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    [PSL X] Player Registration

    IGN : DarkQuiler Timezone: GMT+1 Fluff: Preferred Tiers: PokeMMO Ou, Uu ;I can also play DPP Ou and SM Ou Most/Least Preferred Manager: Idk, although a Spanish-speaking manager would be ideal.
  2. DarkQuilerr

    HDLM League

    IGN: DarkQuiler
  3. DarkQuilerr


    Planta Fuego // Grass Fire Reglas / Rules 6 vs 6 Invididual (Singles) Ban Tentacruel
  4. DarkQuilerr


    GYMS ELEGIBLES // ELIJA GIMNASIOS: 1. Fuego Planta // Fire Grass ----> Ban: Tentacruel ----> DarkQuilerr 2. Fantasma Siniestro // Ghost Dark ------> Ban: Lucario ----> MaKx 3. Psiquico Hielo // Ice Psychc -----> Ban: Heracross ----> VadimEmpoleon (UnderUsed uu) 4. Agua Bicho // Water Bug ------> No Ban -----> RealDevilLegend (Dobles-Dobles) 5. Lucha Dragon // Fight Dragon -----> Ban: Mamoswine -----> NavetasReus 6. Acero Veneno // Steel Poison ----> Ban: Magnezone o evos (IMAN // MAGNET) 7. El├ęctrico Volador // Flying Electric ----> Ban: Conkeldurr -----> Aspacee 8. Roca Tierra // Rock Ground ----> Ban: Ferrothorn -----> TrapFicante 9. Normal // Normal ---> Ban: Conkeldurr ----> Boostedani
  5. Todas las Mts se pueden comprar en Ruta 9 en el centro comercial. // All the Mts can be bought in route 9 in the store.
  6. DarkQuilerr


    Shiny stone and Rare candy --> Pickup in route 12 Magmarizer --> Equipped in Magmar Electirizer --> Equipped in Electabuzz Reaper cloth --> Equipped in Duskull Everstone --> Pickup in Mistralton Cave, Equipped in Geodude/Graveler and Equipped Roggenrola Dusk stone --> Equipped in Litwick Dawn Stone --> Dreamyard and Berry Forest Protector --> Equipped in Rhydon Shiny Stone --> Equipped in Roselia and Desert Resort Charcoal --> Equipped in Torkoal Sharp Beak --> Horde Encounter in Bird-Type Never-Melt --> Equipped in Piloswine Silver Powder --> Pickup in Pattern Bush Heart Scale --> Ever Grande City fishing with super-rod Metal Coat --> Equipped in Skarmory, Equipped in Beldum and Abundant Shrine pickup Black Belt --> Equipped in Machop and pickup in Indigo Plateau and Cerulean Cave Silk Scarf --> Pickup in Altering Cave Blue part --> Equipped in Clamperl Green part --> Equipped in Relicanth Red part --> Equipped in Corsola Yellow part --> Equipped in Chinchou and Lanturn Leftovers --> Pickup in Berry Forest

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