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  1. It´s funny that players complained about clampler or roserade but the only bans that we got were arena trap and garchomp. Casually both idea were from Gbwead and the rest TC? they decide or do what Gbwead wants.... (That happend when we have a TC who doesn´t play) Just put LC matchmaking and fix NU and LC ( maybe if you hear people complaints we will have a better game)
  2. Clampler is easy to stop, you only need to use 2 poke but depends on his set maybe you will lose 1 xd. but arena trap was the problem #FreeDiglet #FreeTrapinch #BanTrubish&Bronzor
  3. Ban hidden abilities (I come from the future)
  4. I think you can ban clampler , cranidos, mienfo and maybe diglet and then LC will be playable again. GL in that mission guys
  5. i think its a joke test ban diglet meanwhile deep sea tooth with clampler and baton pass that are the real problem of lc....
  6. I think LC its simple just ban baton pass and deep sea tooth and the tier is balanced. But diglet is the problem.... :)
  7. https://gyazo.com/eb0a68d11955189d673efa32aa2be7ae kamimiii when u want a duel just tell me bro :)
  8. In/game name: Navetas Country: Spain Tiers signed up for : LC and NU
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