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  1. Good evening, I have a question, what has happened to me is that I have long fights and in the end my rival does not give up, he just lets time run until he loses the fight for time and in the end they do not give me the points for the prizes, so my question is whether in the next update they will give points for the prizes so what happened that I just told you about?
  2. Hi very good, I wanted to recommend for future updates to add the multiple selection option, for what it is to release pokemon, since there are times that one goes on a massive hunt and you have to release the breders with bad IVs one by one and that is tedious .
  3. In the end, they never gave me a solution with my account, they just have me waiting, thanks !!
  4. Jordy


    I have problems, I do not receive any email with my password, when trying to recover my account
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