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  1. I would like to have the possibility to see the total amount of the unclaimed money on the top of my screen like this I will be able to see if I have enough money in the case I have to buy something. And in addition of that a little icon as you said but with a number inside who show the total of selled stocks.
  2. In french CT means Technical Capsule
  3. I thought that was the same letters in both languages, so what means "TM"?
  4. I agree that can be a nice thing to add :)
  5. Esannu

    Hi, how can I definitely delete my account here on this forum? Thanks.

  6. Esannu

    Improving relations

    I ask to the staff to remember to the all the members of the forum to be a lot more gentle, smart and constructive when posting to help to improve relations between everyone because actually a lot act like sadistic kids who put sticks in the wheels to make people angry. Thanks a lot.
  7. Hi, can you please create someting in the GTL to show what are the most selled items, that work like a top ten, items are sorted by the most selled to the less selled. Like this I can find more easily interresting items for my pokemons and that can be useful for sellers to study the market and know what is the most requested bu people. Thanks.
  8. Esannu

    Vanity Item Suggestions

    Maybe Stantler horns can be cool too or/and the diffrent Sawsbuck horns too :)
  9. Esannu

    Fighting hordes with more than one pokemon

    Oh I was not aware of that... thanks for the info :)
  10. Esannu

    Fighting hordes with more than one pokemon

    This is just hordes takes time to be defeated with only one pokemon, I want to be able to defeat them more faster, like with more of my pokemons on the battlefield as I said above.
  11. Esannu

    Add a search bar in our store

    Stop what?
  12. I starded my PokeMMO adventure on Kanto and I started using the GTL after wining my fourth badge. I buyed some pokeballs, potions and evolution stones, I selled them for a little bit more than the price in the marts and since I started selling items I used the benefices to increase everytime these same stocks and buy other items to sell too. Now I travel a lot by boat and by using the capacity Fly to fullfil my stocks and with the money I win I buy Leftovers, Macho Braces, Multi Exp, PP Max and more like breeding items to train my pokemons to defeat the League on every Continents. So to answer you, the game story is not finished for me, I have to defeat all the leagues and I just started two days ago on Unys.
  13. The positive aspect of this is that I can concentrate myself on the game story. With this "quick indication" my adventure is not always interrupted by the need to always open the trade window to see if my stock is fully selled and if I need to buy again a new stock.
  14. Please allow to fight hordes with more than one pokemon. Thanks
  15. Something I love to do is give items and pokemons for free to other people so can you please create the possibility to put a pokeball on the ground containing what we want to give? Like this when an unknown player pass by the way where I put the pokeball he can found it and take what's inside, its like a gift, a chest that we put where we want. That can be fun if its possible, like this there will not only have "overworld" items who can be found on the ground :)

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