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  1. Walerito


    it is most likely
  2. Walerito

    Control replays of tournaments.

    How about, I do not know if this is the place to post this, but I think it is something that most of those who play competitive will agree, being able to watch duels is very useful, even more so when it comes to tournaments, but something very tedious is having to observe the whole duel just to see something in particular that interests us of our rival, or that we have to do something while watching a duel and lose part of it, and then return to look at everything returned just to be able To take up what we were interested in, that's why I think it would be good to add a new button like the one seen in the image, I understand that they are probably working on other things that they think is more important, but being able to pause, forward or backward a duel, would be something interesting for most players, especially pause button, because if someone has to address any emergency in your home, then can return to resume the duel he was observing and not have to return from the beginning. Mi ingles es una mierda ya lo se U.U My English is crap and I know U.U
  3. Walerito

    A Spanish Mayor of PokeMMO

    Please include english translation. Where do I leave my vote? It's time for @Zhekar to go back to work
  4. Walerito

    Least liked staff member

    I wanted to give my vote to Zehkar :(
  5. Walerito

    [MOD] Butterfree/Venomoth Mixup

    wtf? xD
  6. Walerito

    Nice Capture Rate&Pokemons

    people are stupid and do not even know what they want, even more so if you take into account that children who complain are children aged 12-14.
  7. Walerito

    add sinnoh and jotho please

    They do not finish Unova yet and ask for another region? xD ask for something more logical, such as battle trains or the implementation of black city
  8. Walerito

    So No Christmas Event This Year?

    I do not understand why they despair so much, it is clear that if there is a Christmas event, be patient, surely they had a problem or something, what sense would the event start and end after 10 minutes? Or did they not ask that?
  9. Walerito

    When will the Battle Subway be implemented?

    when they stop investing time in unnecessary things, like vanitys, particles, etc.
  10. Walerito

    will there be a Halloween event 2018?

    there is still a little more than a week and they are already asking for an event, they are a little more passive it is logical that they open the Christmas event, because they ask the same question every time they seem to have a kind of delay. It only remains that in January you are asking about the halloween event.
  11. Walerito


    24/12/2016! xD
  12. Walerito


    I do not say that my punishment is unjust or justify it, I think the prohibition is just, the question was why all my characters were forbidden, and the creator of this post has banned only one? Should not you ban all your accounts? If he has made the same mistake as me, it is game automation.
  13. Walerito


    Something similar happened to me, I did something very stupid and used a bot. However, they forbade all the character of the account and not just one, why? I am aware that it is illegal, but at that time I was new to the game and did not know the rules, but they were quite hard and they closed all my accounts and not just one.
  14. Walerito

    will there be a Halloween event 2018?

    Of course, the day 31 is apparently plowed, but that's not why they can go out and criticize the comments of other users, every time someone comments or says something, they find decisions that are taken within the game, they come to criticize or distort their opinion, and that is something that I am totally against, if you see my first comment you will see that I say that they have patience, and if I went to "whining", it was only to respond to a "lame asses", that is from when I did not Can you express an opinion? Since when can you not be sarcastic? Since when can you not express a discontent? It is clear that the staff works consistently in the game, it is clear that they do not have an easy job, but we must also bear in mind that they are human and not always their decisions are correct, and do not come to me with the stupid that is not obligatory donate, when they get a limited vanity, do not be hypocritical, and make it clear that it is not a complaint, it is a point of view, and not because a few think differently and agree with everything a few people say, I will think Likewise, it is also clear that what I say or stop saying does not change what the developers have in mind, so I say, it's just my point of view.
  15. Walerito

    will there be a Halloween event 2018?

    that is to say that while thousands of players invest money to buy vanitys that they take out every month, and not give something in return, as a simple event, is that okay?, you settle for 2 events a year? Well in this case only one, because the only one we see is the Christmas, as I see it only see us as simple idiots who buy their shit, and they do not care what experience you have of your game.

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