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  1. exactly , im not re-breeding everything i have, at that point id probably get burned out, still what im mostly wondering about is , IF i can see these abilities functioning inside the battle frontier, WHY do we not have access to them? , its already ingame 0.0 , i admit im not fully up to date with dev reasoning but im sure as hell curious about the reasoning on that one... economy wise, i wouldnt mind if such a item costed 500 RP. , i would actually buy that and since 500RP coupons are a thing its grindable by others too who learned the art of making pokedollars
  2. will i be able to use a ability pill to get the hidden ability of a pokemon? i just bred a dragonite to find out Multiscale is a HA and i was pretty dissapointed, so im wondering if it is implemented if i will be able to get it on the currently existing dragonite i have, or if i have to start all over from scratch? ( spend a good 2 weeks fishing and harvesting leppa's to raise the funds + 31's i need) if i have to start over from scratch then i can at least sell the dragonite i currently build and use that money to fund it in the future, but it would sure as hell be nice if th
  3. -.- in any game party members are displayed on your map , i simply wanted that here too, to see where someone is what they might be doing without asking them, i like to spy on my link members
  4. title says it all i would like to be able to see my party members when linked up on the actual world map / town map if i happen to be in the same region Hail Kyu!
  5. i understand, i felt that bombing it into one post was better then dividing these ideas since they are focused towards the same thing (Links). i guess next time il go with " hi i would like to be able to follow someone, when i right click him and see him on the map when together in a link." saves me alot of time aswell xD.
  6. When Zoroark disguises himself as another pokemon, would moves that are super effective against it still show this in the opponents moveset? aka, would you see that for Close Combat is sup effective when i disguised as a psychic type for example
  7. how u mean summary and everything? i would totally dislike that :O , let me stay mysterious ahh ok
  8. il make him a altar and everything, il even sacrifice a couple of uguus , please freeze my plants @Desu i logged in 3 min before update hit, i didnt even stand a chance :P edit: forgive my selfishness, also freeze everyone elses xDD
  9. wait ur saying i might lose my harvest over this? i actually came online to harvest :') , Devs expect a angry letter cuz i filled every goddamn plantspot in the game
  10. not really abuse, i see many games where the same item can be sold multiple times for custom prices, i used this myself in other games for market manipulation but as OP says one men army wont hold out, id say the more dangerous one is someone buying everything and raising the price on it, wich is a double edged sword on its own lol.
  11. its a trap! dont go outside i tried it and its NOT a drug
  12. i need rehab untill its back online
  13. i wonder whats wrong with this post since nobody supported it or whatever, has it already been suggested or am i simply surrounded with tournament junkies ? whats going on :O
  14. not to mention shoes, im doomed with purple shoes and forced to wear decent tops to cover it up :'(
  15. I had some ideas to improve the Link up with other players, il list them for simplicity - Follow Function (<-- should also work when NOT linked up) When you right click a player you can choose Follow as a option. (old post:) (old post:) il be copy pasting from old post alot but i also had 2 settings in mind that would be usefull Setting1: Enable/Disable Follow (Default: Enabled) (Enables or disables the follow function for others, so unwanted people cannot follow you, has no effect on you being able to follow someone else!) Au
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