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  1. Well yeah that's one of the loopholes... But it would still be more accessible to the more casual players than full comp
  2. I think to motivate the more casual players to play online, there could be a casual matchmaking in which (it feels weird to say this...) comp mons would be banned Basically it would be a mode where people with 1x31 or 2x31 IV pokemon could battle I mean all we would have to do is put a kind of "battle value" which is calculated from some stats of the pokemon, for example IVs and EVs, and which would make it possible to spot it as a comp mon I mean I don't have the details, and also I haven't thought much about the loopholes of this idea, but I think instead of pushing everyone to go comp we could let them have fun online but have them stay casual
  3. At the end of his hypothetical second term, Bestfriends will take the power by force and become Napoleon IV of PokeMMO... This is fate I believe...
  4. Been having the same problem since a damn week and no one could give me an answer Can't fish anything with the HOENN rod in HOENN
  5. I always used starter and HM slaves when I was younger, but now, I always take some time to have an even leveled team of 5 and well... still an HM slave ahahah
  6. The only problem I had with the update is just bad luck and the mods explained it to me so I don't actually sh*t on it anymore All the "bad" changes have reasons, and are actually for the greater good, and the mods are actually very present on the forum to explain the changes to anyone, which I highly respect Props to you guys!
  7. Joey Starr: The rapper pokemon Well hopefully the mods will see this, if it's a problem with the item then they'll probably fix it If it's intended well... I don't know then ahah
  8. Hello! So basically, I have the "hood" item (or whatever it's called in english) in yellow but in battle it appears in white Do I have to rebuy it or is it just that colour changes aren't supported on this item? Thanks!
  9. While it is possible to overcome this change, I still get why he's pissed. Getting your routine changed like that is pretty annoying +1 on the decrease on prices too, obviously, if people want their stuff sold, they'll adapt. Of course you'll have the illusion of being poorer but really, when people'll have adapted to the changes, it'll be the same basically
  10. Well my girlfriend is pretty pissed about tis, so I told her "let's go in Unova and when we'll have lvl 25 pokemon there we'll come back and beat the gym in hoenn with them" So yeah, let's deal with it ahah But thanks for the fast reply!
  11. So yeah I started Hoenn, and as I didn't encounter any pokemon I wanted in my team, I just used my starter, and got it to level 30 before the electric gym And now well It keeps killing itself Basically, I'm wasting time and exp on my HMslave because he kills himself over and over again Is it a nescessary sacrifice, or will we get a fix for this?
  12. Okay, well I've just been unlucky then I guess? I mean it works in Kanto but Hoenn... Maybe the problem is because I have the B/W rom in french for te "d" Thanks a lot for the response!
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