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  1. Unova's worth as off Nov 18

    This is super helpful. Thanks!
  2. Sure man, I'm impatiently waiting. I forgot to add there but if you could add Crunch too I'd be glad. It's alright if thats too much work and if you cant. :) The final eggmoves would be High Jump Kick+Bullet Punch+Blaze Kick+Crunch. I'm still unsure about the moveset better safe than sorry.
  3. Not working as intended since the big Unova patch. Ids of some pokemons changed so thats why it isn't. You have to deactivate the mod until it gets (hopefully) updated for the most recent version.
  4. Hey @redspawn, Long time no talk bro! Hope you are enjoying Unova. I also would like to place an order: Can you breed me an Adamant Lucario 31/31/25/x/25/31 with High Jump Kick+Bullet Punch+Blaze Kick Egg Moves? Sorry for requesting so many egg moves and for the pain of breeding Riolu. :( I can send the payment instantly whenever you need it. Thanks!
  5. [Art] [Shop] ☆ Keikoza's Art Shop ☆

    Your art looks unique and amazing! Good luck saving up for your mons!
  6. New exp and pay for beating the gyms

    I think it was like 11k per gym but now we are just getting around 9k and the gyms are harder. Am I right?
  7. New exp and pay for beating the gyms

    Yeah I understand the frustration. Gyms by far aren't the best way to make money right now. I've read on the forums that they might increase the gym payouts but I still think they are way too hard only to get 9k. Even if we could be able to do them 3 times per day, I still think that it won't be the best method to make money. I suggest looking for other methods.
  8. the game is now tooo slow

    I re-checked and I'm pretty sure there is atleast 2 seconds of a difference. Not saying it is a huge thing but seems it is there for my calculations. It takes around 8,13 on the old one until we can take action in a battle. And it takes around 11,61 secs in the new one. It's not a full mechanic calculation and made by a chronometer so there might be a little bit of human error but that can't really be as huge as 2 secs.
  9. the game is now tooo slow

    I actually calculated. The battle animation entrance animation is around 2.65 seconds or a bit more longer. Not calculating the skill effects and etc, just the entrance I did for my shiny hunting purposes. :P
  10. [Video] Mission Spinpossible

    Good luck Xela! It is not spinpossible if you believe!
  11. Where to get Black 1 / White 1 NDS ROM

    It is against the rules to help eachother with the ROMS. Admins and staff legally can't help you either. You'll have to find it yourself. :(
  12. Other regions

  13. Make Amnesia Brace Tradeable ?

    3 years... I just can't see why it can't be tradeable.
  14. Haha I knew it so used only spore! =D

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