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  1. BoltBlades12

    Donator status really 10 % shiny rate?

    No. The rate is 1/30k. Which translates to 1/30k -> 1/27k. So it's not even worth wasting your reward points on. Don't get donator status.
  2. BoltBlades12

    will there be a Halloween event 2018?

    well then, looks like there's nothing to look forward to this christmas :/
  3. BoltBlades12

    Catching Animation

    yes I know. the thing is there should be a way to toggle the animations so it'd go back to be that way. Because that would make catching pokemon(especially in safari zone) go much quicker.
  4. BoltBlades12

    Catching Animation

    I remember back in the older days of MMO where the way catching pokemon went was that it would only show the shaking/catching animations if you actually caught the pokemon. And if you didn't, it would just say "The Pokemon failed to be caught" and not shake at all. There should be a way to bring that back or at least have a way to toggle it so it only shows shaking/catching of the ball if the pokemon is actually caught. That way it would make catching pokemon go a lot faster.
  5. BoltBlades12

    Where are the Herbs of White?

    I'm seeking white herbs so that I can craft pp maxes. I know I can get them via bp at the frontier/subway, but that gets a bit tedious especially on the higher levels. Does anybody know if there's a location where I can get white herbs via pickup or via wild pokemon holding white herb and where?
  6. BoltBlades12

    [Money Guide] Community Pickup Guide

    Is there a place where you can pickup white herbs? I would really like to know if such a place exists and where
  7. BoltBlades12

    [Video] New Pokemon Nuzlocke

    Nuzlocke? On an MMO? With AI that doesn't act like potatoes? You have guts my friend(s), and I respect that.
  8. BoltBlades12

    Soot Repel Collection

    In the hoenn section of mmo, next to fallabor town, there's a route that has a house that crafts various items when you bring them "soot" from running into those gray patches on the ground. The thing is though, you cannot use repel otherwise you cannot collect the soot. They should adjust it to where you can use repel and still collect soot at the same time. Especially now since all the flutes that can be crafted there are now useless since they've lost their special abilities. *edit: didn't realize this was in the general discussion until after I posted it. I meant to put this in suggestion box*
  9. BoltBlades12

    Question about Thief

    That still doesn't exactly answer my question. How does thief failing if it faints the pokemon make that big of a difference? It really doesn't.
  10. BoltBlades12

    Question about Thief

    Dude, thief also doesn't work if my thief mon is ALREADY holding an item.
  11. BoltBlades12

    Question about Thief

    and explain to me how exactly making it so thief doesn't work on fainted pokemon fixes this? Exactly, there's no difference. Also, keep in mind, the rarity of the items still stays the same, so gtl doesn't get affected at all.
  12. BoltBlades12

    Question about Thief

    there's nothing wrong with more success on stolen items. It wouldn't affect the prices on gtl.
  13. BoltBlades12

    Question about Thief

    that doesn't make any sense at all. If thief worked regardless of whether or not the pokemon fainted, it's not like the market would crash or anything since the rarity of held items wouldn't be affected.
  14. BoltBlades12

    Question about Thief

    That still doesn't exactly answer my question. What is so wrong with being able to use thief like in the main games, especially since items on pokemon on rare to get anyways. What's the point in making it so party member HAS to take damage in order for thief to work?
  15. BoltBlades12

    Question about Thief

    Ok, I know that a whole bunch of features in this game have been altered for the sake of the MMO and to not break the economy. Like having a shiny rate of 1/30k and making sweet scent cost 5pp per use outside battle. Here's the question, why in the heck do they make it so thief doesn't work if you faint the pokemon holding the item? It's pointless to make that addition and wouldn't negatively affect the economy in any way if they made it parallel to the main games. But that's just me. Why do you guys think this is so?

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