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  1. But in heonn i got 7 badges lol
  2. I just from unova get back to heonn and in heonn i got 7 badge and i can't control over level 48's pokemon. Can someone give me some answer ?
  3. How to get back heonn from unova

    Thanks dude it's help alot
  4. Guys can u all tell me the way to get back heonn ?
  5. Seafloor Cavern

    Mossdeep‘s where? But now i am stuck in unova how can i go back to heonn
  6. Seafloor Cavern

    Hmm i got a free pokemon from others that got dive btw where is steven house lol
  7. Seafloor Cavern

    I cant even go in the cave how can i find kyogre?
  8. Seafloor Cavern

    I have defeat team magma in space station but at the seafloor cavern team aqua's grunts didn't leave How to let the team aqua's grunts leave ?
  9. Where to download black/white's Roms

    Sigh one of the way is buy the roms ? not from google instead of buying it ? Why don't u buy it for me ?
  10. Where to download black/white's Roms

    I am confirm i am doing it wrongly cause i dont know what should i download.... download the zip or roms directly
  11. Where to download black/white's Roms

    Its really hard tho i download 10 of them but 10 of them cant use
  12. Where to download black/white's Roms

    How to find *sigh* It have thousand of website half of the website got virus sial
  13. Where to download black/white's Roms

    Why they can tell me the direct link ? Could u tell me how to search it ?
  14. I can't found any black/white roms from google. Who can give me a direct link to download it

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