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  1. Walerito

    Cash for cash

    Publico este post en español, por que me la re banco... jajjaja.... no, la verdad estoy podrido de que me ofrescan dinero real, por dinero del juego, las veces que lo reporte no me dieron ni pelotas, claro estos rubios menemistas no leen los post en español, mas de 25 personas me ofrecen dinero real a cambio de dinero del juego, lo reporte muchas veces y nunca me dieron pelota, pueden almenos dejar un mensaje de que esta prohibido comprar dinero del juego por dinero real?
  2. I lost all my harvest, because of him

    I lost all my harvest, because of you, it is not enough with the donors of the players? invest a little more in the servers, I know what they get per month, they want me to filter the numbers ???

  3. Walerito

    [OU Discussion] Conkeldurr

    no longer cry and build a decent team, conkeldurr is very easy to stop, novice!
  4. Walerito

    [GUI] Lugia Theme 11/08/2018

    "Insert other media" "Insert image from URL" y pegas en link de la imagen que subiste, usa paginas como imgur o imgbb. Y tienes muchas suerte en publicar en español y que no te tiren arena jaja
  5. Walerito

    [Unofficial] Shiny Existence Thread [5th Life]

    2PJ 2 Shinys :D
  6. Walerito

    moderate the Spanish chat

    and it's okay, I manage a Spanish-speaking community of 6000 people, and I understand that it's not easy to moderate everyone, but I think it's good that if they break a rule, as I did, that they will be punished
  7. Walerito

    moderate the Spanish chat

    no, I was well silenced, and I hope that they are so with all those who break the rules of the community
  8. well, so they have to be always, not letting them break the rules of the community :)
  9. Walerito

    Moderate the Spanish chat.

    The user in question was already reported and banned, but as there are many and are the ones that ruin the user experience.
  10. Walerito

    Moderate the Spanish chat.

    AFK 4ever!
  11. It's amazing that there are so many chat moderators, none worry about moderating the Spanish chat, in this chat no one respects the rules of community, it is a chat that is always pure insults, xonophobic comments, and you never see a fucking moderator, As well as these captures there are many more, but that is the work of the moderators, but it would be good if at least 2 more Spanish speaking moderators put in, and do not leave them that aside since the Spanish chat is also part of the community. and do not come with the stupidity of, if a user bothers you you can block it, and also report it, but anyway, should recruit 1 or 2 more moderators, the only Spanish moderator is SodaNaranja, who practically never is and also he is friends of many chat users, so he often lets things pass him by.
  12. Walerito

    Aumentar el Ratio de captura de Shinys

    1) no te van a dar mucha bola por que tu post esta en español. 2) estas pidiendo que bajen el ratio a la mitad, cosa que dudo, ya que nadie compraría el estado donador, puesto que seria relativamente fácil conseguir shinys, y el no vender donativos afectaría mucho el juego ya que parte de esas ganancias van al mantenimiento del server. 3) aun que lo bajaran, nada te asegura un shiny, puedes que tengas 60.000 encuentros y no te salga nada, como puede que al primer paso en el césped te salga un pokémon shiny.
  13. Walerito

    [MOD] Qumu's Pokémon Remixes

    I already want to try it :D
  14. Walerito

    Elite four with random Pokémon?

    Then you say that I have to create several teams, enter a duel with the elite four, lose and then draw a suitable team to be able to defeat it, and that each time I win it will change equipment ?, that is, I would spend more raising teams to win, of what would be earned in duel since each high command has 8 teams, this is crazy xD, I think it is only farmear and raise, but it would be good at least reduce the% healing item used by the high command, after everything is a game to entertain.
  15. What happens that the high command changes pokemon every time you enter a duel ?, It is acceptable to have pokemon at level 100 and competitive, but since they change pokemon and also do not use the corresponding type of pokemon gives the fucking disgust, without mention that also use restores everything every time, aver if they pay attention, one strives to prepare a team to be able to farm the high command, and this pokemon changes and also use pokemon that have nothing to do with the leader, Example; Lorelei, Executor, Nidoking, Manegzone, Hydreigon ??? what is that, is supposed to be the high command of water / ice type, and not to mention the other high command, I understand that the game has difficulty, but this is already a lot, now I will need 4-5 teams to be able to spend the high command to 100, but the worst is that the high command never has a specific team always change it, making it possible to win more luck than strategy, it would be good to leave a stable team in the high command, and not to use pokemon random.

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