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  1. Charizard is obviously not the best special sweeper around. No reason to ban it except: he's high in UU usages. Like some of others mons that are high in UU usages but still in NU. So i just ask: is the rule about usages no longer taken in account ?
  2. I'm here, i think we can reach 100 too, if we take useful combos (electric/psy is the best i guess) and just stay near the green gifts. Also, we can use the green gifts when the other pair is in battle, it heal them anyway, so there's a way to stay alive for ever if we use the right strategy, but i don't know if it give more rewards then. I'm still free, pm me in game if u want to do a run, i have time to do a 5 hours run.
  3. Well, no NU tour (except CCs) until the end of the year. Some ppl already did this suggestion in the past but i feel like even if we would have 3000 upvotes this doesn't mattered. They are probably too busy by working on HAs to care about useless things like suggestions. :)
  4. Hello, the thing i want to debate in this thread is about to reset all ranked stats, i talked about that to a lot of peoples in my team, and in others teams, and they all agree with the thing that reset all ranked stats could be a good thing, ill try to list what i think are advantages and disadvantages about it, and ill give the suggestions for a new ranked system the ppl gave me too. Be free to suggest things i could forgot or to tell me why these things could be bad. First of all, this is what i want to suggest or what ppl suggested to me for the new ranked system: - Create a system of seasons, like in Overwatch or LoL. I think it could be a good thing for the reasons ill explain after. - Give rewards in the end of each season to the top ladder. Could be like high rewards for the top 3 and smalls rewards for 3 to 10. Be free to suggest what rewards it could be. - Create a New ELO system, where only good players could be on the top ladder, because actually a bad player with 35% winrate but 15 win in a row could be top 20. Advantages: - Resurrect the UU and NU ladder: We actually all know the nu/uu ladder are dead, and i think reset all stats with a system of seasons could be good to resurrect them because ppl always want to be in the top ladder of a category, they will probably become dead again after this, but it could be good to have active UU/NU ladder for 1month, and they could resurrect again with each reset. - Show the actual level of peoples: There are ppl in the ladder with more than 1500 games and around 50-55% winrate, but among them there are ppl who win 65% of their game since some months, but they still at 50-55% WR because they have too much game to change their winrate. The thing is ppl always progress, they doesnt keep the same level and it's why a reset of ranked stats could show the actual level of ppl, after their progress. - About the rewards: A lot of ppl told me, and we actually all see that the ppl doesnt care a lot about the ranked system. A lot of top/good players doesnt play ranked because it's useless, the only thing u can win actually with ranked is to become "popular" or to win some BPs, but u don't need to be in the top ladder to win some BPs. It's why i think give rewards to the top ladder could give a motivation to ppl who doesnt actually care a lot of ranked. Disadvantages: - Peoples will need to tryhard each season to be in the top ladder, there is actually some old players, or just players who stopped ranked since a long time, who still in the top 30. But as i think these ppl doesnt care about ranked things, it's maybe not a bad thing if they lose their place in the ranking. So it could be an advantage too. - Peoples who did 1500 games will lose all their "efforts", but, again, i don't know if it's really a bad thing. It's pretty like when they implemented the new breed system for genderless in the update of february. It was a bad thing for old players who spent a lot of money is their genderless comps, but it was a good thing for the new generation of people and the futur of pokemmo. - I maybe forgot a lot of disadvantages, i let u explain me why a reset of ranking stats could be a bad thing. PS: Sorry if i made some spelling mistakes, my english isnt really great
  5. Hello, this suggestion is pretty similar to my previous suggestion about the problem of the time for CC 32ppl (who were at 12am CET, and thank you Munya for changing that to 2pm CET) I play a lot in ranked since 1 month and i noticed that nobody sign in on the first ranked session (the one in the 1:30pm CET / 12:30am GMT), i everyday stay alone and wait 45min to not find any game, and this is true in the weekend too, so maybe we should change the time of this session for a time with more ppl connected ? Something like 4pm CET / 3pm GMT should be probably better, i think ? Thanks You
  6. Hello, today again and as i saw since a long time, it's always difficult to have the 16 players (minimum) we need in the 32 tournaments that take place at the 12pm CET time, so i would like to make the suggestion of remove the 32 players format to a 16 players format where the tournament could begin when the minimum of 8 players is reached, and to balance with this small CC we could also take off the rewards for the 3-4 players (i mean semi-finalist), to not give free money. An other solution is to move the time of the tourney to a better time, but (and it's just my opinion, not an objective fact) i think it could be a good thing to have small tournaments with small prices at shit time in this game to promote the players who aren't good enough to win a big tourney after a lot of try, and to not always see the same players in the high part of a tournament (even if it's the goal of tournaments to show who are the best players, i don't think it's a bad thing to have small/fast tournaments where casual players could play too, to promote them and make them want to play pvp). @Munya
  7. Hello, all in the title My friends told me they saw some skarmory with roost, but i actually tried all i can for learn him and it don't work, tutor BF hoenn, tutor BF unova, 3 tutors of unova, eggmoves, ... Thanks
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