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  1. / Unofficial / Vanity rares existence.

    I do not know and I'm not interested. because they deserve it ^^.
  2. / Unofficial / Vanity rares existence.

    Already added Thank you
  3. / Unofficial / Vanity rares existence.

    Thanks Gilan for info :x
  4. / Unofficial / Vanity rares existence.

    If someone has a single capture of the hat. I would appreciate it I felt it was a translation error. I still practice English. sorry *
  5. / Unofficial / Vanity rares existence.

    esa gorra es vanidad de gm? . That hat is a GM vanity?
  6. Estado: muy raro Nombre: Desu Labcoat Color. Vanidad: Limitada Estado: Raro Nombre: tormenta eléctrica vanidad: limitada Estado: muy raro Nombre: Ban Hammer Vanidad: solo para gm / ex Estado: solo un nombre: Sombrero Squirtle Vanidad: de squirtle Estado: solo uno Nombre: Sombrero de fiesta Vanidad: raro Estado: raro Nombre: Casco de Caballero Vanidad: Limitada Estado: muy raro Nombre: Sombrero de rana Vanidad: solo personal Puedes ayudarme a completarlo. La forma ideal de hacerlo es tomar una captura y poner los datos del artículo. Gracias English Translation:
  7. Bad Lucky

    But. what is the possibility that this close to where the shiny ?. 2 times in a week
  8. Bad Lucky

    It is definitely bad luck. It has happened to me before. It is unpleasant I do not wish it to anyone.
  9. Bad Lucky

    Hi guys. I want to tell you something that is happening to me lately. I've been catching 1x31 pokemons. and the last week. 2 people who were winged mine came a shiny wild. (ditto.machoke). I just want you to tell me if something similar has happened to you. I do not want to generate more discussions. I have bad luck.
  10. Blizzard Shop.

    (Crobat ot XxTRUENOxX)
  11. Blizzard Shop.

    Sell breed Chaos 2x31 . 40k
  12. Vanity Item Suggestions

    piñata head,
  13. Vanity Item Suggestions

    It is a bug but it looks great.

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