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  1. I agree, this is cool, but I think it's a bit outdated because the original post wasn't edited since 2015.
  2. I went to various shops and tried to talk to these NPC and they didn't sell a single piece of cloth Am I missing something?
  3. I would appreciate if you add more spots like Conan said. Btw thanks for the guide!
  4. I think the XyzioN's idea is the creation of a very simple app where you could buy or donate without any other function. However, don't think any platform would accept this, as a valid app or 'game'.
  5. Doesn't already pokemon heals themselves after each e4?
  6. Horrible idea. Didn't you think about all foreign languages (included chinese) that will be shown in the screen without being useful? I don't even want to read something that isn't on english/spanish and even as a spaniard guy, I sometimes prefer to read the things on English because of the spelling mistakes written on spanish from people of South America.
  7. I was thinking about what do u get (in the case you get something) once you complete the pokedex as I know that on nintendo games you get items to increase shiny %. Anyone knows? Because I was thinking on trying to complete it.
  8. Thanks for suggestions :) I'll do that when I get the oufit I want. XD Nice meme. That's actually me, pretty accurate. I'd do but I quit Minecraft long time ago hehexd.
  9. Thanks for the ideas! ^^ Come on... we're all otakus here, we have no life...
  10. Hey you all, Yesterday I defeated and completed e4 and the post-e4 zones on Unova and I was wondering what could I do after that. So, apart from pvp or completing the pokedex, what can I do now?
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