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  1. So its not like a stupid guy spends a ton of cash on this things? After some ''expert'' told him it worth that much. XD
  2. I believe i answered some of your questions before with no feedback. Now i got one answer about this post. Your "smart" thinking to invest on limited vanities was made by a bunch of players including me. But even as a limited vanity investor im saying im against it because things have gone too far. Now ur reasoning about devs lying is just off-topic. When something damages economy and measures have to be taken this isnt a real point in an arguement when devs can bend some words that u have taken for granted. Like adding limited boxes for a chance to obtain a limited item. Also i want to say th
  3. Im glad that u dont want to contribute in this cycle. The bubbles would even burst even if 5 pieces of the same limited item were found in a year, it would be enough to burst that bubble, thats because they dont buy limit vanities for their coolness but 100% for their safeness. For many reasons i find that unacceptable and wrong. Every game with limited items gives a way that u can get your hands on them. Only pokemmo sits back and see their market getting destroyed.
  4. I dont want the limit aspect to be removed, like sell those as normal rp items in gift shop but to give a limited option to obtain them again. There are reasons im saying that, first of all because their raise in value because of monopoly will have no end in the way they exist now and almost none will be able to have them, so whats the real use of them existing in the first place? Like 5 or 10 pieces of a single vanity in a community of thousands.
  5. Their demand and supply is independed yea. But those limited items need to be in control as everything else in this game, as well as accesable buy a larger amount of players. Community has grown a lot bigger and old limited vanities have gone almost extinct. What we need is to find a way to give a number of supply so they cant grow wild any more.
  6. Limiting shinies would mean to be loosing in it after an amount of time? I never suggested that, or limit label on vanities mean u will loose it after a given period of time? What all this post is about is how the shiny market is rolling and why players are buying vanities. I have spoken already about that and its clear we got 2 different opinions in this post. Comparison to Vanitymmo is not ridicoulus since ur best goal would be to own a vanity in a pokemon game. I am still waiting for suggestions on how can the limitation of the numbers of shinies can be succeeded since they have insanely in
  7. Market right now is like this. Snipe shiny, sell it as fast as you can for vanity or vanity+cash and dont accept any shiny in addition to them. Please give reasoning to your words cause from my prespective theres none.
  8. Shinies to be more expensive is not what im looking after, market to get stable and stop the flooding of shinies is.
  9. There would be no goals, that means there would be no reason to trade. This gets us back to why i made this post.
  10. If i wanted to do that exact same thing i would, but i find it wrong. Improvements are for everyone.
  11. First of all, staff already taking measures about decreasing shiny numbers because they can understand what the problem is (shiny breeding) but its not enough and i bet they alrd know it , which u all obviously dont. In simple words if things dont change every shiny will cost just a bunch of mill, when vanities will be still raising and wont be affordable from almost anyone. So is that what u basically want? Also to reply on something that i read above, most people that are trading in the game right now, they are not trading to get just 1 estorm or 1 desu or 1 knight helm or whatsoever they ar
  12. I was asked to share my thoughts so i did.
  13. An idea that came up to my mind to help this situation is making all starters and gift pokemons as rare safari encounters. And about limited vanity, to be released some days again each year, this way it would still be limited since u cant buy them at any time u desire but even new people will be able to get dressed as they want. Ultimate Goals should be shinies and not vanities.
  14. I believe you are missing my point. Also just stocking limited vanities is also limiting yourself in one market. And in my personal opinion you play pokemon to own pokemon.
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