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  1. With all due respect, 25 is fine. If it were increased further it'd be unnecessary, and in the future people would press it to be further increased most likely.
  2. I'd rather remain neutral, neither plus nor minus. Something like this would take considerable consideration to be implemented properly, and it's above my head. I just wanted to put my input in from my perspective.
  3. Okay, I've given it a little thought. Here's my thought process: Let's say a potential reward is a pp-up/pp-max, and untradeable to boot. Now, that's a pretty good reward right? If someone can get this for free, why would anyone buy one when they can wait for a free one? This can be applied to any reward in this suggestion, as I said; it's not a bad idea. It just really has to be thought about. The economy is already pretty bad (in my opinion obviously, i'm not some sort of economy expert). A reward I can possibly see is a random pokemon that you do not curr
  4. I don't quite agree, just because it's something all games have doesn't mean this one needs it. If it is implemented, the rewards would have to be heavily regulated as to not destroy value of certain items, even ones not thought as consequential. I'm not saying it's a bad idea, but perhaps not entirely necessary for pokemmo.
  5. Sorry, the tickets are already sold out on the giveaway, the winner hasn't been declared yet but here is the thread linked here if you'd still like to check it out:
  6. I tend to hang onto pokemon from 2013/2014/2015 myself, memories too op. You're not the only one.
  7. Yeah lol, still got my birb. Assuming you're referring to where I said "I've given away numerous items on the discord already just because wynaut." It was the official one, my shinies were given to people who particularly stood out to me, and some gloves to another guy.
  8. Thank you for the interest. As soon as someone contacts me, this post will be updated! If an appropriate staff member is willing, i'm more than happy to begin the process of this giveaway.
  9. I've DM'd an SGM (senior game master) on discord, no moderators were readily available at the time of posting this. Please be patient, this will come to fruition ASAP.
  10. If a moderator is willing to host this, please contact me or reply directly to this thread. An impartial mediator may be necessary to host this.
  11. I remember you were in a previous team I was in, not that it should be held against you of course. As long as it's not botted/rigged in any sort of way, I would be very happy. I hardly even play anymore, and even if I do play afterwards i'd be happy knowing my most valuable item was sold or is held by someone who has more value to it than myself.
  12. To clarify I want it in some sort of giveaway, but I don't want anything in return. Would it be possible to do a raffle without a ticket cost?
  13. I mean.. I don't even want it to be a raffle for money, completely free; all I want is it to go to somebody lol.
  14. I wouldn't be opposed to that, so long as everyone has a fair shot.
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