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  1. Im just trying to help, dont be so rude babe. Take the answer of the guy below urs as an example. Good luck.
  2. Didnt know that, but at least a modder could do something with this.
  3. You want me to upload on other pages? -.-
  4. Hello, I make this thread just to share the sprites I have found. Im not sure if the devs can use them, but I tested them on a fan game and works good (The b/w pokemons follows normally) https://www.mediafire.com/file/f4zo843o4bkmgwe/Follow sprites.rar Hope this will be useful, I know everyone wants bw pokemons following. (Just for those who dont believe in what Ive upload, check this fan game) https://pokemontitan.wordpress.com/ It has all the sprites of all pokemon gens implemented.
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