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  1. i understand, i felt that bombing it into one post was better then dividing these ideas since they are focused towards the same thing (Links). i guess next time il go with " hi i would like to be able to follow someone, when i right click him and see him on the map when together in a link." saves me alot of time aswell xD.
  2. When Zoroark disguises himself as another pokemon, would moves that are super effective against it still show this in the opponents moveset? aka, would you see that for Close Combat is sup effective when i disguised as a psychic type for example
  3. Nibero


    how u mean summary and everything? i would totally dislike that :O , let me stay mysterious ahh ok
  4. Nibero


    il make him a altar and everything, il even sacrifice a couple of uguus , please freeze my plants @Desu i logged in 3 min before update hit, i didnt even stand a chance :P edit: forgive my selfishness, also freeze everyone elses xDD
  5. Nibero


    wait ur saying i might lose my harvest over this? i actually came online to harvest :') , Devs expect a angry letter cuz i filled every goddamn plantspot in the game
  6. not really abuse, i see many games where the same item can be sold multiple times for custom prices, i used this myself in other games for market manipulation but as OP says one men army wont hold out, id say the more dangerous one is someone buying everything and raising the price on it, wich is a double edged sword on its own lol.
  7. Nibero


    its a trap! dont go outside i tried it and its NOT a drug
  8. Nibero


    i need rehab untill its back online
  9. i wonder whats wrong with this post since nobody supported it or whatever, has it already been suggested or am i simply surrounded with tournament junkies ? whats going on :O
  10. Nibero

    Sell Pants pls

    not to mention shoes, im doomed with purple shoes and forced to wear decent tops to cover it up :'(
  11. I had some ideas to improve the Link up with other players, il list them for simplicity - Follow Function (<-- should also work when NOT linked up) When you right click a player you can choose Follow as a option. (old post:) (old post:) il be copy pasting from old post alot but i also had 2 settings in mind that would be usefull Setting1: Enable/Disable Follow (Default: Enabled) (Enables or disables the follow function for others, so unwanted people cannot follow you, has no effect on you being able to follow someone else!) Autospec Setting2: Enable/Disable Auto Spectate (Default: Disabled) ( When your Follow target enters battle you automaticly enter in spectate mode, cool for friends traveling/playing together) Things to mind: 1. when a player follows another player, he will not be able to follow after usage of surf , strenght , waterfall fly u name it, i was going to say it would be nice if HM usage was also linked when in a "Link" but i believe this would promote afking, and it could be exploited in the story line. (example: player A uses cut on tree and while linked player B sees the tree dissappear also, same with strenght) <-- what i ment 2. when a player who is following another player enters battle, the battle cancels the follow function. 3. when a player who is BEING followed jumps on his bike, it should not break the follow function untill a certain distance ( out of view maybe?) 4. Battle requests and Trade requests should not break your follow function, with a small exception of battle request canceling follow function if the battle is accepted (see point 2) 5. when switching map the follow function should not break, tho due to connection speed i anticipate that it could be unstable , so once again if out of visual range follow should stop. otherwise it should use pathtracing to get back behind the follow target. - Enable Double Battles to be 2vs2 First to clarify i have no idea if this is actually already implemented with certain rules attached because in the Xmas event we was able to do 2vs2 while close enough to eachother, but this concept would be cool if it also worked that way in the 3 regions when a player engages in a double battle. Offcourse if a endgame player teams up with a lower level player it would be a way for friends to help eachother out, i believe this is called powerleveling wich many MMO's have so its not a bad thing in my opinion, on top of that the ammount of double battle trainers is low as hell, fun for people playing together tho, it promotes team play a little bit. things to mind: cannot use this on wild hordes the ability to catch a mon would create a problem when there is 2 trainers and 1 shiny. and even when auto spectate is on it should draw the closest linkpartner in for the battle. ( optionally make a 3th setting to enable/disable 2vs2, wich should overrule the auto spec setting). (Default setting: Enabled) oh! also i believe a gym or two is also a double battle, i believe it should not work on gyms because this could be exploited. - See eachother on the map! ( big one for me) It would be really handy if you could link up and have it behave like how a party behaves, including map visibility of eachothers location. Considering the android users and how the chat isnt very flexible ( ex: you cannot see chat instantly and u can easily miss the fact u got a pm by being distracted with ingame content) it would be super super nice to have this. ex: u see the heads of your link partners in the town map as wich town or route they are on (empty if your in a different channel for some reason) things that crossed my mind and didnt make it: - while linked can see eachothers base (no real functionality, and is already a friends feature) - HM usage linked ( story line can be broken and exploited with this) If somehow a system would be in place to check if the player has the right to use the HM yes or no based on their badges in current region, then this would be possible but i dont want to suggest something that sounds like alot of work to the dev team. If anyone has a idea to add please dont be shy. I saw link got improved lately and i was like , Why stop there? dont forget to upvote if you support this idea
  12. this works indeed, u can give a man a fish and feed it for a day or you teach the man how to fish and he can catch his own fish. as for the level gaps, i also see this happening, but i dare to call these people lazy to train, because i had no issues myself, all u need is a pitstop now and then to level
  13. Its really a pain in the butt when im on a strange computer/tablet or even my other computer/laptops, and i just have to guess wich box is what, especially after i decided to make a complicated way of storing egg group pokemon 31's in their respectfull statslot, (using 7 boxes for all groups lal), so is it possible this can get saved globally? i mean when i nickname my pokemon everyone gets to see it whenever whereever, in that logic it should be possible to do this to players their boxnames right? im probably one of those loners with this problem but ploxplox make it better when u have spare time dev! :(
  14. ah yeh thanks i forgot that part, this is how i store my 31's actually xD, thanks for adding
  15. Ellow, this my first time ever trying to make a guide so bare with me. Bassicly ive noticed that some people get brain damage during breeding so for those who recognize themself, this guide is for you. bassicly all you need is a empty box voila now you place the males and females on top of eachother. like this Now make sure that the males and females are in the right order, by this i mean make sure that they are pairs, partners etc. ^- this is the only part where your brains are required, make a upside down tournament tree or whatever helps you to calculate how to breed, after you done that the rest will be automatic pilot. after breeding a pair put the baby back in its respective male or female slot. you should end up with something like this now all you will have to do is slide them all to the left till they all have a partner again example below: after doing this you end up with everything should be perfectly in place now and you can blindly repeat the breeding. note: you should be aware of wich braces to use and when to use everstone. but the rest is a no brainer now. EDIT: I used 10 slots for the example, but you can simply use more by using the other 4 rows in the same manner. for 6x31 keep 2 boxes free so you can put the last 4 poke in the next box. A way to store 31's caught ( Credit goes to: Crimar )
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