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  1. I have to send the money to "SABITHSAN" or to "SABITHASAN"?
  2. My nick in game: AdrixxHD My favorites Pokémon: Missing Pokémon of Staff Members: Bearminator - Cubchoo TheChampionMike - Gengar SneakyTeddi - Metagross Raichuforyou- Blaziken Gilan- Heracross DemonicDax- Bulbasaur SecretDjinn- Snorlax Rache- Beedrill-Mega Lezenor- Toxicroak Linfanz- Pidgeot Matoka- Tyranitar Edniss- Blastoise
  3. This is my little suggest :3 : "You will never reach the truth" Name: Golden Suit - Item slot: Top Name: Golden Hood - Item slot: Hat
  4. Name: Cyber Suit - Name: Cyber Visor Item slot: Top - Item slot: Eyes ----=Customizable Color=---- Example:
  5. Name: Dark Fox costume Type: top Name: Dark Fox hood Type: hat
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