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  1. Added a mobile dex for people who might be intrested in it after seeing the pokedex function in the spreadsheet, it has the same info just more compact. Link for mini-pokedex: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1hicQxwVi0kwRlNCu9A8YCxyvwQYJ8_cJjdArTSmmMBA/edit?usp=sharing
  2. added a little pokedex to it ( this was more for personal use as i always end up looking for a poke's base stats if i cant tell from memory), it bassicly gives u all essential basic information u need during a battle.
  3. Added a quick tutorial video on how to save a lot of money on natured breeding to the spreadsheet.
  4. Changelog: Updated to 1.2.2 QOL Upgrade: Managed to link the catch helper to the blood line chart, now if u flip a switch on the catch helper the blood line chart will read it and register the change. (Before u had to flip a switch in the catch helper and if u had switched the gender too it could still be complicated to copy those changes to the blood line chart manually, so now while in the "catching 31's" state of your breed, the bloodline chart will read the catch helper and make actions depending on how many 31's are used. ( in short it copies the catch helper correctly) Hard reset added: Due to the bloodline chart now reading the catch helper, and it breaks when you interact with it, wich is okay. as those formulas are only usefull based on how many 31's you are using. and the ones u dont need will break. However this created a issue, IF interacted with the bloodline chart and then generating new IV's the bloodline chart will be partly broken and wont read the catch helper correctly. Thats why i added a reset button, so if u wanna make changes AFTER flipping switches in the bloodline chart you should do a hard reset.
  5. Let me know if there is something your missing or would love to see added that would help towards that, as my goal is also to make it easier to visualise for people, as it can be overwhelming for beginning trainers/breeders, currently the only hard wall problem i ran into is the 31 - 0 issue and that i can only break down the stats automaticly using those 2 numbers, wich is a problem obviously as u would have to enter a 31 stat, and constantly substitute it in your mind. But i do think this spreadsheet would almost be considered a hack once the damage calculators are up and running, as it will show you exactly wich pokemon on your team hits the hardest, tanks that pokemon's move the best, and how much EV's u need to a oneshot against a particular pokemon. And offcourse i wont give up on fixing that 31-0 problem. I also updated it today with a Financial Assist Panel, this will show you exactly how much making them is gonna cost you, and for how much you can sell them reasonably speaking. ( offcourse gtl changes overtime so the data will be accurate for about a day or so, tho the changes are never that drastic so its give or take.)
  6. Added Financial Assist to display the following: - Cost of the pokemon you breed and a small break down on how much everything costs seperately. - Recommended prices if you are into selling pokemon you breed.
  7. 1.2 got upgraded to 1.2.1 as its now completely automatic! before u know it, it will play the game for you... Changes: - Database information (Egg groups Hold Items and Abilities) Bassicly all this means is now u can flip switches on abilities or wich egg group you wish to use, instead of figuring out what is what and entering it manually. In short a tiny QOL upgrade. - Guides on how to breed and the best EV training locations, are now located in the Breed Helper on the left hand side of the spreadsheet below the "Catch Helper". Kinda says it all. - Help Page Added The help page explains how to use/unlock the spreadsheet, it also contains the tutorial section found on the main panel, a link to another breeding guide, and a chart showing my breeding style in PokeMMO. - Cleaned up all the tabs at the bottom of the spreadsheet Instead of a endless line of sheets with calculations, i decided to hide them ( you can still view them if you check hidden sheets incase your curious how the bells and whistles work). Now by default you will only see Sheets that are completed and working as intended. Plans: - add a Damage calculator as well as a complete breakdown off all the damage statistics, you will be able to enter a pokemon and its moveset, and a target pokemon with a moveset. you will be able to run simulations on your breeds and finetune their EV's accordingly. (i have never tried this before so should be fun). - add a Whocan? panel. in this panel you will be able to enter your entire party (IV's EV's Hold Item & Moveset), you will be able to select a target, and you will get information on wich pokemon can K.O. it and wich pokemon can Tank against it most efficiently. - Finding a way to remove the 31 stat only restriction on the IV's. currently the calculator does not know what to do if the number is not 0 or 31. Final note: I was planning to automate egg moves as well but i have no idea how to approach that. So if any of you is good with spreadsheets and has a fancy way of achieving that ( Or simply a good logical solution that can be transfered into math). then please leave a reply with your "approach" . Will give credits in the spreadsheet to the person who's idea leads to the solution.
  8. Catch Helper now functional on the automated 1.2 version. It will automaticly generate the 1x31's u need to collect, after generating the Blood Line Chart. All you need to do is fill in IV's EV's Nature and what Moveset you wish to have, and the rest is automaticly generated. Note: Unable to automaticly generate baby data based on moves chosen. It is possible but currently too much work for me to be intrested in doing so. So keep in mind if u wish to have baby moves you will need to manually add them. Currently a QOL feature so you don't need pen and paper.
  9. Able to Automaticly Generate IV's with the new version, tested it for errors, it seems to be fine. Link in the main post if you wish to use it. Read the note next to it tho as its very restricted untill i make the formula's more complex. ex: you will be able to spit out a pokemon with 31 stats and random stats ( represented by a 0), but you can not breed in lets say "0 speed", for that use the 1.1.2 version and enter them manually.
  10. Currently working on automating the IV's so you dont have to fill them in anymore, and il upgrade the sheet a bit to make it look a bit cleaner. link to preview: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1DeVCCcqaGZazkei5yfKulw_59dSsPCevyXaPJHWSllk/edit?usp=sharing Note: its work in progress, and it wont be easy as im running into a few speed bumps as how to distribute the iv's how to recognize how many times 31 your using etcetera, but il make it work :)
  11. yeah i heard the guy below me said it, tho im still confused on it a bit :D
  12. Fixed hidden power calculator. its now accurate
  13. nvm figured it out, i had speed on a value of 32 instead of 8 and something else on 8 instead of 32.
  14. Dear sir , this is not a suggestion, this is a cry out for help to see what im doing wrong as my brain is obviously not functioning correctly on this. I wanna know what i messed up in my calculations
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