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  1. Anyone know if this has any value Solosis ivs HP3 atk1 def5 sp atk7 sp def4 speed5 nature relaxed
  2. so tried the x5 maril thing it did not work
  3. When you just want to finish your comps
  4. I don't see why people worry about the complainers they just do the story and leave who cares
  5. I cant seem to put my Hats on gtl is this a bug?
  6. thank you for the replies i found the 5 5's funny so didn't know if there was a collector out there for it
  7. how much would a ralts be worth if it had ivs-19,5,5,5,5,5 nature rash, wild catch
  8. Such a hard question probably tyrantrum.
  9. That makes sense to me I look forward to seeing it thank you for the reply
  10. Why are they gonna nerf lucky eggs? unless they will now work with exp share?
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