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  1. Budget Breeding / Comps & Breeders sale

    new lower prices.
  2. Budget Breeding / Comps & Breeders sale

    post natures and i'll let you know when finished
  3. [PSL 9] Betting thread

    was just about to take that last one. beat by 30 seconds
  4. Budget Breeding / Comps & Breeders sale

    i might be able to drop 30k from price but thats about it. can do this. will do volc and mamo first kabutops add 30k for gender and fossil ------------------ still taking orders but will be a bit backed up with the orders i have now. up front payment puts you in front of the line. 1 up front payment per order.
  5. Breeding services are closed to be opened at a later date got a little busy so will be taking a break. comp and breeder sale everything is listed on GTL Flygon 27/28/28/29/27/31 naughty nature lvl.91 252atk 252 speed Ferroseed 29/29/29/11/28/0 relaxed nature/ Lvl. 31 leech seed/spikes egg moves partial ev training. 252 HP 72 Def lileep 31/27/29/14/29/2 careful nature/ Lvl. 36 cure/recover egg moves 252 hp 252 spdef frislish 31/x/28/25/22/21 Bold nature/ Lvl. 32 partial EV training 252 hp 19 def pelipper 29/x/28/27/26/28 bold nature/ Lvl. 39 partial EV training 252 hp 84 def Arcanine 31/27/28/x/27/25 careful nature/ Lvl. 54 close combat/ morning sun egg moves 252 hp 252 spdef intimidate Ninetails 27/x/24/28/30/31 timid nature lvl.40 252 speed 252 sp atk Breeders male psyduck-water A/field 31/26/31/0/25/18 quirky nature Male diglet-field 28/28/21/x/25/x adamant male paras-bug/plant 26/x/24/25/26/31 timid nature female paras 31/x/x/31x/30 bold nature male paras 31/26/x/30/26/31 careful nature Male spinda-field/hummanoid 23/31/27/x/25/x jolly nature male slowpoke-monster/water A 27/29/27/28/31/25 hasty nature

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