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  1. YoshidoriForum

    What keeps you coming back?

  2. YoshidoriForum

    I wanna make a game like This, but how?

    or you can help coding this one instead
  3. YoshidoriForum

    Focus Sash and similar

    it would be cool if we have an automatic system for that type of items like air baloon, focus sash and berries consumable after use. "Would u like to give another?" YES - NO - ALWAYS or another idea is make a new infinite version of those items that cost very much
  4. YoshidoriForum

    Fix pokedex search

  5. YoshidoriForum

    Trainer Ai Prediction rigged

    actually this is true, i noticed in the pokemon league rematch at level 100
  6. YoshidoriForum

    Battle Factory

    Battle Frontier is one of the fun things you can do in the end game, especially Battle Factory (the one with random 3 pokemon) i enjoy it but i think the consecutive battle system is a little too hard, it's not only about skill but also LUCK can we have cumulative wins instead? i mean without the reset everytime cant reach the boss
  7. YoshidoriForum

    Make a Wish Event Idea

    the basic idea is good, the problem is always the devs free time :(
  8. why dont put a message in the homepage: looking for coding master
  9. YoshidoriForum

    Shiny Breed Item

    yeah and losing 1 possible million that's crazy yes akshit why not? if the prize is high can be even be made from the old man in the day care
  10. YoshidoriForum

    Shiny Breed Item

    would be nice to have an item that can maintain the shiny status like the everstone with nature, in that way one player can easily change his shiny pokemon well would also be very rare
  11. YoshidoriForum

    phenomenon tool?

    not an expert in coding but the easy way would be to show a message when the game "load" the phenomenons, all in one
  12. YoshidoriForum

    phenomenon tool?

    yes exactly
  13. YoshidoriForum

    phenomenon tool?

    or the mewtwo was left in the wild, the point is there is some notice

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