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  1. i have 2500 encouters in ghost tower and no shiny gastly :(.. but i gotta keep on grinding :) First Shiny is hardest to me because i need one to know if they exist!! If you know what i mean :)
  2. What is the best way to get Leppa berry? They are pretty expensive.. Does someone just run in grass randomly?
  3. Thanks for answering.. I am total noob.. I only played Pokemon X on 3DS and i used breeding for shiny hunting.. Can you explain in more details? Where can i find berrys and that move? What pokemons can i should use etc..
  4. Hello, New player here.. Can someone tell me best tips for hunting shiny pokemons? What ways are there and what are the odds? Is there any tier list for Shiny pokemons and what are most rare Shiny pokemons? Thanks in advance!
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