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  1. MonokumaGame

    Make NU active again #1

    Rip 180k of today. Not enough Hype. See you tomorrow maybe.
  2. MonokumaGame

    Make NU active again #1

    First tournament will be in less than 2 hours at this location (Opelucid), ch5. Registeration open in ~1hour. I also edited the first post to fix the cash prize. https://i.gyazo.com/3ec4db9aaed1b10d4883a7f8b2dc2f04.png
  3. MonokumaGame

    Make NU active again #1

    Hello there, this event is a daily-tourney in NU tier. How that's gonna work: - 1 tournament by day. NU tier, 6v6 tournament mode, Single Eliminations. - 8 slots by tournament, registeration will open 30min before the tournament begin. - Tournaments will happen at 1pm UTC / 8am EST everyday. - Cash prize: 150k first place, 30k second place. - I will announce the location 1 hour before the tournament begin, ch5 everytime. Advices: - Tournaments will happen in original locations, so if you want to participate in all the tournaments, be sure that you already finished the 3 regions. - In case i'm not there at the tournament time, means the tournament is not gonna happen. Also, if we don't reach the amount of people needed, the tournament is not gonna happen too. - All the money invested for it will be saved. Means that if i want to participate and i win, the money you would win will just be re-invested for the next month. Same if a tournament doesn't happen for the reasons i explained before. Rules are not fixed, i'll be able to change it if you give good suggestions. Don't forget the goal of this event is only trying to make the NU active again, so don't hope about winning a lot of money here. Then, if i get some donations or i just decide to increase the money i'll allow for this tournament (what i'll surely do if i see the people are interrested), the cashprizes could be able to increase. This is my first try so i hope you will enjoy it ! Thanks to donators: Roxxass
  4. MonokumaGame

    Let's do something fun.

    @DrButler are you alive ?
  5. MonokumaGame

    Let's do something fun.

    What's your ign
  6. MonokumaGame

    Let's do something fun.

    Give me new NU battles ppl please, i'm bored
  7. MonokumaGame

    Villa Gathering II Discussion

    Same here, V4 is rdy to go with 5 tiers
  8. MonokumaGame

    NU Tier Discussion Request Thread

    Charizard is obviously not the best special sweeper around. No reason to ban it except: he's high in UU usages. Like some of others mons that are high in UU usages but still in NU. So i just ask: is the rule about usages no longer taken in account ?
  9. MonokumaGame

    Looking to break 100 in event

    I'm here, i think we can reach 100 too, if we take useful combos (electric/psy is the best i guess) and just stay near the green gifts. Also, we can use the green gifts when the other pair is in battle, it heal them anyway, so there's a way to stay alive for ever if we use the right strategy, but i don't know if it give more rewards then. I'm still free, pm me in game if u want to do a run, i have time to do a 5 hours run.
  10. Same here, 6 big part 0 tiny part
  11. MonokumaGame

    Let's do something fun.

    Still searching for battles here, no NU tour until the end of the year.. pm me
  12. MonokumaGame

    Villa Gathering II Discussion

    It was pretty fun to do it at Undella, but ye too small. Don't host it at unoriginal silph co pls, there's a lot of good locations in unova, just search the good one. Good luck for your events.
  13. Well, no NU tour (except CCs) until the end of the year. Some ppl already did this suggestion in the past but i feel like even if we would have 3000 upvotes this doesn't mattered. They are probably too busy by working on HAs to care about useless things like suggestions. :)
  14. MonokumaGame

    Let's do something fun.

    gg it was a good game, i got a good rng
  15. MonokumaGame

    Villa Gathering I (Sunday, Dec. 16th)

    Team Name: Aerun is gay Team Tag: V4 Registered Players: Hxin, Silverguns, REEVS, MonokumaGame, Aerun Team Captain: Me

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