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  1. This question as already been answered by a member of Staff a few days ago. They want to keep as much unobtainable 4th gen Pokemon as possible for the release of Sinnoh.
  2. I hope to be wrong on this but in Twist Mountain all winter we can't go near the rock to evolve eevee right ? It's covered in snow if my memory is right =/
  3. Do you ever sleep between two great theme? I think this one will be permanent on my game
  4. Hello Luis, there is a topic already for this kind of suggestion right here :
  5. I think the title explain everything, what team did you use, plan to use or using right now to beat all gym and Elite 4 in Unova ? Maybe we will give ideas to new players. Mine is : Serperior - Conkeldurr - Kroododile - Sigilyph - Chandelure - Cryogonal Your turn :)
  6. Did anyone watched The Punisher yet?
  7. There is no point talking with you. You just see bad everywhere. Darkshade, TheChampionMike, Quakkz and myself tried to make you understand but you don't want to. I'll let others continue if they want but i'll stop here.
  8. Your argument has just no sense. If you checked Lucky Egg's prices months before the release, you knew that change on those eggs would happen, just like other players. The staff has way more things to do than using their position for maybe a few M$. And any site that covered the Unova storyline back in the day provide the info about the free lucky egg in B/W.
  9. Before saying something like this, make sure you have the right infos. The never wanted to copy an existing game. They want to improve it and do something else, something they think is better for us. Ok, goodbye then. Hf
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