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  1. It isn't the game managers duty to fix the inflation and it shouldn't be. The economy will balance itself. Your money will lose its value if you don't work on making more money. I have been keeping my money since a while and I have quite a bit and yeah possibly with a few weeks with multiple accounts on berry planting people can make more money than what I had for a while. No, I'm not advocating because I'm not farming berries either but I also know I could do the same if I really wanted. Its a very simple process. People are farming berries and getting their payment for their work. Nobody was complaining when Island runs and npc payouts was a thing, there isn't much of a difference. The only reasonable thing they can do is nerf it slightly or add more pokeyen sinks in the game. But It doesn't means they have to do it. Yeah, there is a huge influx due to there is a method of basically generating in game money, but you can also use the same method. If you aren't using the most efficient method of gaining currency in an mmo, the people who does that aren't to blame, the fault is mostly on your own end.
  2. The bad parts of playing pokemon: Drinkle left the game I dont have enough bad iv dittos My brace, everstone and breeding costs No IOS support (one can hope, right?). :( Reuniclus
  3. Yeah, it just looks like lottery corner to me right now...
  4. I know its not planned but ios version please! :( Or a way to make it work on ios atleast :P
  5. Today is a sad day for IOS users like me :( If any of you know a way to make this work on iphones or ipads please tell me with a private message. Much appreciated. :(
  6. Drinkle :(( LOL Long live sweet little prince :( 233
  7. It is not updated for Unova yet and nobody knows if it will be. Until an update comes some of the pokemons mix up like that. You can disable the mod on the mod management window if you want to.
  8. Yes please. I need this theme back in my life. It was my all time favourite.
  9. This is perfect man, thank you for taking time to do this. We need more of it for sure.
  10. You can always breed a few pokemons you fancy. Try to find a relevant method of money making and make some money. Plant and harvest some berries. Hunt for your shiny pokemons or go back to every region one by one trying to collect every single hidden item and item available on the game. Pretty much you'll need to create your own purpose until the dungeon and other unova stuff gets implemented.
  11. I play on a desktop and mac too. Works for me.
  12. Just another Shiny Axew. I think so far it's like the third in game. And my Second OT. Loving it. :P
  13. Not working as intended since the big Unova patch. Ids of some pokemons changed so thats why it isn't. You have to deactivate the mod until it gets (hopefully) updated for the most recent version.
  14. Your art looks unique and amazing! Good luck saving up for your mons!
  15. I think it was like 11k per gym but now we are just getting around 9k and the gyms are harder. Am I right?
  16. Avarus


    Welcome back! What a great time to come back to PokeMMO. =)
  17. Yeah I understand the frustration. Gyms by far aren't the best way to make money right now. I've read on the forums that they might increase the gym payouts but I still think they are way too hard only to get 9k. Even if we could be able to do them 3 times per day, I still think that it won't be the best method to make money. I suggest looking for other methods.
  18. I re-checked and I'm pretty sure there is atleast 2 seconds of a difference. Not saying it is a huge thing but seems it is there for my calculations. It takes around 8,13 on the old one until we can take action in a battle. And it takes around 11,61 secs in the new one. It's not a full mechanic calculation and made by a chronometer so there might be a little bit of human error but that can't really be as huge as 2 secs.
  19. I actually calculated. The battle animation entrance animation is around 2.65 seconds or a bit more longer. Not calculating the skill effects and etc, just the entrance I did for my shiny hunting purposes. :P
  20. Good luck Xela! It is not spinpossible if you believe!
  21. 3 years... I just can't see why it can't be tradeable.
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