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  1. ok what i mean is to have the option to take your favorite group\team for the box in a moment this can be very useful when you are breeding stuff and in the end you wanna change the team again for a battle or rematch npcs
  2. Totally agree, even more cool would be something like this
  3. random match doesn't yes this is very annoying to see
  4. funny because i like those pokemon and zoroark is kinda meh with the preview, yes i know but pokemmo is not really like the official games so its really the admins choice Yes i can do normal mode i guess but eh better play showdown than asking lol ALSO i noticed Zoroark is really bad versus the pokemon league, its like they already know i am a fake wtf (and i have tried many times)
  5. it's always a game of planning no matter what you can see, this seems too sudden and less fun like random pokemon showdown but with your team
  6. how this is even relevant? i just dont like to see all the teams at the start also you actually seems to care :>
  7. kinda ruins the surprise, just use it for pvp not always
  8. option to be invisible or distant from your pokemon? something like from this: to this (ho ho edited) or just made a full pokemon costume, i will buy it for fun
  9. Would be cool to have a room where you can fight a special npc in the overused underused neverused little cup ecc.. tier for some items also because its very hard to find a match not ranked in the matchmaking, i can only find OU
  10. it would be cool if we have an automatic system for that type of items like air baloon, focus sash and berries consumable after use. "Would u like to give another?" YES - NO - ALWAYS or another idea is make a new infinite version of those items that cost very much
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