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  1. Recox

    Okay Kyu, the final question, those of us who do not have OpenGl 2.0, will we just forget about PokeMMO?

  2. Hello!, well I was looking at different forums about the opengl and apparently there is no way to update to 2.0, you can install all the drivers you want but if it is not 2.0 you can not do anything, is there any way to play without the opnegl 2.0?

    1. notmudkip0


      It's not likely to happen. If your chipset can't support 2.0, you can't do anything about that besides upgrading your hardware.

      I'm not a developer, though, so my answer might not be perfect.

    2. Recox


      meh, I'll contact a mod, thanks also


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