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  1. DOOM


    Hello everyone, a doubt, in which specific place of Mount Corona meeting out Arceus?
  2. you have to capture all sinnoh pokes (in green)?. sorry but no appears oak
  3. Hello everyone, a doubt that I have is as I pass that door (I already won the league). what else do I have to do?
  4. hello, thank you very much for sinnoh region in advance, but I would like to have the dialogues in Spanish , as I do?
  5. Thank you so much!! for Sinnoh!!!
  6. While it has to be acknowledged that the staff does a very good job with each update released, I would also like to have more information, in this regard, to be kept informed to the community, im use google translate.
  7. I really want to play it and every day is more, but I hope and know that those things take time, you have to be patient, I use the Google translator.
  8. It’s true jeje, I still remember rhydon with Rock Blast.
  9. Who else remembers this time?, just look at the over used, :) how nostalgic, some pvp anecdote back then?
  10. I was recommended, I started playing and I liked it.
  11. DOOM

    Tutor Egg Moves

    No, he’d miss difficulty, it wouldn’t be funny.
  12. has not said anything yet. I hope that all. so we will have more possibilities in the tier Uber , sorry for my english.
  13. in the future you’ll have them all.
  14. DOOM

    New Server

    It is much easier to create another character and capture your own Pokemons adventure and not buy anything in the GTL
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