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  1. can i have an update on my poke i sent you the other day?
  2. 3rd wave meant, being able to kill mons in its 3rd bar (the one shown on your top right)?
  3. do u need L100 mons for rank now?
  4. i cant see the combination for custap berry. please help
  5. or you can make this a 64 man tournament instead since it looks like a lot of people want to join. or atleast for the next one if making this one 64 man is impossible
  6. don't worry, it was not my intention to mock your team. i was just joking around a bit while reminding people that you guys are the people to beat in this tournament since you're the defending champs :)
  7. everyone ready to take down the walls? [spoiler][/spoiler]
  8. jeehad said thanks for the signup again, he'll show up for the tournament

    1. G0dPower


      yep i remember him asking me

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