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  1. I could definitely try to make a rick roll theme.
  2. Great work, I only how to make things from comparing other people's themes to the default. Stealing 101.
  3. Fixed it finally. I'll admit I never do matchmaking so I never would've known about this. The Summary icons are a light blue now. They've been fixed now. If this is what you mean by title bar text, I've changed the name in the trainer card and the pokemon summary text to a light blue.
  4. Changed it to a much more visible light blue.
  5. It's very simple, but the details will remain unknown until you try out the theme. Download it here
  6. Updated as of 11/27/20. Battle Box got messed up with the update, but now it's fixed.
  7. I don't recall when or why pokeballs became un-hotkeyable, but I would like for the option to be back, although not as an actual hotkey usage. It's very useful for keeping track of how many pokeballs you have in your bag. As it is right now, if I accidentally unhotkey pokeballs, I wont be able to re-hotkey them(maybe there's a way by editing the profile config properties but that's pretty unreasonable). How I currently have it: Another change, would be updating the battle window to have a "last used item" shortcut. While this isn't specifically for pokeballs, we k
  8. Themes do not work on android to the best of my knowledge. As themes are not mods.
  9. Updated on June 7th 2020. Tell me if I missed anything.
  10. We could use a function to "favorite" or "lock" our pokemon so that we dont accidentally trade/release/breed them.
  11. Yes please. My memory is terrible, if someone gets a name change ill never remember who they are.
  12. 5. Results may differ from the live release of Sinnoh.
  13. Sinnoh (sweet scent only)horde results Sendoff Spring was as far as i got before the PTS ended. Assumptions made while gathering data: 1. There are no more than 2 hordes per area. 2. Wild pokemon spawn points requiring later hms in a route have the same pokemon as is normal for that area. (for example: the grass area you need rock climb for on route 213) 3. Areas with hordes of 1 are normal encounters aka not gonna bother. 4. Some hordes may have been missed due to limited time, especially with caves. 5. Results may differ from the live release of Sinnoh. Rou
  14. My hotkeys disappeared, visually speaking. they still work, but i cant see them. been flying around a lot, dont know what couldve change it.
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