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  1. Suggestion: Make it possible to link pokemon in chat, regardless of carrying them, for example if you want to advertise something in the trade channel, but the pokemon is currently listed on the auction house, it could look like this: and the code sent to chat could be like {IV/IV/IV/IV/IV/IV/EV/EV/EV/EV/EV/EV/EV/Species/NatureID}, and more tags that i wont go in to right now. Why this has not been implemented yet is, im guessing, that you can create "fake links", you could create any link you want, for a pokemon that does not exist. How this can be taken care of by adding a current owner tag, like this: Im sure something like this already exists backend, but its not visible to us. Then the linking could be done differently, if every trainer simply has a list of currently owned pokemon, you could simply get that pokemon from a reference number, and that would make sure that this pokemon actually exists and is owned by the trainer linking it in chat. {1} could simply be a pokemon located in the list, in the first slot. Of course you could not keep track of the numbers yourself, which is why you could have a button to find the spot its located in, in the list, and after that posting it to chat.
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