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  1. Teleport for gym rematch

    yep could be useful, im not even doing some gym leaders for this
  2. Intimidate text

    this game should have the speed of showdown in battle if not too difficult
  3. Intimidate text

  4. Intimidate text

    it was already suggested but this is so annoying expecially in double gym battles, norman is crazy! if you don't wanna change the text just remove the animations please
  5. League Luxray too op

    well the mistery is solved damn, if it's legit all good just surprised me is intended to be a challenge yes, still 5 competitive matches in a row need at least auto healing at some point..like the final one?
  6. League Luxray too op

    that's what i thought, too strange well i can use others but man this is not worth it nope, not intimidated FlaFlaPT i think it run guts?
  7. League Luxray too op

    Elite four sidney have a Luxray that resisted an earthquake from my level 100 dugtrio 31 atk 252 EVs and a lonely nature (+atk-def) plus i had a soft sand on him! This may be possible with full hp and def but cmon this is too much
  8. List of "Hidden" pokemons for Pokedex

    i just saw entei at the unova league, caitlin have it
  9. List of "Hidden" pokemons for Pokedex

    dunno you guys but misty never had a suicone for me, also for the battle tower..is only after 40 wins strick?
  10. List of "Hidden" pokemons for Pokedex

    i think blaine should have mewtwo instead
  11. Automatic Fly

    me too darkshade 25 gym leader to rebattle err ok maybe less- unova i just go for 3 cause too long puzzles mmh thinking about it
  12. Automatic Fly

    actually yeah you are right, just 3 gym runs i can do that but if you think about it, that money could buy a comp
  13. How do I get Shedinja to have swords dance?

    Smogon just thinking about how could be useful and yes i also checked Bulbapedia that's why i ask
  14. How do I get Shedinja to have swords dance?

    oh ok thanks
  15. before unova update it was maybe possible but now even the mushrooms can't it's all legit just wanna know if this will remain this way

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