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  1. It says "permission denied" in my terminal :(
  2. Did they solve the Macbook issue?
  3. What if it was a plot twist : They would announce Platinum (with Sinnoh), but the picture would represent Mt.Silver, which gives us Johto + Sinnoh ?
  4. Item Name: Alolan Capeline Item Slot: HatImage of Item: NB: The pink part of the hat would depend on the player's choice Inspired by :
  5. ikr... why do they add ugly cosmetics which nobody wears ????
  6. @Darkshade You should make a nice capeline / beach hat like the one in pokemon sun/moon, here's an example : I think that there should be an accessory on the hat in which you could pick the colour of it. TYPE : COSMETIC PIECE: HAT/HEAD Name : Summer Hat / Beach Hat / Capeline
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