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  1. Can't use fly on route 204. no clue why, unsure if there are other routes like this.
  2. you can type "/unstuck" in chat to go back to the first town and leave the gym
  3. The rafts in the water gym dont match what you see sometimes, and if i had to guess its due to other players setting off switches. While you dont see the water level change, the rafts do stop working/work when they shouldnt every now and then, and ive noticed that its worse with other players in the gym.
  4. http://prntscr.com/okn939 cant do anything to get out of this
  5. Does anyone know why "technique" cant be put into a pokemon's nickname? is it something to do with another language?
  6. Premier balls were at 500k before halloween, and about 50k before we lost access to getting more. Your example is a poor example of supply/demand/consumable, since premier balls are a low(until halloween) supply, moderately decent demand and demand is constant since it's consumable. With shinies its low supply low demand and not consumable unless shiny breeding, so its a one and done thing which leads to prices dropping a lot due to high supply(relative) and low demand without any sustainable demand.
  7. I'd guess higher chances at the cosmetics.
  8. I managed to fix the second part, it turns white when you hover over it and whats selected. if you prefer a different order i can prob change it.
  9. link. should be able to right click and download
  10. There's good and bad without a trade filter. The good is the ease of saying whatever and not dealing with the little things trade filter stops like "roselia", "vendor" etc due to a few letters, but the bad is that nothing mildly stops people from spamming the chats with trade stuff. I'd propose an alternative where a message(something that can't be ignored like system stuff) is sent to the person if trade filter picks up something along the lines of "please go to trade chat for {message}" but still allow the message to go through to other chats. Then noobs can't argue that because there isn't enforcement, it's allowed.
  11. This is primarily aimed at alomomola, since I don't know of other phenomena only pokemon besides audino, which has a relatively large number of phenos it can be found. I am not counting phenomena pokemon such as excadrill or weavile since there are other ways to get them. Kyu's changelog at march 6th says the phenos have been made more common, but there are no numbers to show what the rates are, and people have been pretty quiet when it comes to phenomena. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Here are the spots listed for alomomola ---------------------------------------------------------------------- One of the issues is that relic castle doesn't have water, so a water phenomena can't exist in relic castle. Another is that compared to all the water phenomena possible, alomomola is only possible at 5 of them. Routes 17.18, and P2 lab are right next to each other which seems nice, but they are rather far and odds are pretty low either ways. Based on the one alomomola in gtl at the time, and the one I actually caught while making this post, only route 18 and driftveil can be confirmed with solid proof. This makes hunting alomomola a matter of extreme luck, since you have to hope that whatever pheno does appear is in those specific spots, at whatever rates phenomena do appear. Iirc, there are 150 spots, so that means you've got a 5/150(3.33%) chance of getting a pheno with alomomola, and that would be a single pheno in unova every 15-30min(or whatever the newer rates are). I'm ok with having phenomena pokemon, but there should be a more reliable way of finding them than a 3.33% chance whenever a phenomena appears. Another minor issue is that routes 17,18,p2 lab, and 4 are a little far from PCs, so if someone does find the phenomena, others may miss out pretty easily. I propose that the phenomena only pokemon, mostly, alomomola, gets a rare fishing spot far from the a PC like p2 lab, so that people don't have to wait for unreliable phenos for pokemon.
  12. So, someone in global was asking if the old rod was broken, so I decided to try a few(like 5) times where they were trying, route 117. Nothing. So I tested in a couple more areas, sootopolis, route 103, petalburg, and lilycove. Nothing. Granted, I only tried around 5 times in each location, but odds are something should've popped up somewhere. My sample size is pretty small though , so I was wondering if anyone else was able to spawn pokemon with the old rod in Hoenn?
  13. It is updated and 100% works at the date that i posted this
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