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  1. Basic Vanity Shop

    Great, now I'll look good :)
  2. Dream Match

    Walerito vs Takens.
  3. PVP problems

    complaints, complaints and more complaints, enjoy the game that is free, if you do not like things, you can play pokemon showdown, and also the developers already have a direction for this game and I doubt they change it.
  4. Soft ladder reset

    Aunque la idea es buena, dudo que lo hagan, se le ha pedido que reinicie el rango desde que se lanzó Teselia. 1.
  5. PP infinite? WTF

    Surely this publication has a lot of rejection, but this event is supposed to be for "all", however NPCs are very tedious, some with infinite PP, and at level 100, those who just start or just lead a past league, this it is impossible At least they should limit the PPs of these NPCs. (it's just a suggestion). (that NPC that you see below used a total of 43 pp in synthesis)

    Exactly, that's why this issue is raised, to put a check in case of changing the pass with text message and email, for more security.

    I clarify that not all notifications are from this account, I have 5 accounts which I use for farmeo, and all these accounts are known by those who follow me on YouTube, I'm not complaining about the security of my account at all, it's just a suggestion since many have stolen their accounts in this way.

    I make this publication because it is happening to me every day, receiving notification emails, that some users are trying to change my password in the game, this is very common, and I receive between 10 and 15 emails of this type every day, My proposal is to put a verification in 2 steps, that is, through the text message and email, at the same time I know that without my email password there is not much you can do, but it is better to make sure.
  9. Event organized by KMIM

    It is supposed to be an event for Spanish speakers, I understand that the "global" language is English, but not everyone understands that language.
  10. [MOD] Pokemon Anime Music

    Super :D
  11. Obtaining Hidden Abilities

    at some point yes, since many of my Pokémon have HA, and bringing them back will take a long time, and selling them is not an option at this time, and then nobody will want them without HA.
  12. Obtaining Hidden Abilities

    from what I understand of all this is that my work of years of upbringing, and expensive will be completely obsolete, since my pokemon will not have HA, that is to say that my pokemon without gender, what it cost me so much to raise, like metagros, starmie , porigon, magneton, claydol, tauros, hitmonchan, hitmonlee, hitmontop, will you throw them into the landfill? Pufff, I hope that at least the increase of money, and each NPC of at least 100k per duel, since the dittos cost a lot and are not cheap.
  13. if they expect our money to be selling pokemon or items, they are wrong because when selling something, someone will always put that at a lower price, until practically the entire economy is devalued, the gym was a secure and fixed source of money, and they ruined it.

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