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  1. The best Pokémons to make a solid Team.

    Once the confusion ban lifts, I surmise rain teams will do well. Offensive rain teams ofc, as damp rock has not been implemented yet. Pros are that it's very fast paced, and can dish out major damage. It abouguuely destroys teams that have a balanced setup, wth one special wall and one physical wall. People often think that Ferrothorn is a nice counter to rain, but those people don't know that choice specs peliper does 2/3hp damage with hurricane. The only thing it really struggles with are defensive weather teams. such as sand teams with 2 hippodown and ttar.
  2. Some battle and attack animations that were visible before the Unova update have suddenly gone. I see the text saying that a certain weather condition has become active, but the message doesn't repeat every turn anymore, and I don't see the animation anymore. It's hard to keep track of which weather is in effect that way. Is anyone else experiencing this problem?
  3. I do not see any attack

    I can't see the rain dance animations each turn anymore.

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