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  1. Hello everyone. I would like to know when the missing Teselia pokemones sprites will be implemented? many thanks, im use google translate.
  2. Hello everyone, some doubts, I have 10 tapes on a pokemon and I can’t access that building, it’s disabled? and it’ll be up soon ? and regarding the mansion across the way, because I can’t access it? I use google translator.
  3. DOOM

    Better rare candy

    yes but it worked well with the topic of hyperprotein , if they were launched only at better events.
  4. DOOM

    Better rare candy

    hello everyone, I would like to suggest that you implement rare candies that rise from 5 levels and another from 10, as I based on the existence of hyper and super proteins and gives a little laziness levear , use the google translator, thank you very much.
  5. Where do you get it?
  6. Hello everyone, I would love the idea of adding jotho, I think that the red gyarados is not capturable as it was giratina and that after the league is given the option to travel to kanto and continue everything as before without changing anything and I hope that if later there is 6th generation we will not erase our progress. im use google translator.
  7. hello everyone, I was exploring by sinnoh and I came across that, someone knows what it could be?
  8. hi, how do I get the pink shape of burmy ? and where does victiny ?
  9. hello to all, the first bug that exists is when a horde appears in hoenn, the music is not played. second bug: are these missing objects, cannot be grasped : https://gyazo.com/35678a5ddd31c57830088f1c31b5d123 and https://gyazo.com/17b6f2c91f0e9488a4fdf51a98d3f1bd Both in MT. Crown, ty and use google translate.
  10. DOOM


    Hello everyone, a doubt, in which specific place of Mount Corona meeting out Arceus?
  11. you have to capture all sinnoh pokes (in green)?. sorry but no appears oak
  12. Hello everyone, a doubt that I have is as I pass that door (I already won the league). what else do I have to do?
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