentive to catching legendaries in the games is that you get to keep them and have a powerful addition to your team if you choose so. Removing the ability to keep legendaries also removes the incentive and special nature surrounding them. Even if it makes E4 rematches easier to keep legendaries, that, also, is irrelevant. Since nobody does E4 rematches. So unless we can keep it, there’s no reason why we should have to use it.
  9. Really doesn’t make a difference. Since there isn’t really a benefit or reward for completing the dex
  10. Upvoted. There’s no reason to have to use the legendary if the devs are gonna be copouts and not let us keep it
  11. Bugs are super effective against Psychic, Dark, and Grass. They’re weak to Flying, Steel, Rock, and Fire.
  12. They aren’t going to add those. They like to keep the PvP predictable
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