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  1. Ok, what I think or say does not change anything, but put a little more wave to the game, at least encourage a little more the lower tier, or finish the 5% of the moves that are missing, at least this year they have it what to do, jajajaj
  2. do not be conformist, do not justify anything, you are a user more like me, if they rob you or ban you, they do not care about the time you invested in the game, and my conversation was with Kizhaz, besides you being a competitive player, you know that there are many items that are needed, they go 6 months without a remarkable update, I being an old player, and a player who invests buying RP, I would like them to put a bit more desire to the game, and I repeat it the version android seems great, I do not think it would not even qualify the battle trains, not toothed helmet, evolutionary mineral does not exist, among other things, do not take it badly, but you know I'm right.
  3. stop being justified, I am a player of 2012, when the e4 of kanto did not exist I only ask you to put a little more desire, nothing else, I do not mind buying vanity, or reward points, :) pokemmo has great potential, do not waste it, It's for the staff, in charge of the updates, not for you, respect for being the only one who answered me :)
  4. It does not bother me to put new vanitys, it does not bother me that they win direct, because the servers do not pay for themselves, and also this is a job for you, but they have lost the direction they wanted to give to the game, focus more on having users more time playing, they put vanitys for users to buy and it's fine, but they do not think about the users, the android version seems great, but at least they finish 5% of the moves that are missing, at least put the items that missing for the competitive, I know it is not easy but they invest more time in other things than in improving the game.
  5. no, they wait for the peak of users to fall, to put a new update, but if they have time to develop new vanitys item and it's a shame to see the direction that this game took, a game with a lot of potential
  6. they have no shame, they take vanitys, but they do not finish 5% of the movements that are missing
  7. Walerito

    Illegal to Stream...?

    or maybe they are very defensive, I noticed that lately when the game is criticized or a comment is made about the changes, they quickly come out to defend the staff justifying everything they do, (not all) but the vast majority no longer can be sarcastic, some take it wrong and are offended, please stop licking asses is only a game, if at least this would serve them in real life hahaha.
  8. Walerito

    Illegal to Stream...?

    It's sarcasm, by God, you're always defending as if you were paid to do it. It is logical that I do it by my own decision, nobody obliges me.
  9. Walerito

    Illegal to Stream...?

    but if you promote it, never expect anything in return, I've been doing it for years and they do not greet me even for Christmas.
  10. Walerito

    Illegal to Stream...?

    PokeMMO on YouTube? hahaha, who would think to do that?
  11. I donated in 2 previous accounts, one was forbidden, another was stolen, but I do not remember having donated in this, although I think that if, anyway, I have the biggest PokeMMO YouTube channel in Spanish, I hope you do not leave me out of that beta.
  12. The version for android is not a bad idea, in fact it is something that many expect, it is true that they do not only think of old players, (I have been playing since 2013) there are many things that could have priority, but it is a free game, you have to accept their decisions fiercely, what is obvious is that the game is "dying" even more in PVP, they are always the same PJ, the new ones get bored and forget their accounts, they do not even bother to finish the 3 regions, although KYU emphasized that HA pills "may be a matter of debate", maybe they do it that way, and not necessarily go to a dungeon, since not everyone enjoys the idea, but the game is designed for many, not for the taste of a single person, it is better to wait and see what happens.
  13. You can play even in the bathroom
  14. Walerito

    A Player you will never forget.

    GorkeGamer without him, I would never have known what it was like to raise or play competitively.
  15. Walerito

    unify the languages in trade chat

    I've been analyzing and looking at how annoying the chat is when a person from another language speaks in an erroneous chat, a very common example is when someone new who speaks spanish starts playing and by mistake comments in an English chat, quickly all they are going to attack, the same happens when a jagador who speaks English gets into a Spanish-speaking chat, as a Spanish-speaking player I must say that I am not interested in anything that is said in other languages, at least it is chat of commerce, since to trade the English language is used more, so it would be great to me that in the chat of commerce all the languages can be read independently of how this channel or global chat is configured, since it is something annoying to be changing the configuration every time you want to buy something in the commerce chat, without mentioning the things that are lost when putting or removing a language.

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