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  1. disappointed but not surprised
  2. Haxorus is also good with mold breaker\dual chop and have nice coverage too bad thing is ice shard and low health multiscale dragonite with extreme speed would be pretty amazing
  3. i actually have one because i was trying to baton pass ninjask boosts to him and sweep e4 but still have to switch on some pokemon almost full coverage: Metagross @ Life Orb Ability: Clear Body EVs: 4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spe Jolly Nature - IcePunch - Brick Break or Hammer Arm - Earthquake or Rock Slide - ThunderPunch ( Haxorus is probabily a better choice for Mold Breaker ) other that it can be useful if you want the surprise effect, also someday (maybe) all metagross go Jolly for the mega
  4. well yea, maybe pay 100 would be better or i dunno..limited safari balls
  5. ok the idea comes from another game that i tried recently (and dont really liked it for other things) what if instead of having steps we have unlimited time BUT we can only catch one pokemon in the classic way (no bait ecc) then you have to exit its kinda interesting, of curse this way chansey can be less rare but its not like you find the egg every time and you have to pay money to enter again
  6. i didnt find ONE on Meowths, they only have quick claw sadly they just do what they want with the game, i find pretty pointless complaining at this point
  7. does No Guard affect wild Mewtwo? with repel and a Machamp with it can be useful
  8. poor guy should be at least level 80 with good team on rematch https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Wally
  9. ok what i mean is to have the option to take your favorite group\team for the box in a moment this can be very useful when you are breeding stuff and in the end you wanna change the team again for a battle or rematch npcs
  10. Totally agree, even more cool would be something like this
  11. random match doesn't yes this is very annoying to see
  12. funny because i like those pokemon and zoroark is kinda meh with the preview, yes i know but pokemmo is not really like the official games so its really the admins choice Yes i can do normal mode i guess but eh better play showdown than asking lol ALSO i noticed Zoroark is really bad versus the pokemon league, its like they already know i am a fake wtf (and i have tried many times)
  13. it's always a game of planning no matter what you can see, this seems too sudden and less fun like random pokemon showdown but with your team
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