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  1. Thank you very much, I wanted to make sure that someone else was passed by to report it, but I’ll do it anyway.
  2. hello everyone, I am ready to do the rematch of all gyms and I find the problem that Aloe, does not give me revenge, some will say , maybe less than 18 hours ago you fought with her, but the truth is that not, actually more than 24 hours ago. thank you for your attention.
  3. I took all the time in the world to translate and read everything they have written, lots of valid arguments, but in my personal opinion, the game needs a change, it’s time for HAs.
  4. before the departure of Unova, there was a maintenance that lasted about 12 hours, remember?
  5. I’m looking forward to having my competitive zapdos. very anxious 🙂
  6. I am quite anxious with this theme of the event, now that the date is uncertain, I am afraid of not being able to attend because of my obligations.
  7. I’m really anxious, what will they bring us ? hopefully it will be the opening of the dungeons.
  8. The only ocarina that would be needed in the future would be Whirlpool, when johto is added.
  9. I imagine an ad that says : Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres are now capturing them.
  10. hello everyone, I have a question, I have no one to do the event with, can I do it with 2 different accounts on different devices? , I would like to know if that is legal to avoid unnecessary ban or punishment, thank you very much , sorry for my English.
  11. hello everyone, could someone tell me what was new in the terms and conditions at the beginning of the game ? thank you very much.
  12. Sorry to post it here, I didn’t find the bug report.
  13. hello everyone, I would like to report the following error, Brick Break in turns is neutral against skarmory and in others is super effective as we can observe in the combat chat, thank you very much and sorry for the bad translation into English. I use google translator.
  14. DOOM

    Little preview

    Hello everyone, I’ll be brief, it would be nice if we could access for now only the legendary birds and then in time the other legendary missing, I look forward to having my zapdos. ty
  15. Hello everyone, sorry for my ignorance on the subject, but I do not know the reason why white forest or dark city are not implemented, it would really be an easier access to route 15 , ty (google translate).
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