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  1. I will next time. Thank you
  2. I would love to see some sort of team hideout or club house for all the people that are a part of a team, where we can all hang out. This could maybe open up for quests, jobs, events and even money making opportunities. Examples of quests: Bring an npc some Chesto Berries or bring some guy a Doduo. And for the jobs. i'm thinking maybe we could get to be a part of silph co. and sell products to some npcs.(this will make people explore the map even more to look for npcs in every corner of the map) Or make pokeballs from apricorns for people to buy. Just trying to be creative to give this game even more for people to enjoy.
  3. I worded that completely wrong. I meant that the price will increase after the event, and that's when you would want to sell them.
  4. Investing in ongoing events will cause you to sell the items when the price increases after the event. I'm aware
  5. Purely from just payday method, that amount is ok. I would like something that could reward the players that play alot(every day), maybe daily quests or even having a job, like silph co. or something like that. Maybe 100k/hour is a solid amount to make considering this is post game, and the time to breed comps and battle other people than the npcs. Is this the answer you are looking for?
  6. You do really feel the urge to continue this discussion even when i have made my point. This suggestion is not for you. It's for the ones who can do anything about it. Have me ecxused, i'm gonna go finish the gyms. I have a good 10 hours of payday method ahead :^)
  7. I answered your question dude. I stated that the payday method is ok per hour. And if you scroll aaaaall the way to the top, you'll se how much that is. Read before you comment.
  8. I'm not new. But i see that some of the guys calling me "new", started in 2017. Some people.
  9. I have played this since 2012. I had a profile with the name of Kripe. Are you really just here because you feel the need to argue? :^) Why don't you go breed your comps, make your money and stop vandalising this post with your empty arguments.
  10. I still don't understand what you have a problem with.
  11. For the payday method, i would say that the amount is ok. If that amount was higher, then everyone would just be there grinding for money all day lol. But i still think the daily quests/jobs, could work and give us some variety. That's not evidence enough. Bold statement once again.
  12. How do you know i'm not battling the gyms every day and putting in the effort? I am good for way more than 13m, ulike someone else i know.
  13. Seems to me like you are the one crying over my suggestion. You are responsable for EVERYTHING you say and do on the internet. You were way too aggressive, and now that we are pointing that out, you act like nothing happened. For the last time, let's move on or take it privately from now on.
  14. THIS. I don't see the need for any aggressiveness on this post what so ever. The intention was to give my ideas and help the game out. There are no reason to be offended by this as i didn't target anyone or tried to offend anyone.
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