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  1. Themes do not work on android to the best of my knowledge. As themes are not mods.
  2. Updated on June 7th 2020. Tell me if I missed anything.
  3. We could use a function to "favorite" or "lock" our pokemon so that we dont accidentally trade/release/breed them.
  4. Yes please. My memory is terrible, if someone gets a name change ill never remember who they are.
  5. 5. Results may differ from the live release of Sinnoh.
  6. Sinnoh (sweet scent only)horde results Sendoff Spring was as far as i got before the PTS ended. Assumptions made while gathering data: 1. There are no more than 2 hordes per area. 2. Wild pokemon spawn points requiring later hms in a route have the same pokemon as is normal for that area. (for example: the grass area you need rock climb for on route 213) 3. Areas with hordes of 1 are normal encounters aka not gonna bother. 4. Some hordes may have been missed due to limited time, especially with caves. 5. Results may differ from the live release of Sinnoh. Route 205--- grass - 3 bidoof grass - 3 buizel water north of eterna forest - 5 psyduck water south of eterna forest - 5 tentacool Route 206--- grass - 3 ponyta wayward cave--- upper floor aka right side - 3 bronzor lower floor aka left side - 3 gible lower floor aka left side - 3 bronzor Route 209--- grass - 3 bibarel grass - 3 ralts water - 5 psyduck fog tower - 3 zubat fog tower - 3 gastly Route 210- grass - 5 swablu tall grass - 3 ponyta water - 5 psyduck Route 211--- east grass - 5 machoke west grass - 3 bidoof Route 212--- water - 5 psyduck grass - 3 staraviap swamp grass - 3 shellos swamp grass - 3 quagsire swamp water - 5 wooper swamp water - 5 shellos Route 213--- grass - 3 shellos grass - 3 chatot water - 5 wingull water - 5 tentacool Route 214---- grass - 3 stunky water- 5 psyduck tall grass - 3 stunky Route 215--- grass - 3 staravia Route 216--- grass - 5 sneasel grass - 5 snover route 217--- grass - 5 snover grass - 5 swinub Route 218--- water - 5 tentacool grass - 5 floatzel Route 219--- water - 5 tentacool Route 220--- water - 5 tentacool Route 221--- water - 5 wingull grass - 5 gastrodon Valley Windworks--- hordes of 1. hordes of 3 start popping up on routes beyond this Twinleaf town--- 5 psyduck Oreburgh Gate--- 2nd level water - 5 zubats Eterna City--- water - 5 psyduck Eterna forest --- 3 budew 3 buneary Old chateau--- 3 gastly Fuego Ironworks--- grass - 5 luxio grass - 5 magmar water - 5 tentacool Sendoff Spring--- grass - 5 bibarel water - 5 golduck Trophy Garden--- grass - 3 pikachu Iron Island cave--- 5 geodude at the entrance 5 golem deeper down Ruin maniac cavern--- 3 geodude Mt coronet--- 1st room - 3 bronzor 1st room - 5 zubat 2nd room(fog) - 5 bronzor 2nd room(fog) water - 5 golbat 3rd room(exit to 216) - 5 golbat a lot more i didnt have time for... Verity lakefront--- water - 5 psyduck Valor lakefront--- 3 girafarig Acuity lakefront--- grass - 5 snover water - 5 psyduck
  7. My hotkeys disappeared, visually speaking. they still work, but i cant see them. been flying around a lot, dont know what couldve change it.
  8. Whenever i get roared, wild houndour, i get a system message that says "=== Serverside error has occurred. ===". whirlwind too
  9. Ty isnt moving while Sue is walking in a square, but then gets blocked by Ty. on route 209. theres also another couple on route 210, same issue.
  10. the game minimizes kinda when i save my settings. itll go to the top left corner, and just be a bar with the pokemmo icon, maximize, and close options. it may be due to me using two monitors.
  11. I'm all for it. Catching Zekrom satisfies the story purposes and adds it to the dex. No reason to force us to use it too, especially when its likely weaker than what we've already got. If it was an option to not use zekrom after catching it in the original games, then there is little reason to make us use zekrom in pokemmo. All we need is an option to decide whether or not we actually want to use zekrom after catching it. giving people an option is always good.
  12. We know that the current encounter counter has some issues, such as being a bit difficult to setup and counting multiple times for any battles you don't run from. It will also count non-wild encounters, but that's a minor issue in my opinion. I propose that pokemmo either makes its own encounter such that it only counts wild encounters, and properly. Or, change the layout so that it becomes much more friendly to the current encounter counter, such as making an hp colored icon appear in 3/4 different spots for the 1/2/3/5 encounter sizes possible and doesn't make them disappear unless the battle ends, to prevent multiple counts per encounter. Edit: after some constructive arguing in global, the maker of the encounter counter could also add a trigger that works with "show overworld in battle" turned off. The program could check for the black background pixels that occur during the start of a battle, queue up one encounter check, and then not count again until the background pixels are no longer black. add a small delay to prevent route change from triggering this and it should work to only count battles once. here's a link to the current encounter counter i mentioned.
  13. Does anyone know why "technique" cant be put into a pokemon's nickname? is it something to do with another language?
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