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  1. Completely agree, please let us get an official encounter counter. I appreciate the unofficial made one, but it just bugs out so much and feels so clumpy to use.
  2. They are not implemented due to copyright laws, just as the music for the game sounds distorted because it is protected by copyright. (99% sure)
  3. I think this was pretty expected pokeyen would go wacky due to the update, but after some time it should stabilize again.
  4. Oh my goodness your art looks beautiful! I would love a Display Icon The only difference I would like for my display icon: The baseball cap cuts my hair off, and I wanted it to be like shoulder length red hair, if you could keep my baseball hat on but add the hair in your art to my shoulders I'd appreciate it so much I went ahead and already sent you the 250k thanks so much!
  5. Only concern is I've heard people are having trouble with full lvl 100 teams beating the rematch e4's, I guess I'll have to try it myself eventually.
  6. Gotta get that dog training muzzle for her
  7. Petalia


    I love the new seasons effect on the world it looks beautiful. Plus more grass types to use is always amazing, love simisage :)
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