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  1. AkileshX

    shaking grass

    thanks a lot @MightyBoxer, this really helped me
  2. AkileshX

    shaking grass

    Can someone screenshot me a shaking grass if you find one in pokemmo ?? Been searching for hours :(
  3. AkileshX

    Thank you

    A big thanks for the long awaited update. Huge hugs for all the people behind this . Thanks for letting my baby turtle breedable :)
  4. AkileshX

    Fossil Updates

    So I have to clear out a few things regarding the fossil update. - Can we start obtaining carracosta and archeops fossils ?? -Are they obtainable in the phenomenon/fossil farming
  5. AkileshX

    Update Discussion thread 27/2/18

    Just a doubt about the fossils, so can we now obtain the archeops and carracosta fossils from fossils farming ???
  6. AkileshX

    Akshit's Asylum [Comps]

    8, 24 & 43 please :3 @Akshit
  7. AkileshX

    League Luxray too op

    Wish i could own a luxaray <3
  8. AkileshX

    The reasons why this game failed are as follows.

    The reason why you're dumb are as follows : 1. Breeding is fair else breeding will become easy . Thats the purpose of the mmo to make u grind for stuff a.k.a. work hard to earn your reward not slack off with one catch and breed multiple times. 2. The second point you mentioned is totally meaningless and pointless like a blunt sword. Stability should be maintained . It would be unfair to give higher rewards to rich and lower rewards to poor . My solution for you : 1. Stop whining . 2. Compliment the hardwork the devs put it and the fact they are giving it to you for free . 3. Git Gud 4. Start grinding and hope the rng gods bless you . Have a nice day :)
  9. AkileshX

    PVP playstyle

    TGIF , lets have some fun people ...
  10. AkileshX

    List of working moves and abilities

    thanks a lot , please close the query .
  11. Hello all, Just wanted to know if anyone can help me out with the list of working abilities and moves . Thanks a lot .
  12. AkileshX

    Hidden Power Type

    @Chjul19 ok then how am i supposed to breed one with HP ??? should i teach it Hp and then breed ???
  13. AkileshX

    Hidden Power Type

    Thanks a Lot !!!
  14. AkileshX

    Hidden Power Type

    Where can i obtain Hidden power , and how do i change the type ? Fairly new here . Thanks.
  15. AkileshX

    Akshit's Asylum [Comps]

    @Akshit Amazing EV training speed, this guy is crazy . 10/10 trustworthy and cheap but quality services. Very helpful !!!

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